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Old 09-06-2005, 10:27 AM
freeman freeman is offline
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Default The Corruption of Our Churches

I have studiously avoided the subject of religion in past articles, preferring to concentrate on political aspects of our situation. The time has come to discuss it. This will be difficult reading to some Christian patriots out there. But if you have reached the level where you can accept that our government is not, nor has been, acting in our favor; that those in power lie; that "those who would enslave us" will use any means, any vehicle to achieve that enslavement; then you must examine the evidence without the rose colored glasses.

If we are indeed in a spiritual battle, then you must be able to recognize the devil in his many guises. Next to "government", his favorite must surely be "organized religion". What better way to lead the sheeple, his captured "flock", into slavery.

I come from a long line of preachers. My father and grandfather were both Methodist preachers. Both were fine men, but I, on the other hand, was kicked out of Sun-day school for asking the teacher where Cain and Abel's wives came from? Seemed like a good question at the time.
In my youth and as an adult, I found myself being very uncomfortable with organized religion. At that time in my life I was, like most Americans, totally ignorant in regards to the New World Order agenda and the plot to destroy, or override our Constitution. Intuitively, I refused to allow government or religion to exercise much of a hold on me. For many years I struggled with
what appeared to me to be an unsolvable paradox; How could I love my country and believe in a God yet be fearful of my government and apprehensive of the church or organized religion?
Certain aspects of Christianity have always disturbed me. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of so-called witches and the distant look in a fanatic's eye when they realize you aren't going to fall for their particular interpretation of the Bible. Yet Christianity and the pursuit of the freedom to practice it, is directly responsible for the founding of this country I love so dear.
Christians account for less than 30% of the world's population. Are we supposed to believe that the other 70% of the world and all of the great men who were not Christians were wrong? For us to believe that any one denomination, or religion for that matter, is the only way, is to deny the omnipotence of God.

Religion is man's way of dealing with his mortality and the Bible used by Christians is much more than the proprietary property of one group of people. It is the foundation of two other religions., Judism and Islam. It is, in itself, the greatest tool for the civilization of mankind in existence and simultaneously the cause of most wars.

The Bible is a history of tyranny and an epic saga of the determination of a few men to lead their people out of slavery. It, and the lessons it teaches, inspired our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights. Yet, despite the recurring theme of God guiding men out of their slavery; of God giving man his freedom; of breaking his chains and protecting his chosen ones from harm by the leaders of the day; we have, allowed our so-called leaders to use it as a tool to return us to slavery!

Standing on a mountain in New Mexico in 1969, looking out over the perfect harmony of earth, air and sunlight, I knew without a doubt that God existed. Such perfect balance that allows us to live in luxury upon this garden planet could not be achieved any other way. A god who could create this earth and the heavens would also be the one responsible for the creation of the Universe, all races on earth and beyond. Because each of us see divinity through eyes colored by their culture and surroundings, we have the tendency to believe others are somehow wrong in their beliefs. Evil men have seized upon this and used it to unite us against others, often ending in us fighting and dying for someone else's favorite interpretation.

Our country was created by men fleeing religious persecution, but some of those men, in turn, persecuted the Indians who worshipped God in their own way, through nature.
God gave us the gift of free will. When we use it to persecute, prosecute, denigrate or force our belief system on others, we are giving in to the dark side. When we allow our greed, our envy, our sloth or any of the seven deadly sins, to guide us, we allow evil to rein. When one man, or group of men, seek to impose their morals or their dictates on another, we have tyranny. It is even more insidious when, under the guise of religion, we allow ourselves to be led down the path of slavery once more.

How is it done? Before World War!', Joseph Stalin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt conspired to dominate the world. It was their job to create a tension that would lead us into a world order" With most of Russia already dominated by the Communists, it fell to Roosevelt to create the same conditions here. In his sweeping measures of 1933, he stole our gold, gave it to the bankers and replaced it with a monetary system that they could control, inflating or deflating it as needed. There was still the need for an entity to replace the failed League of Nations. Alert Americans doomed that organization but Communist spy, Alger Hiss, and his buddies were waiting in the wings with the United Nations.
In an article found in Time magazine in 1942, we get a clue as to how this new order would use the churches to lead us into one world government.. .at the cost of our freedom and Constitution. In 1942, the seeds of ~y were well sown within our own churches.

