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Old 03-12-2005, 06:42 AM
Ahmad Ahmad is offline
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Default The Age of Innocence

[img align=left]http://www.usn2161.net/hellenkeller.jpg[/img]

The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt within the heart.
Helen Keller

Peace all,

There was an age of innocence, when God's absloute values of Justice, Dignity, Integrity and Honesty, ....Mercy, Love and Grace could be seen and felt everywhere you walked, the unseen was visible and the obvious was invisible.

The father was still respected, his crew (family members) knew that by trusting him, they are trusting God who appointed him as their captain. In turn the captain knew that if he abused this power, if he disregarded the opinions of his crew God would take it away, he knew that God knows his inner most thoughts, thus he showed his appreciation and didn't make any decision without due consultation first with his family.

There were no borders or visas, as the people put their trust in God, their strong communities guaranteed that any attempt at disturbing their peace would have no chance of success.

The traveling aliens were respected and welcomed, in a spirit of brotherhood. All the neighbors knew each other, new families were encouraged to strengthen the community. If God bestowed a good idea on someone, he would show his appreciation by sharing it with his neighbors in a spirit of love.

Marriage was a sacred bond, nobody dared to separate sex from marriage, thus men and women were dealing in a dignified, innocent manner, like brothers and sisters.

Every family had its own business, the mother and children helped the father in his work as much as they could. Apart from work, the family was busy in three fields, contacting and meditating on God for support, doing righteous and charitable work and doing spiritual research, either through studying the scripture or studying the universe.

They saw that, as a humble attempt to seek God through knowing His perfect system in the universe, there was no "specialization", nor organized education, everybody was encouraged to conduct his own reasearch unrestricted by age, gender or a specific field of knowledge, thus all fields of knowledge were connected together by God and through observing His hand behind them all.

There were no managers, all people were equal, each doing his role humbly and honsetly seeking God only. There was no fear, as there was no abuse of power, criticism didn't exist, only loving advice. Eventhough bullying didn't exist, as people knew that it disrupts the harmony of their unity, evil was confronted, nobody shyed away from the truth, people were witnesses, even against themselves.

There was no competition, only in righteous work did it exist. People didn't care much to be called the strongest, the quickest or any other -est, for they knew that whetever skill they had, it comes from God and that He can take it away same as he granted it, if they weren't appreciative of Him alone. As they were busy praising God, they had no time to praise people.

Whenever you went to the market, you could find the skilled craftsmen and honsest traders showing you their products in a welcoming manner, pointing out the disadvantages before the advantages. They all knew that provisions come from God in accordance with their honesty, thus they had no need to advertise, to conceal the "Know how", or chase the people with their products, whatever destined to reach their pockets, reached them, and they were appreciative.

Life had a much slower pace, and time stretched accordingly. Peace and kindness embraced the people everyday as a gift from God because of the appreciation they showed.

There was no gambling or a million-dollars competitions, as people knew that honest work is what gives the money its power through God's approval.

People trusted other people, they didn't speculate or think about the motives or ill intentions of the "other", there was no suspicion because they trusted that God will take care of the evil schemes as long as they didn't allow fear and mistrust into their interactions.

Gradually people lost their innocene, Satan convinced them that to be "adults" they have to lie, compromise and depend on themselves. They were delluded by temporary success when they ate from the tree, little by little they got rid of God from the equation, nobody had to be honest anymore unless somebody was watching him, people became gods.

The bad news is that we are at the worst stage of the age of oppression.

The good news is that the end of the tunnel is approaching quickly, after eleven nine of this year, the world as we know it will change, and God willing the age of innocence will return better than ever before.

Quran [21:105] We have decreed in the Psalms, as well as in other scriptures, that the earth shall be inherited by My righteous worshipers. [21:106] This is a proclamation for people who are worshipers.

God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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Old 03-12-2005, 08:06 AM
DaddyLongLeg DaddyLongLeg is offline
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Default Well said!

That is inspiring stuff Ahmad. It beautifully illustrates the contrast between the present world and the harmonious Age of Innocence. If you think about the types of lifestyles we see around us and overlay them with the sentiment of your post, you can clearly see an array of misguided wanderings.

Indeed God has given you a valuable gift.

My name is Dave by the way.
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