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Old 02-24-2013, 09:10 AM
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Default Lucifer and the number 33

Lucifer and the number 33

4th letter to the Allander Evangelical Kirk (Sun 24/2/13 = 39)

FACT, Lucifer is the pretender/transgender god of freemasonry, he is also known as "Lucy the Shirt-lifter". This is why your world leaders are forcing same sex marriage. Pedophiles will soon be acceptable. FM means Freemason and ESM means Eastern Star Mason. You should research "The Order of the Eastern Star" (supposedly the women's branch of Freemasonry). ESM does not tell you that men are allowed to join, they also use their brainwashed children (as young as 7) to carry out Psy-Ops (psychological operations). Don't forget to research the evil Catholic branches of Freemasonry "The Knights of Malta" or "The Knights of Columba". Every member has sworn an oath to protect all masonic pedophiles, murderers and drug dealers.

The Eastern Star Masons are the biggest, organised gang of criminals on this planet and all controlled and orchestrated by the satanic elite. All you have to do is research "Bohemian Grove" where the world leaders (men only invited) go there to bend over. Just look online at henrymakow.com and see the evidence and photo's of these Lucifer Lovers. We are all being controlled by satanic sociopaths. Why do you think the Lucy Lovers force same-sex marriage on us?. I previously told you Lucy (aka Luci or Lu) was kicked out of Heaven for being a deranged gay lord (I do not hate gays). Lucy is also a cunning con-man who initiates and uses pedophiles and gays as his soldiers. This is written to teach you, know your enemy.

Blue is the primary colour of criminal freemasonry. Boys in Blue (masonic police). The FM's Blue Degrees. Royal Blue, etc. A friend's 7 year old daughter could only play colour games in the car, i,e. she played spot the blue signs on roadways, etc. All taught by her ESM granny. The FMs have strategically placed a powerful blue light over Milngavie where I live. This is to further hypnotise their puppet masons. It was put there in Autumn 2012 and only comes on when it gets dark. The blue light is located on a masonic run business- building at the top of Craigton Road where it meets the Stockiemuir Road, Milngavie. The FMs have also painted a single local 119 bus (Feb 2013) all in blue, there is no advertising on it. We've been here 24 years and never seen it before. This is just another way to hypnotise their mind-controlled puppets and to curse non - masons. Have you noticed the blue lights on buildings, bridges and on peoples property including their car lights.

In the UK the 100% FM's emergency services flashing lights and sirens are known by freemasons as Blues n' Twos. I lived in Watt Place (local) for 10 years and my ESM neighbour called Lou was always my pretend-friend. I sold my small plumbing business to FM Louie M, it was a set up by the masons. The FMs tried for years to get me involved in litigation over his unpaid phone bills. See how they managed to get LU involved?. I know two masonic families with a cat called Lulu. A house 300 yds from me has a plaque named Lucinda by their front door. My two ESM neighbours with car registrations ending in LUE and LUA. Have you noticed anything about the FMs colour - word - code bLUe yet?.

Do you want to know what the number 33 is all about?. The letters LU add up to 33. Lucy got his Pharisee Masons to kill Jesus when he was 33 years old. The despicable sneaky masons have murdered millions over the centuries. Do you think God YHWH sent me to St. Lukes church by chance?. I saw several of my FM - ESM perps and witnessed masonic theatre before I left. The FMs symbolic 33 degrees. Jesus was crucified on 1st April 33AD. The masonic police force in Scotland are to become one big FM fusion centre on the 1st April 2013. No, I do not hate the police, just the Lucy-Lovers who operate behind closed doors. Research online No 33.

The main ESM suspect (or patsy?) who murdered our son (on the 26th May 2012) lived local and his house had a large plaque of Lucifer hanging on the side wall by their front door (since been taken down). I managed to film it first. See how the FMs and ESMs managed to get LU involved?. The Masons within the police are working 24/7 to cover up this FM premeditated murder. We will not let them, Yahweh God is on our side.

To Mr FM or Mrs ESM, I do not hate you. I am telling you to repent or lament. I have put my human life on the line for you. You murdered our son for the benefit of the criminal satanic elite who control us all. I will tell you for the last time, become an Indian Giver, take your soul back from Lucy or read about the second death in the book of Revelation. Ye shall not be asked again.

Jesus and his followers were around 4 inches shorter than todays humans. Jesus did not have long hair, so forget masonic hollywood and other criminal elite versions. Read online "What did Jesus look like?" by Wayne Blank.

Now do your bit and forward this knowledge to all the Christian and righteous people that you care about. Lucy the con-man and pretend-god only wants to destroy mankind. Do not riot, that's exactly what the Lucy-Lovers want. All you have to do is legally fight for transparency (open their closed doors), you MUST record everything. They can record you but the FMs will refuse or try very hard to stop you from recording them. Warning, do not agree to their preferred written correspondence (easy for them to deal with) or their verbal - unrecorded meetings, (you will have no proof). They will lie their way out of it or they will change the minutes (wording) from the meeting. They will just say "I don't remember saying that" or "I can only apologise for my colleague" etc. Just remember that YOU pay their wages. If you do nothing today, Lucy wins.

To the Kirk, patience my friends, for things have to happen. I will continue to teach until the hour. Have a look at the Rotherham's Emphasised Bible. I'm not trying to change your view, just keep an open mind. The satanic elite have always been tampering with the truth. Rotherham came to me in a dream in 2010. Do not worry, Ruach haKodesh (the Holy Spirit) will guide you (smile).

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