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Old 04-29-2006, 07:00 AM
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Default Russia/China beware of CIA-NGO's and "Charity Funds" (Non-Governmental-Organizations)

Russia/China beware of CIA-NGO's and "Charity Funds" (Non-Governmental-Organizations)

These alleged "humanitarian organisations" are CIA/NSA/MOSSAD/ROTHSCHILD/ZIONIST cover ups, as you can see if you put them under strict control, as it happens now in Russia, they start to blame you as countries were foreign investments aren't safe... They further will blame you as dictatorships were human rights doesnt count - to finally asperse your image worldwide. One strategy for you could be to start blaming them for what they really are...


They’re well-paid by western, mainly American charity funds. But not all the organizations are paid by American funds. They granted only those groups which support them who’s needed. If an organizaton defends the rights of them, who isn’t needed, e.g. Latvian Committee defending the rights of Russians or Russian-speaking people living in Latvia – it’s not granted. Such organisations are called... “Communist”! (O. A. Popov, “Moskva”, #1, 2004, http://www.moskvam.ru/).

It’s not so necessary for managers of American funds to announce their preferences publicly – Russian human rights know by theirselves who “needs or needn’t defense”. For example, the Chairman of International Helsinki Federation (IHF) L. M. Alekseyeva “knows” them. She and the rest of the leaders of IHF advised Serbian human rights activists in an open letter not to blame NATO bombings, even at the time when NATO bombs had been dropping on their heads (http://www.ihf.org/). But what should she do if six of the ten donors of IHF were the “charity” funds managed by the governments of the countries–members of NATO? Moreover, American Human Rights Watch financed by George Soros, collecting “materials on genocide and ethnical sweeps” in Bosnia and Kosovo is a member of this International Helsinki Federation. And George Soros himself is a member of the Board of Directors of IHF.

In this article the goals and motives of American funds to grant Russian non-governmental organizations (NGO) including human rights organizations are discussed. There is also a brief reference to the history, “philosophy”, annual budgets and leaders of some big American funds which traditionally granted Russian human rights organizations.

American charity funds may be classified as big (the Ford Foundation with its annual budget of 598 million dollars of grants and donations) and (or) small (J. M. Kaplan Fund with a budget of $ 6,9 million).

You may divide charity funds according to the type of corporations which invest them into “industrial” (the Ford Foundation) and “financial” (the Soros Foundations Network). They also may be “liberal” (e.g. managed by Soros) or “conservative” (e.g. Scaife Foundations), financing “neo-cons”; of a “general type” or “special”, financing only one of the spheres (only defense of human rights or preservation of nature.

It’s also appropriate to classify “charity” funds as governmental or private. The majority of them are, of course, private. The number of private funds is, as specialists counted, more than 2000, the number of governmental ones is easy countable; it reflects American approach to financing non-commercial sphere. Originally charity funds were intended to release the government from supporting non-profitable spheres – science, art, preservation of nature, solution of the problems of homeless etc. Earliest of them were established at the beginning of XX century by Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford and their goals lay within these spheres; their activities were aimed at solving interior problems.

Joan Roelofs, a well-known researcher of charity funds called the three reasons of establishing funds and investing them the capitals of American billionaires (Joan Roelofs, “Foundations and Public Policy: The Mask of Pluralism”, SUNY Press, Albany, Feb. 2003). The first reason was purely financial – decrease of income that causes decrease of income tax. The second – to create an instrument for permanent influence on social-cultural atmosphere of the society and by means of that to enforce their control over the society. The third – to improve their image that is very important in terms of competitive economy.

As co-operation between the government and big business had been intensified and American political-economical elite had been formed, it became nesessary to create a neutral structure which businessmen, power structures and academician world could interact within. Private (non-governmental) and non-commercial organizations (NGO) became such structures; among them financial organizations played an important role in solving a number of national problems.

The need of establishing governmental funds occurred only when the solution of national geopolitical problems called for a coordinated governmental policy and control of both leading American parties – Democratic and Republican. Such a situation occurred after the World War II in view of forming a “communist” world leading by the Soviet Union.

American establishment was set a number of tasks depended on antagonism between the two superpowers – the USA and the USSR – as different civilisation systems:

- financing organizations, parties and movements opposing “socialism” and “nationalism” (patriotic movement)

- spreading the ideas and concepts of “open society” by the means of establishing and financing educational systems, schools, “liberal” press and TV

- creating “non-commercial” sphere, i.e. non-governmental organizations (NGO), which would gradually take charge of cultural, educational, social, charitable functions of governmental institutions. As a result, the society (its legitimate and legislative bodies) would lose control over this sphere. So the conditions of civilisational transformation of the Russian Nation would be created; it causes the loss of its identity and definitive turning into a source of raw materials of the “golden billion”.

- forming a “civic society” upon a western model on the basis of liberal and cosmopolitan human rights ideology

- establishing and financing schools and universities to train lawyers and social workers; revision of existing educational programs, drawing up new laws

- struggle against xenophobia, anti-semitism and Russian chauvinism, against infringing upon rights of non-traditional confessions.

You see that all above mentioned supposedly have nothing common with CIA. But even Central Intelligence Agency now isn’t the same as in 50s – 60s. “Co-operation with respected and prestigious foundations lets CIA finance programs, influencing youth groups, universities, publishers and other private institutions, including human rights organizations with practically infinite sums” – we quote the materials of the hearings of the Congress on activities of CIA in 1976. Now funds are considered “the best cover of financial expenses...” Another information from the same materials of the hearings corroborates that almost 50% of “700 grants of the main American funds spent on international projects” were financed by CIA.

What western funds (including American ones) are engaged in “civilizational” transformations in Russia? To answer this question it’s nesessary to know who finances Russian non-commercial sphere (in particular, human rights organizations). It’s impossible to investigate the sources of all grants received by Russian human rights organizations because some of them often don’t report who is their sponsor (donor), and what sum they were granted.

Let us choose the two best known metropolitan human rights organizations – Moscow Helsinki Group and “Memorial” and the two provincial ones – Perm Human Rights Center and Ryazan branch of “Memorial”.

Here are ALL the funds financing Moscow Helsinki Group:

- Liberty Road (governmental, the Embassy of Switzerland in Russia)

- Department for International Development (governmental, GB)

- European Commission (governmental, EU)

- Ford Foundation (private, USA)

- MacArthur Foundation (private, USA)

- MATRA (governmental, the Embassy of Netherlands in Russia)

- National Endowment for Democracy (NED) (governmental, USA)

- Open Society Institute (private, George Soros, USA)

- UK Foreigh Ministry

- United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (governmental).

This shows that NO Russian organization is among the donors of Moscow Helsinki Group. But seven of them are the governmental structures of the countries-members of NATO (except Switzerland). Now you can imagine what sort of policy is conducted by this human rights group which is financially independent from Russian government but financially dependent on governments of NATO countries.

In the list there are five American foundations: three of them are private (Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation and Open Society Institute), two – governmental (National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and USAID).

Here are the main donors of Moscow “Memorial” (some of minoritary donators, such as Edward Klein etc. aren’t worth to be mentioned): Open Society Institute (George Soros), Ford Foundation, NED, Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Bradley Foundation and Guggenheim Foundation (USA).

Perm Center is financed by foreigh funds – Ford Foundation, Open Society Institute, Eurasia Foundation (George Soros), Henry M. Jackson Foundation, International Research and Exchange Council and G. Kennan Institute (USA). Worth to be mention Russian sponsors of Perm Human Rights Center are the administrations of Perm and Perm Region, LUKoil-Perm Company and Motovilikha Plant.

Continue to read:

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