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Old 02-16-2006, 05:17 PM
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Default Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World

Extracted from Nexus Magazine
by Nick Begich, MD 2005

Technologies for stimulating the brain and controlling the mind can have benefits, but they have a dark side that military and intelligence planners have been exploiting for decades.

It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction... Thus, it may be possible to "talk" to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.1
US Air Force, New World Vistas: Air and Space Power for the 21st Century1

The idea that the brain can be made to function at a more efficient and directed level has been the subject of research by scientists, mystics, health practitioners and others for as long as mankind has contemplated such matters. In the last decade, advances in the science of the brain have begun to yield significant results. The results of the research are startling, challenging and, if misused, will be frightening. The certainty to be expected from the research is that it will continue to proceed.
The idea that people can be impacted by external signal generators which create, for example, pulsed electromagnetic fields, pulsed light and pulsed sound signals is not new. The following information demonstrates some of the possibilities and gives hints of the potentials of the technology. On the positive side, researchers in the field of light and sound are making huge progress in a number of areas, including working with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, stroke recovery, accelerated learning, drug/alcohol addiction and enhanced human performance. The research has shown that certain brain states can be influenced in a way which causes changes within the brain itself. These changes allow individuals the possibility of influencing specific conditions in the mind and body otherwise thought beyond our direct control.

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Old 02-17-2006, 07:45 AM
Ozzy_dopster Ozzy_dopster is offline
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Default Re: Mind Control: The Ultimate Brave New World

Yeah, and if those things are in the public domain, I wonder what the "Cutting Edge" technology is now? I have personally experienced the "whispering ghost" style of covert manipulation. I was startled at first, but then became amused and simply ignored it, but then it got a little louder, like, "Hey, the guy can't hear it - turn up the volume a little."
Yeah, right. I know a hallucination when I hear one, and that was REAL.

BTW, consider that spies can make home-made assassination devices:


Here is a pull quote from the above site:
A VandeGraaff electrostatic generator with a wire connected to its sphere is a source of charged air. Electrified air flows out from the wire tip. If a VDG was used to supply electrified air to a vortex launcher, the result would be a "static electricity gun". Victims would suddenly feel 'lethal' levels of clothes-dryer cling, and they'd get zapped by anyone they might bump against. If the string of charged vortices was sent to a pop-bottle electrostatic motor, the motor should spin without needing any wire connections. Can you say "perpetual motion hoax?" And if the vortex generator was supplied with pure argon, maybe you'd see a blue flash whenever a charged argon smoke ring touched a grounded object or person. (Note: the body of the vortex launcher might need to be metal, or at least cover the interior with grounded aluminum foil.)

So, my question is, what would prevent an attempt on someone's life with lethal gas? Prussic acid? Hydrogen Sulfide?, etc.
\"Oops\" = A. Hitler upon hearing that the allied troops landed at Normandy instead of Pas-De-Calais as expected.
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