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Old 11-20-2005, 03:30 PM
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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

An accurate assessment.

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Old 11-20-2005, 05:48 PM
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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

you base all your ideas on hate, I'm afraid.
What a TYPICAL Lefty brainwashed sook response to a detailed reply he CANNOT respond to. I dont hate anyone. That is your internal defence mechanism at work attempting to push aside a threat to your well coifed world view.

I am well liked by one and all where ever I go. I actually like seeing and tasting the different cultural aspects of the world. However, I am a seperatist at heart. People have the RIGHT to demand that new arrivals submit to the culture of the place! The Aboriginals could not resist the take over. We can. Multiculturalism (note the 'ism') is not some 'natural' mechanism at work, it is a DELIBERATE tool of the Globalists to break us down and tear us apart and there is NOW, thank God, a backlash against it!

When my sister lived in Malaysia for a year did she DEMAND the Malay's BOW to her cultural whims? Of course not! She did everything to fit in out of respect. And WE are supposed to not demand this? That is SO ridiculous! You are a "self loathing white man". It is not ALWAYS cool to take underdog status or even identify with the under dog. The truth is ALL that matters.

You say the details matter but NOT the big picture. Both are relevant. I will never countenance violence against another human minding his own business but if youre going to disrespect the land that gave you sanctury (with all it's faults) then dont be surprised when the locals get pissed. How would we fair in Algeria under the same circumstances? Think about it.

I am afraid of people like you..
Why? Will 'we' eat your babies? How fucking ridiculous you idiot. You know their is a trait in those of the "Left". They see threatening violence everywhere but in their own souls. They project all their hate onto others who are not 'infinately tolerant' and weeping over the injustice of it all every 5 minutes. Yet, when the revoloution comes it is the "brotherhood" of man that lets the thin veneer of civilization slip so easily and descends into animal instincts instantly...at levels not even attained by the worst excess's of the so called "Right".

Adolf H might have created a much more affluent life for some of his countrymen, but the cost was hate towards so many weaker groups all around the world.

Gay, Jewish, dark-skinned, Gypsy, artistic, etc...
No, Germans did'nt prosper because Jews, Gypsies etc... went to labour camps. They prospered because Hitler created the social and economic conditions that benefitted his people. Again! Think clearly! How does locking up Liberal artist put food on the table?

Context. Europe was in chaos. Hitler himself had just seen 4 years of death and filth. Germany had suffered horrendously both during and after the war. Stalin was being supplied hand over foot with ALL the infrastructure required for war and the Communist manifesto was quite clear...Western European culture was to fall. Ended! Forever!

Stalin had amassed 30,000 armoured vehicles. What were they for? Touring? The archives show clearly Stalin was poised to invade in the summer of 1942. Hitler had to strike immediately.

Yes, Hitler HATED the expressionist art of the time. Hitler himself was an accomplished artist and culture lover.

This is who we would be sending to the camps today and I for one will drive the security van. No, in fact i'll simply dig the ditch and put the round through the neck...

This is what WONDERFUL "do whatever you want" culture has done to the U.S. The OPEN worship of gang violence and drug dealing into the mainstream.

There are times to be tolerant and forgiving and there are times to pull out the base ball bat and set things straight. For you there are NO boundaries. For Hitler, while 2 Thousand years of European culture were threatened, their would be order. For that, the occult Globalist agenda brough the world against him and to this day he is vilified as the incarnation of absoloute evil.

He was NO angel and neither was he the devil.

Under the rule of such a regime, there was no tolerance for protest or dissent. No more websites like this.
Quite right. Under the same circumstances their would be no need to ban it. I'd be volunteering for the front and not available. Or are you saying that Soviet Russia was a threat to no one?

Also, stop portraying Bush as "fascist". He is a Globalist patsy for one, and the neo-con movement is a reincarnated Bolshevik 5th column group who's job it is to finally tear the U.S into civil war from where Banker tyranny can take root fully fledged.

