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Old 03-12-2014, 04:15 PM
ManchurianDisclosure ManchurianDisclosure is offline
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Arrow ManchurianDisclosure is BACK!!

A few nights ago two of my first posts after a few years of incognito were removed from Above Top Secret. I will paste the posts I put on ATS that were quickly removed and erased by Above Top Secret staff. I'm not saying all Above Top Secret monitors are to blame, what I am saying is the person that removed the post just might be, decide for yourself.

I made the posts about my return on an old thread I started that can be found by googling:

Creating Miracles- Science of Making Hallucinations
by ManchurianDisclosure

I still think ATS is an invaluable resource and important instrument of free speech and community of sharing ideas, even though lots of information are disinfo, none accurate, or blaming the wrong people, like most conspiracy websites.

My posts that was removed is as follows:

Removed Post #1 on ATS: MD is back

Guess what everybody.........
I AM BACK!!!!!!!! And Better than ever before.

I am ManchurianDisclosure. For those who don't know me or remember just google that nic, my articles are serious and shocking secrets of illuminati that tried to make breed me to be a major political Manchurian Candidate (Politician) and subvert my beliefs and convictions for their agenda.

They tried to kill my father and frame me with his murder shortly after I started writing the posts in 2011-2012. I was always saying "HOPPING TO GET AWAY ALIVE WITH THIS ONE". I didn't care if they killed me to reveal the truth. However, I never thought my family would be threatened. They tried to murder my father, but he survived after surgery. One of the Cops arriving at the scene gave me a secret sign he was Illuminati infiltrator in my city`s police force. I asked to go see my dad in the hospital he said I wasn't going anywhere and that I was a suspect who could be charged with murder or attempted murder. My dad survived and told the cop in the hospital what really happened and I wasn't charged because he survived to tell the truth.

I left the country for 6 months never planning to return, but I was deported back. Its funny when a person from the second biggest country in land in the world and one of the wealthiest western countries gets deported from a small one. Even I was laughing. I guess I grew some balls since then.

I got more and more secrets about the Illuminati than ever before. And believe me after they screwed the new great and peaceful life I was pursuing I got nothing but time for the next few months to write all about them and their ways before I get away hopefully permanently far away from ground zero. You know what Dr. Dre sung ``I aint sticking around for Illuminati, going to buy my own island in the year 2k. I cant get an island but hopefully I get my new life far the hell away.

(Hint Hint) They want to collapse western civilization just like the Twin Towers and rise a new system to take over the world without accountability to any citizens that might oppose ruthless and bloody conquest.

I plan to write details from their secret secrets, methods, sciences, techniques of control and infiltration, process of hi-jacking American making it Amerika (figuratively speaking). Controlled revolution, civil war, coups, all the while whipping out groups of people and democratic institutions. Triggering the destruction and rallying a new government. This process also is being worked on for Europe as well at the same time. Illuminati want to break free from the democracies repressing them and take over.

The Twin Towers was a two time job Bin Landen ocastrating the planes while Illuminati infiltrators planted and detonated the explosives.

The Twin Tower is a symbol for what is intended for the entire West. Night Mare Hell

So Read Up on my past articles google ManchurianDIsclosure, get well acquainted with those posts because some more serious stuff is coming.

Hint: Illuminati Nazified Germany over taken a Democratic Germany and turning It into a nightmare hell system of Hitler with their secret methods and manuscripts from savage evil empires that have long vanished. Manuscripts from the libraries of ancient world empires like Babylon and Egypt. Hitler wanted to whip out all Jews because of the natural disposition of most Jews from being complacent in the greater war of which Hitler was only fighting a battle in. And also Illuminati think Jews are the worst salves because many of them are willing to be martyrs for their religious customs, like keeping the Sabbath, and inspire many others to choose death than serve the evil orders of monsters like Hitler, insubordination among the slaves.

Because the illuminati bred me to be a literal puppet politician controlled by their secret strings I will be able to tell you exactly all about it and KNOW THIS Illuminati have many Mind Kontrolled salves who are their scapegoats and puppets appearing to be leaders but MK Slaves and greatly talented unconscious actors. Look up and watch the documentary on the real Howard Huges, practically a vegetable whose power and fortune all controlled by many others using and handling his Identity and Corporate Persona.

I don't read conspiracy theories really so I will tell you from my own experience.


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