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Old 11-28-2005, 10:18 PM
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Default A Comment From John In Hungary To Henry Makow.

The question of what can be done by all of us to resist the Illuminati agenda is very important but I would like to tell you something I believe to be even more important: there are serious clues showing that the Illuminati agenda is in serious trouble.

In the year 2005, the Illuminati House is starting to crumble in America.

The Americans' opposition to the Irak war is spreading to the military, intelligence and political circles. The necessity of ending this unjust war begins to be generally admitted while the warmongering propaganda of the neo-cons is losing credibility. As the authorised version of the 9/11 "terrorist attack" is progressively discredited, even the "war against terrorism" dogma is disintegrating.

As a miraculous Christmas gift to the American people, the hidden infectious agents of the international "money masters" are pointed out and indicted, one by one, by a resurrecting national immune system.

Through the Iraki experience, the Anglo-Saxon ruling class has now the means to understand that the elitist Roman empire cannot be resurrected. As a probable result of this understanding, the cancelling of the wars in the Middle East will prevent the "money masters" from staging a world war to resurrect a planetary luciferian Babylon through the mutual destruction of China, Russia and America.

Here comes Vladimir Putin. As an alternative to a suicidal war, he is offering to America and Iran an honorable way to reconcile.

If this is accepted, the USA will have no more reason to occupy Irak as a strategical position in a war against Iran. Of course, this wouldn't give the control of the Iranian oil to the USA but it would avoid the risks of a new world war between America and a Chinese-Iranian-Russian coalition. The Anglo-Saxon "elites" certainly know that they could lose everything in a new world war, contrary to the "money masters" who could barricade themselves in a "neutral" European Union. Russia is also offering to Israel a viable alternative to the since long projected pipeline Mosoul-Haifa.

The Israeli leaders certainly understand that America may well stop doing the dirty job for them in the Middle East and that the dream of a "Greater Israel" is therefore broken. Is it the reason why Sharon quits a Likud which is unable to adapt to the new realities?

Yes, indeed, the Illuminati House is starting to crumble in America. But... besides political assassinations and/or a new 9/11, the last decisive card the luciferian "money masters" can still play is the manipulation of the next American presidential elections. If they can put their own creature in the White House, they still be able to trigger their agended Armageddon. Pulling also the strings of feminism, this creature could well have the seductive face of a famous politician woman... The devil, the woman and the man, will a very old story replay soon?
I beg to disagree. I might add I respect JOHNS opinion but there are several flaws.

1. Who says the "Illuminati House" is 'crumbling in America? It is clear, Bush and the power that he represents is a front/patsy for the Globalists to usher in the benevolent rulership of the so called "left".

After the "nationalist" Bush has PROVEN the danger of Unilateral Imperial Power and religious fundamentalism we shall see Hillary bring the level headed secular/humanist face of the dictatorship of "reason" with a reinvigorated and morally high grounded U.N behind her.

Have we "fascists" finally learned our lesson yet? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mark my words. Not a SINGLE bit of the Police State apparatus will be removed by the "nice" Liberals. NOT ONE PEICE! Of course it's not their fault and with the so called "neo-cons" having stirred up so much hatred it must be left in place. ;-)

Look, "they" are not stupid. "They" are playing the old P-R-S game again.

The European and American and Russian and Israeli and Australian and Canadian Elite are ONE! They may disagree but they ALL agree on ONE binding issue - the peasants must be brought to heel. All the so called name calling is PURE theater to keep the nationalistic tensions happening and the local peasants distracted and marching on the 'enemy' and not to the Palace Gates.

I have no doubt the middle managers argue and disagree. But the people that matter are ONE! They are "Illumed" and beyond borders and beyond silly tradition and petty argument. They are out to "manage" the planet and it's resources.

If Bush was smart and managed to somehow bring M.E leaders to the table by force of arms, much like Gadaffi, then where would be the excuse for Israel to start the process of taking over said M.E?

The more chaos and wanton destruction the better for the Globalists. The better for the extremists in Israel. What better way to justify your war of Babylonian conquest than to foster "anti-semitism" throughout the world and then to foster as much hatred to you by your neighbours and then with the shout of "never again the Holocaust" unleash your nuclear arsenal?

Ten years later the radiation has dropped and it's all yours baby with the added bonus of the U.N being invigorated and of course those NASTY fascists rounded up.

OMG! I hit the trifecta!

To be continued...

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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