True "fascists" look after their people.
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Old 11-20-2005, 05:56 PM
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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start

Jean-Marie Le Pen
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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Portrait of Jean-Marie Le Pen.Jean-Marie Le Pen (born June 20, 1928) is a controversial French politician. He is the president of the nationalist and reactionary party Front National.

Almost all commentators, parties, etc. outside of the National Front consider the National Front and Le Pen to be far-right. Le Pen disputes the far-right qualification; at times, he has declared that his party was "neither Right, neither Left, but French"; at other times, he has stated that his party was right-wing and that the French parties generally considered to be right-wing were not truly so. He claims that most of the French political and media class are corrupt and out of touch with the real needs of the common people, and conspire to exclude Le Pen and his party from mainstream politics.

Le Pen is known for advocating tough law enforcement policies, possibly including the reinstatement of the death penalty; strong restrictions on immigration to France from countries outside Europe; and withdrawal or at least far greater independence from the European Union. Jean-Marie Le Pen has, at times, made remarks considered to be racist and antisemitic, though, in recent years, he has been careful not to use controversial rhetoric prior to elections.

He has run in several French presidential elections, qualifying for the second-round of the 2002 election, where he challenged current president Jacques Chirac.
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Old 11-20-2005, 05:59 PM
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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start


Yes multiculturalism stink big time. In oz as far as i know its mostly korean, japanese, and chinese these are very industrious people who while holding to there custums adopt the new one and live comfortably in both. but the same cannot be said for the desert dwellers they want to bring tyhe desert and camels wwith them. they thrive in their ignorance.

These are the new barbarians but unlike our ancestors these don't grow with knowlege they totaly ignore it or use it against us.

So i truly belive that europe must expell all those trouble makers an that goes for the "usa" and to any european country.

Have you ever heard of the iceland/haiti analogy?

Which of the two islands had the greatest potencial for development and richness?

which of the two islands presented more of a challange to live and prosper?

which of the 2 islands made it?

And i am not talking about race i am taking about culture. Western culter is the reflection of western man if the western man goes so will the culture.

it might not be a perfect culture but there are non, save the the far eastern orientals who come a distant close that can match up.
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Old 11-21-2005, 08:29 AM
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Default Re: French Far-Right Leader: Riots Only the Start


I used to like the idea of multi cultural'ism'.

Now I see it for what it is...another ideological "ism" which is in need of instant destruction.

It's a joke on all of us and a fantastic tool for the social engineer's.
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Old 11-21-2005, 09:31 AM
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Default France: Not Safe for Jews

monday, november 21, 2005

France: Not Safe for Jews

We’ve all heard about the thousands of torched cars, but here’s a shocking look at how bad things have gotten in France: Barricaded in Paris. (Hat tip: i.j.)

Mr. Barthel walks me through the school, which was built three years ago to what he calls “new specifications for a new reality.”

“All of our windows are made with glass both bomb- and bullet-proof; there are security cameras in all the common rooms,” he says. “You will also notice there is no sign outside of the school that could single it out as a Jewish place.”

In the past few years, Jews in Canada may have become familiar with some security measures in synagogues, notably around the high holidays, but nothing approaching this level of stringency.

Mr. Barthel explains the buddy system instituted at the Benvenuti school for children both arriving and leaving the premises. The students must travel in a pack and are not allowed to wear visible skullcaps or Stars of David anywhere but inside the school. They are also discouraged from dressing in a manner that Mr. Barthel calls “Shalala,” meaning that they asked to refrain from dressing in a style which in North American parlance might be termed “Jappy.”

“The Diesel jeans, the tight bomber jackets, these things can also make them look like Jews,” he says. “They must look more quiet now, for safety.”

Mr. Barthel is the father of two young children. Last year, his children’s school bus, belonging to a Jewish school in Epinay-sur-seine, a northern suburb of Paris, was set on fire. “The bus was empty when it was attacked, but still, nobody did anything about it, not the police, not the government.”

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Old 11-21-2005, 09:35 AM
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Default French Guard Dies Trying to Put Out Cars

Monday November 21, 2005 10:28am
PARIS (AP) - A high school guard suffered a heart attack and died Monday while trying to extinguish cars set aflame by vandals in the latest unrest in troubled French suburbs, police said. The guard collapsed southwest of Paris in Trappes, one of about 300 cities and towns that were hit by three weeks of rioting, arson attacks or other violence that shook France earlier this month.