(Begin Transcript)
'TIME" MARCH 16, 1942 - PAGE 44


These are the high spots of organized U.S. Protestantism's super-Protestant new program for a just and durable peace after World War II:

* Ultimately, "a world government of delegated powers."

* Complete abandonment of US. isolationism.

* Strong immediate limitations on national sovereignty.

* International control of all armies & navies.

* A universal system of money. . so planned as to prevent inflation and deflation."

* Worldwide freedom of immigration.

* Progressive elimination of all tariff quota restrictions on world trade.

* "Autonomy for all subject and colonial peoples" (with much better treatment for Negroes in the U.S).

* "No punitive reparations, no humiliating decrees of war guilt, no arbitrary dismembennent of nations."

* A "democratically controlled" international bank "to make development capital available in all parts of the world without the predatory and imperialistic after-math so characteristic of large-scale private and governmental loans."

This program was adopted last week by 375 appointed representatives of 3O-odd denominations called together at Ohio Wesleyan University by the Federal Council of Churches. Every local Protestant church in the country will now be urged to get behind the program "As Christian citizens," its sponsors affirmed, "we must seek to translate our beliefs into practical realities and to create a public opinion which will insure that the United States shall play its full and essential part in the creation of a moral way of international living."

Among the 375 delegates who drafted the program were 15 bishops of five de-nominations, seven seminary heads (including Yale, Chicago, Princeton, Colgate-Rochester), eight college and university presidents (including Princeton's Harold W. Dodds), practically all the ranking officials of the Federal Council and a group of well-known laymen, including John R. Mott, Irving Fisher and Harvey S. Firestone Jr.

"Intellectually," said Methodist Bishop Ivan Lee Holt of Texas, "this is the most distinguished American church gathering I have seen in 30 years of conference-going."
The meeting showed its temper early by passing a set of 13 "requisite principles for peace" submitted by Chairman [John J. Foster Dulles [CFR] and his inter-church Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace. These principles, far from putting all the onus on Germany or Japan bade the U.S. give thought to the shortsighted selfishness of its own policies after World War I, declared that the U.S. would have to turn over a new leaf if the world is to enjoy lasting peace. Excerpts.

* "For at least a generation we have held preponderant economic power in the world, and with it the capacity to influence decisively the shaping of world events. It should be a matter of shame and humiliation to us that actually the influences shaping the world have largely been irresponsible forces. Our own positive influence has been impaired because of concentration on self and on our short-range material gains....if the future is to be other than a repetition of the past, the U.S. must accept the responsibility for Constructive action commensurate with its power and opportunity."

* "The natural wealth of the world is not evenly distributed. Accordingly the possession of such natural resources.... is a trust to be discharged in the general interest. This calls for more than an offer to sell to all on equal terms. Such an offer may be a futile gesture unless those in need can, through the selling of their own goals and services, acquire the means of buying."

With these principles accepted, the conference split up into four groups to study, respectively, the social, economic and political problems of the post-war world and the problem of the church's own position in that world. Discussion waxed hot & heavy, with one notable silence: in a week when the Japs were taking Java, discussion of the war itself was practically taboo. Reason:
The Federal Council felt that, since five of its other commissions are directly connected with the war effort, the conference's concern should be with plans for peace. One war statement - "the Christian Church as such is not at war" - was proposed by Editor Charles Clayton Morrison, of the influential and isolationist-before-Pearl-Harbor Christian Century. This statement was actually inserted in a subcommittee report by a 64-58 vote after a sharp debate. In the plenary session, however, it was ruled out of order.

Some of the conference's economic opinions were almost as sensational as the extreme Internationalism of its political pro gram. It held that "a new order of economic life is both imminent and imperative" - a new order that is sure to come either "through voluntary cooperation within the framework of democracy or through explosive political revolution." Without condemning the profit motive as such, it denounced various defects in the profit system for breeding war, demagogues and dictators, "mass unemployment, wide-spread dispossession from homes and farms, destitution, lack of opportunity for youth and of security for old age." Instead, "the church must demand economic arrangements measured by human welfare... must appeal to the Christian motive of human service as paramount to personal gain or governmental coercion."

