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Old 08-21-2005, 04:14 AM
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August 21 2005


About three weeks ago while communing with the Lord, I asked Him if there was anything He wanted me to do which might constitute a change of direction in my lifestyle. I had recently been involved in participating on an internet relay chat (IRC) Christian Network. I had even dusted off my old programming skills and wrote what is called an IRC BOT. This IRC BOT was programmed to respond to commands and display Bible verses to the users in the chat room. I was anticipating that when the Network grew in membership, we would be prepared to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people. At this time, the Lord informed me that I should cut back my time on chat and use this new internet tool I was learning, Bit Torrent, to obtain the latest information about the New World Order. Bit Torrent is a file transfer method in which people exchange bits of a file until everyone gets the entire file.

Back in the 1990's I had already done a lot of research into the various conspiracy theories, and had a working understanding of the New World Order plan for our planet. I had also rubbed elbows with many New Age thinkers for about ten years before the Lord pulled me back in 2002. For the last three weeks I have torrented many video and audio files of presentations regarding the New World Order. I have discovered that there is a power in Truth that literally does set a person free. I understand now, that the Truth can deliver a person from deception, and that the person does not have to be a Christian to gain immense benefit from learning the Truth.

The Truth is that this planet is slated by God for destruction. Peter said this planet will be destroyed by a fervent heat. Jesus said that His Kingdom is not of this world. The World System on Earth is going to implode on itself. There is no future for life on this planet. Christians need to re-evaluate their lifestyles RIGHT NOW. The most important task for every Christian is to be led by the Holy Spirit. As long as you are led by the Holy Spirit, then you know you are where you are supposed to be, and doing what you are supposed to be doing, in the Will of God.

There are two tasks that every Christian should observe in order to be led by the Holy Spirit. One task is that a Christian should be policing his thought life. Take every thought captive. Every thought. Every thought. If a Christian finds that he is the only one talking in his mind, then he is not policing his thoughts. He should be hearing the voice of God in his heart /mind. The second task is that a Christian should be reading the Word of God so that the Word is deposited in his heart. The Holy Spirit draws upon the Word that is in his heart, to assist him with his thought life. By making a committment to these two tasks, a Christian is letting God know that he is willing to obey God's Will. A process of purification will ensue as the Holy Spirit shows you which thoughts are your own thoughts, which are God's thoughts, and which are thoughts that arise from sin or worldly thinking with which we are all encultured. This process allows a Christian to change his way of thinking by his own free will to conform to God's way of thinking, because the Holy Spirit teaches him the understanding of why the worldly way of thinking leads to death or is otherwise unrighteous and unholy.

Once a Christian has established this purification process he will come to understand that he has alot of unholy ways of thinking and will feel unclean. This conviction of his own righteousness being as filthy rags, causes him to desire to be clean. This desire then causes a stronger committment for purification. At this point, the Holy Spirit is given more permission to lead, because the Christian is actively obedient and really wants to be cleansed. Some of the benefits of being whole hog into this process with God, is that a Christian is not easily offended, stops being judgemental, his love for his fellowman grows exponentially, forgiveness for others increases, his cluttered thinking clears up, and his mind is more quiet. The best result of all, is that the Christian can hear the voice of God more clearly and then knows that he is being led by the Holy Spirit.

Because each Christian is led by the Holy Spirit to do his part before the Lord Jesus returns, I can hardly generalize about what Christians should be doing. I can share my own convictions about what I should be doing right now. Right now the most important task is to awaken my fellowman to the Truth about the state of this world. The second most important task is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is possible to do both at the same time, but I can not allow a legalistic attitude about wanting to see someone saved, to deter me from sharing the truth about the destiny of this world for destruction. For this reason it is most important to be led by the Holy Spirit. Some people I come across, I will be led to explain about the New World Order and the doomed future of this planet. The gospel will be shared with them by someone else. My point is, let the Holy Spirit guide you, so that you do not neglect to share truths other than the Gospel.

