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Old 03-17-2018, 06:32 AM
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Smile The Unfathomable

"People often say God’s designs are unfathomable. That means that even if, on the face of it, someone’s destiny may seem to be highly unfavourable, we never know whether these events might not lead them, at the end of the day, to a greater good, and vice versa.

You may make a connection with a particular man or woman, choose a certain trade or profession, go to live in a certain town, have a particular illness… and you have no idea where it will all end. Even if your friendship or your work do not turn out well, even if your illness keeps you in bed for months, it may be that destiny is leading you, via a circuitous route, towards what will eventually prove to be for your best. You cannot comment until you have reached the end of your life, for it is by way of these ‘unfathomable’ paths that the invisible world often leads you towards the light."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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