"Collectivism is coming, whether we like it or not," the delegates were told by no less a churchman than England's Dr. William Paton, co-secretary of the World Council of Churches, but the conference did not vote as far to the left as its definitely pinko British counterpart, the now famous Malvern Conference (Time, Jan.20, 1941). It did, however, back up Labor's demand for an increasing share in industrial management. It echoed Labor's shibboleth that the denial of collective bargaining "reduces labor to a commodity." It urged taxation designed "to the end that our wealth may be more equitably distributed." It urged experimentation with government and cooperative ownership.
"Every individual," the conference declared, "has the right to full time educational opportunities... to economic security in retirement... to adequate health service (and an) obligation to some socially necessary service.

The conference statement on the political bases of a just and durable peace proclaimed that the first post-war duty of the church "will be the achievement of a just peace settlement with due regard to the welfare of all the nations, the vanquished, the overrun and the victors alike." In contrast to the blockade of Germany after World War I, it called for immediate provision of food and other essentials after the war for every country needing them. 'We must get back," explained Methodist Bishop Francis J. McConnell, 'to a stable material prosperity not only to strengthen men's bodies but to strengthen their souls."
Politically, the conference's most important assertion was that many duties now performed by local and national governments "can now be effectively carried out only by international authority." Individual nations, it declared, must give up their armed forces "except for preservation of domestic order" and allow the world to be policed by an international army & navy. This League-of-Nations-with-teeth would also have "the power of final judgment in controversies between nations... the regulation of international trade and population movements among nations."
The ultimate goal: "a duly constituted world government of delegated powers; an international legislative body, an international court with adequate jurisdiction, international administrative bodies with necessary powers, and adequate international police forces and provision for enforcing its worldwide economic authority."

So, even before the war was over, the scene was being set for the installation of the UNas a ruling body, with the memory of Patrick Henry still fresh in their evil little minds, the "One Worlders" had to neutralize the danger of Christians becoming involved in politics. They latched upon the fraudulently used but oft-quoted doctrine of the "separation of church and state." The agency used to cut the balls off the church was none other than the IRS.
According to this list, excerpted from a list of 30 requirements for 501(c) (3) Churches. Put out by the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service Pub 1826 (9-94) Cat. no. 21096G, churches must:

1. Be incorporated (BECOME A BUSINESS)
2. Have a recognized creed and "IRS approved form of worship."
3. Have "IRS approved code of doctrine".
4. Have ordained ministers educated in "state accredited colleges."
5. Be "neutral on political issues."
6. "Have tax exempt status issued by IRS."
7. Pastor must answer to the IRS as to "daily activities of the church."
8. The IRS must be privy to "all financial transactions" of the church.
9. Pastor must supply "names of all donors"- make books records available.
10. May only use "IRS approved" fundraising methods.
11. Pastor will be "called to account over any stand taken against the tax system."
12. Church "must advocate and support racial integration." (Multiculturalism)
13. May "not" engage in activities "opposing pornography."
14. May "not" support legislation saying "children belong to parents" rather than state."
15. May not form a Political Action Committee nor support legislation "opposing lotteries and gambling activity."
16. May not "oppose the public school system."
17. May "not publicly declare" we are to "obey God rather than the government."
(Those requirements only pertain to churches that want to escape paying taxes.

Most businesses cannot operate at a profit today because of taxes. In fact, most small businessmen are either forced to cheat on their taxes and lie to the government simply to make ends meet and to feed their families.)

So the government which stole our gold in 1933, led us into a world war, imposed illegal taxation and adopted the 10 Communist planks verbatim, as stated in the Communist Manifesto, and has now invaded our churches and now controls our religion, as of 1942. Our pastors, preachers, priests and rabbi answer to the government, not God. The obedience of the Christian Coalition to the Republican party, the refusal of the ministries to endorse a true leader or to expose political corruption is now explained.

Meanwhile, Bible reading Christian Home-Schoolers are prosecuted, their children taken away because the "government court" believes unauthorized, unsupervised reading of the Bible (or the Constitution) is somehow dangerous!
Guess what? They're right!
For when you read the Bible without the blinders of "organized religion" you realize we are in a constant battle against evil to maintain our freedom. If you aren't against it, you are unwittingly for it The Word the Bible teaches is hushed up in Church The word you get, when you read it right, is FREEDOM.
The ironic part of all this is that no white religious leader has had the guts to stand up to the system, to expose the part the bankers play, or to break through the primarily Jewish control of the media. Only Louis
Farrakan has been able to organize an effective protest against the new enslavement of Americans. He was able to organize a million man march and speak out against this creeping Fascism called the United States government while a white patriot group was only able to amass a few hundred. Dick Gregory led a demonstration against the CIA drug running. For all our espousal of the Constitution, God and Country, it may be the black man who leads us from slavery this time.
For my part, I'd vote for Farrakan over Bob Dole or Bill Clinton any day.