As a Christian learns more truth about the state of this world, he will grow to hate the world and hate all that the world offers. He will begin to long for the Kingdom of God. His compassion will increase for the plight of his fellowman who is still in darkness. He will become the lover of the Truth mentioned in the Bible. Truth is truth. Truth is not limited to just the Gospel of Jesus Christ. An example of the difference the truth can make is a consideration of the difference between knowing that things are not well with the world system, and knowing many reasons WHY things are not well. If a Christian would inform himself about the Truth of the Satanic control of the world system, then he would realize that the destruction of this world is more near than ever before.

Recently, in internet Christian circles there has been much debate about prophecy, what to expect in the future, and how certain Biblical prophecies might be fullfilled. Over the past few weeks while I considered the various conspiracies that have ruled this world for centuries, I have discovered that learning these truths has driven me to acknowledge to God my need for Him, in a more profound way. I am no longer so concerned with prophecy as though I could prepare myself for the unforseen by having a clue about what it might be. I am no longer concerned with how a particular prophecy might have been or will be fullfilled. I am, instead, more concerned with consciously letting God know that I can not stand unless He stands, in me, for me. I can not prepare at all. I can do nothing at all. I need God to save me, protect me, feed me, clothe me, and house me. I need God to endure, for me, until the end. I also pray the same for every other person on this planet. I know that as long as I am obedient and I allow the Holy Spirit to lead me, that God will help me. I also have learned to pray and ask for God's Mercy and Grace.

I can not entitle this essay, "SITUATION REPORT FOR THE INHABITANTS OF PLANET EARTH", without sharing some of what I have discovered in my foray into conspiracy lectures. The reader should be careful to use his own discernment for I can not vouch for all points that I will share as being 100% accurate. I will also warn the reader that there are many, many controversial subjects that we all will drop our jaws over when we do finally learn God's absolute truth concerning them. Many of the subjects involve issues that have been intentionally used to confuse and divide this world's peoples for centuries. Still other issues have been directed at destroying Christians by appealing to their judgements and self- righteousness, and their need to be right. Therefore, I would warn the reader now, not to be so easily offended and let the Holy Spirit guide you as you read on.

The Serpent Seed doctrine is a stumbling block for many Christians. The idea that there are human beings who are literally the genetic sons of Satan on this earth has been used to fuel many forms of racism. In both chapters two and three of the book of Revelations there is mention about those who say they are jews but are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. The Serpent Seed issue is the key issue to grapple with if you want to understand the truth about what has happened on this world. If you have trouble with that issue, then, instead, take notice of the Pharisees of Jesus' time. Starting with that group you can tie all other conspiratorial plots on this world to their presence and desire to rule the world, kill all Christians, and install their false christ on the throne of this world. The keywords for groups involved in the conspiracies are, in no particular order, the Jesuits, the Vatican, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Neocons, the Communists, the evangelical christian groups (sorry to say), the leadership in Israel, the New Age movement, and the religion of Islam. All of these aformentioned groups are being led by Satanic forces, whether they will admit it, or know it, or not.

It is most important to understand that these enemies love death, bloodletting, money, power, and perverted sex acts. Their plan is unfolding in a manner where they will WAR with each other, until such point as they are able to rebuild Solomon's temple in Jerusalem in preparation for their messiah. Most of them do not realize that the powers and principalities that they serve among the demonics in the spiritual realm, are planning to install their own leader as the false christ. This process will include the so-called benevolent aliens coming to rescue humankind, but will actually be these same fallen angels come to install their anti-christ. Please understand that there are some people on earth who are already destined for destruction and that they can not be saved; God does not intend or want to save them.

Knowing all these things, what manner of living should we have? We need to wake up people to the Truth of the satanic plans for this world, and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that the people destined for salvation will be saved. We need to consciously work on being sure we can hear God's voice and then be obedient and led by the Holy Spirit at all times. Make sure that you know you are already in a bona- fide purification and cleansing process directed by the Holy Spirit in your life. This process is changing you from day to day. Please be honest with yourself. If you know you are not presently purifying, then start by asking God to help you with this issue, and police your every thought with Him.

God has promised to renew and restore the earth, and that the earth will remain forever. This new earth will be ruled by Jesus Christ and will be in His Kingdom. God will even renew His Heavens. Our future is with God in His Kingdom. This world now has become a way station and our goal is to bring as many of our fellow people who are willing, to join us in the Glorious Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God the Father.

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