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Old 09-25-2016, 04:27 AM
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Smile They're not refugees, they're holocaust survivors from Syria

They're not refugees, they're holocaust survivors of a genocide/ethnic cleansing process directed against muslims in the ME, executed by the same Nazi's (National Zionists) who financed Hitler and who brought him to power, just to oust him the moment he was ripe to face the blame on their behalf.

Hitler was a willful patsy who did what his zionist masters (fake jews who are satanists) asked him to do (not to reduce Hitler's guilt! Hitler was a war criminal like Bush, Blair or Netanyahu, ...) - so Hitler had to kill as many jews as possible ... in order to frighten jews everywhere in the world and to agree to move to the zionist ghetto in Palestine (the zionist state was in place since 1900).

The zionists received part of Palestine from Britain (transfer agreement) as compensation for not attacking Britain (sic!), for Hitler's Germany it would have been an easy task to take over Britain too ...

The zionists who control the FED system, not only control America, but France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, ... more or less the entire western world and of course all "international" western media networks.

After the zionists established Fort Israel in Palestine, a zionist ghetto, U.S. military base and the biggest open air prison in the world to further their agenda of greater Israel by funding another bogey man, this time its ISIS who ethnically cleanses the region ...

Sad but true ...

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