Thanks to Jackie Patna of the Council on
Domestic Relations for digging up the Times
article and the IRS guidelines.

The Corruption of Our Churches

\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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Old 09-06-2005, 12:09 PM
Marsali Marsali is offline
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Default Re: The Corruption of Our Churches

I think you hit the nail on the head with your seemingly unsolvable paradox of "How can I love my country and believe in a God yet be fearful of my government and apprehensive of the church or organized religion."

This is a delimma I've also been pondering for many years. I haven't come to any solid conclusions on how to deal with it, but I'm beginning to find ways to feel a little peace about it.

In regards to out government, we don't have any choice but to live under it, but we can and should complain and protest corruptions, though at times it seems futile.

Religion, at least for me, is another matter. We can choose to be, or not to be, a part of any religion; we have a choice there. But then choosing to belong to a certain religion involves then a larger moral choice: How far do we want to involve ourselves in something that we know is corrupt? This has been my problem. I'm technically a Protestant, though I've been attending my local Catholic church for a year, though I still don't know a soul there. The nice thing about Catholic churches is that they tend to ignore new people, which suits me just fine. I leave the Mass on Sunday with a great feeling of peacefulness, and I don't have to get caught up in the politics of the place.

But is this the right approach to take? Maybe I'm just being lazy because I don't want to be tested in any way, to make it known to other parishioners that while I support the Church's view in regards to abortion and euthanasia, why is it that conservative Catholics don't speak out against the Iraq war? To involve myself further would mean that I would have to be true to my beliefs, and I know there'd be friction. I don't know if I have the courage or energy for that.

As a side note, my great-grandfather was a Methodist preacher. His name was Marvin Freeman. He died at the age of 37 in Phillips county, AR, while holding a revival there.

You've brought up some important issues, freeman. I'd like to comment later on other aspects of the article as well.
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Old 09-06-2005, 12:20 PM
freeman freeman is offline
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Default Re: The Corruption of Our Churches

I have the same dilemma with my own family church, Marsalis, which is now Methodist by denomination but throughly infested with Freemasonic parishioners. I attend, keep my mouth shut and go home.
But just to clarify, that article was written by a gentleman named Clayton Douglas. The part I found most intriguing was that it seemed to indicate that the original NWO plan was to bring the churches into the conspiracy, but it seemed to have backfired amid fears that latent Christian principles would prevent the churches from accepting the entire global agenda. So this separation of church and state sophistry was created via the IRS 503 requirements to hogtie the churches through financial intimidation.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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Old 09-06-2005, 04:09 PM
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Default Re: The Corruption of Our Churches

I'd no idea that churches had to jump through all those hoops to maintain their tax-exempt status.

The first 12 rules on the list seem fairly annoying, but it's the last 5 items that are somewhat absurd. I can't remember the last time I heard a rep of a church speak out publicly against any of those things, and now I know why.

I couldn't access the original article from the link provided, and I couldn't locate the aticle by Douglas on the Forbidden Knowledge website.

Actually, there have been a few gutsy politicians who have spoken out against the Bush regime. Cynthia McKinney comes to mind, as well as Ron Paul, a congressman in Texas, and Pat Buchanan, though we rarely hear much about them in the mainstream media.
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Old 09-06-2005, 04:12 PM
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Default Re: The Corruption of Our Churches

Myron Fagan tells us that major denominations have been co-opted since the late 60's
\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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Old 09-06-2005, 08:30 PM
nohope187 nohope187 is offline
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Default Re: The Corruption of Our Churches

Yeah, the church I go to is a Corporate/State 501c3 clone. They say all this bullshit about saving souls and knowing God, but say nothing about government corruption. I'm pretty sure this church is a member of the UN's world council of churches too.
So pardon me while I burst into flames.
I\'ve had enough of the world and it\'s people\'s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn, and rise above the flame. Pardon me, pardon me, I\'ll never be the same. -Brandon Boyd
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