While the violence has abated, sporadic arson attacks continue, as they did before the rioting. Police say dozens of cars are torched each night on average in France's depressed suburbs where frustrations over unemployment and discrimination often run high, especially among youths from immigrant families.

On Sunday, youths in a public housing project in the eastern city of Colmar threw stones at firefighters called in to extinguish burning scooters, said Jean-Christophe Schneider, a regional spokesman. No one was injured, but the windshield of the rescuers' vehicle was smashed.

President Jacques Chirac, as part of renewed government efforts to combat the inequalities laid bare by the riots, meets Tuesday with business and labor leaders and national TV executives to discuss ways of hiring young people from poor neighborhoods and airing more programs that reflect France's racial diversity.

The rioting began Oct. 27 and peaked early this month with vandals torching more than 1,400 cars in one night. The government responded by declaring a state of emergency that is still in place. It allows authorities to impose curfews, conduct searches of homes and take other measures to prevent unrest if needed.

Several mosques have been attacked or vandalized - in what Muslim leaders fear is a possible anti-immigrant backlash from the rioting.

On Sunday, authorities discovered racist and extremist slogans - including one that said "defend yourself, France" - spray-painted on a mosque being built in Saint-Etienne in the southeast.

Larbi Marchiche, who heads a Moroccan cultural association overseeing the mosque construction, called the vandalism "a provocation by brainless kids."

In a separate incident Sunday, attackers armed with two Molotov cocktails damaged a mosque in a low-income area in the eastern town of Fougeres.

Police are investigating the mosque attacks and the death of the high school guard. Police spokesman Alain Rahmouni said there were no arrests so far in the last case.

During the urban unrest, the worst in four decades in France, rioters torched more than 9,000 vehicles and several hundred buildings and repeatedly clashed with police. Several mosques, churches and a synagogue were also targeted.

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Old 11-21-2005, 05:05 PM
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Default Re: French Guard Dies Trying to Put Out Cars

This is a great shame IGWT.

Perhaps being helped by "agent provocateurs"?

I would have spoken out strongly against this behaviour just a few months ago but I am a confirmed seperatist now.

People who do not share the same basic "values" (nothing to do with race here, just values) need to be seperated.

We can visit each other on holidays.

It's time the local Muslim communities clamped down on the "nutters" instead of making evasive remarks on the said nut cases in their communities who are more often than not fired up on amphetamine which they sell to afford their $500 street wear.
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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Old 11-21-2005, 06:33 PM
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Default Re: French Guard Dies Trying to Put Out Cars

If there is an agent ass on this site it is your fat ass or is that just your mouth with a turd hanging out or could that be your brain.
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Old 11-21-2005, 07:00 PM
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Default Re: French Guard Dies Trying to Put Out Cars

Hey, hey, Truebeliever...

This is it, my angry angry friend. You just simply don't understand it. My responses keep on causing you to insult me and call me stuff that have nothing to do with me or my personality or my opinions. Doesn't that say a lot about yourself? Howcoe you imeediately draw the conclusion that I am an obedient servant of some otherworldly scheme or some unwitting pawn in the great game that is taking place just out of our sight but within our homes. If you had any idea about what "left" or "right" meant and if you actually took time to think about what stuff means instead of what you already have decided what they mean, then you would need to lambast every person you meet that actually calls a door a door and nothing else.

Doesn't any of you people here on this website actually TALK to people about these things?

Let's see what you have set on my plate, buddy;

Multiculturalism. Now, I travel extensively, and almost every week to other countries. Especially between two of the richest cities in the world. I don't know about you, but Multiculturalism is a construction that doesn't really apply to anything. Either you have New York or you have Paris. Two totally different types of Mutlicultural cities. Then you have Basra and you have Sarajevo, also different types of Multiculturalisms. Besides that, you have Albania or Kashmir. Do you see the pattern I'm getting at? In terms of multicultural subrbia in rural westernized areas you have the LA basin and you have the Gaza-strip. Where is the mutliculturalism that we have to speak of? It's everywhere, all the time! It's a fact of life that we have to deal with.

You have a terrible age-deficiency in Italy in the upcoming decades because of a lack of births and because of the strict immmigration-laws imposed by the mafia-ruled Berlusconi government (which is part of the reactionary religious fundamentalist movement I fear far more than any single people). It's going to crash the whole pension-system in most European systems that do not impose draconian deregulations, effectively creating a second US, vulnerable to further retardations in science and culture, as have already happened in the US due to the fact that the very vocal and aggressively campaigning Religous Right attract so many voters.

Secondly; I am PART of an ANTI-globalization movement, I am actively working against the very machinations that are abusing the third world and their peoples. This abuse is growing, as is the awareness of it, and with the recent breakdowns of the WTO-talks, this purports an even tighter grip on nation-states and protectionsim which is NOT the same as ANTI-globalization, but rather just a type of destructive knee-jerk reaction when rich states are not getting the best deal out of poorer nations. Then all parties recoil when actually the devastated countries are in desperate need of our attention and aid. Not by doing it for them, but making sure corruption does not take away what they can make for themselves.

The reason I say "I'm afraid of you", is because I meet people like you every day, men and women who already have decided who their opponent is and calls everybody by the same name, refusing to see the distinct individuality in every meeting. I have nothing to give you then, and what I write is not for you.

Thirdly; I am not white.

I know, it is charming to have hopes in fascistic rule where nothing is tolerated and where ideas are followed to the core of their meaning, in societal regulation and personal intercourse. However, what you hopefully will never know is the real sensation of death of your soul that effectively takes over your existence in such a state.

If you travel through countries like North-Korea, Iran or some parts of North and Sub-saharan Africa, you will constantly meet the faces of souls that have stopped. Living dead.

In such countries, there is no life of the soul, because nothing is tolerated.

Communist Russia was also, by defenition, a fascist country. Communism is fascism by another name. In practicality, not theory, they are each others equals. I hope you will grow out of this teen-age dream, but you will probably not, and that is why I fear you. On this site you portray a person who would be ruled by anger and fear and that is the most dangerous type of individual becaus fear and anger has no limits. I have seen bodies of fifty regular men and women piled high in front of me with the understanding that five young men did all of that because they feared their Captain and they didn't want to disobey orders. This was perhaps ten years ago.

Now, what all fascist or communist dictators do first is to kill and quench dissent. They do this by killing the press. Not quietly, but very overtly. This is a very effective way of scaring the whole population into silence and obedience. That increases production and compliance, AT FIRST. Since all leaders of Fascist and communist regimes are, per definition, not intelligent,( cunning, YES, intelligent, NO..) they will soon run into motivational problems and a noticeable brain-drain. Mugabe has done his best in a very short time and his people are fleeing and dying at an alarming rate. That is what happens when a fascist leader is allowed to roam freely.

Regarding the US being a free country, it is absolutely NOT correct. It is one of the least free in the western world and it is very much recognized in the western world, at least amongst the scholars that educate students at universities, amongst journalists and politicians of Europe and Canada. It is, basically, a prevalent view and a very tolerated view. It is not free because of the Death penalty, only shared with the most offending nations of the world, and urthermore it is not free because of the vast power held by the religous right and also the cultural environment is totally unsupported, thereby only allowing for the most commercially viable of entertainment, such as 50 Cent et al. The Jewish Community does not have a major stake in entertainment world-wide or in the US and it is, frankly, stupid to say so.

You seem to love slogans, mr Truebeliever.

I, for one, think of slogans as a mindnumbing mantra. Since the mind cannot comprehend all that is affecting oneself, and you risk losing what is your inner belief if you open up to the possiblity that you can make a difference if you actually try, then please grab that bat that you so cherish (instead of the teddy-bear that you once used) and bash people to bits. Then, when you are done, please witness your creation: Nothing! With anger and violence you just destroy and destroy and then there is... NOTHING!
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