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Smile Health Guide

Health Guide

Man’s health depends on the following four things: the power of his soul, the goodness of his soul, the brightness of his mind and the mildness of his heart. In order one to gain these qualities, he shall have knowledge. Everybody has a soul, a heart and a mind, but not everybody has managed to develop such qualities in himself, which to make him healthy.

Health is related not only to the physical world, but also to the heart and mental ones. It is a result of the function of the higher laws, i.e. the laws of the Rational world. To be healthy means to be in harmony with the Original Reason of things, with your fellow men and with yourself.

Physical health is based exclusively on man’s virtues. One, who is good, does not fall ill. If he begins to doubt good, he begins to fall ill. If one, who is ill, believes in good, he will recover by no means.

One, who wants to be in robust health, has to be connected to God by no means, to have a constant inflow of Divine energy.

You cannot be healthy, if you are not magnetic. When man feels that his nerves are exhausted, this means that he has demagnetized. Then he cannot hold the Divine thoughts, which only pass through him, without leaving anything. What will happen to a plant, if it does not accept the rainy drops and does not use them? You think that one, who is on the Earth, lives. As long as one is on the Earth, he is only tested. When the test is over, he is sent to another place.

Reasons for Diseases

One, who does not know the reason of a disease, he cannot treat it. Each disease has its distant or close reason. By going along the right road of life, man easily solves his tasks, he does not breach the laws of Nature. Each breach or diversion leads to a disease. The diversion may have happened many years ago, but the consequences come today. One, who finds the reason of his disease, recovers easily. If he does not find it, the disease does not leave him.

Diseases are due to breaking of the Divine laws. One, who does not obey these laws, various sediments accumulate in his organism, in his stomach – various acids, and he gets ill.

Nature loves those, who follow its laws. It raises them, gives them life in abundance. One, who does not follow its laws – it considers him not fit to use its goods and deprives him from all civil rights of its kingdom. Such a man is exposed to lots of diseases and misfortunes.

You may treat yourselves, if you correct your sins. Your sins have created your diseases.
How is it explained that the reasons for diseases are spiritual? The negative or destructive thoughts or feelings initially are in the invisible bodies of man: astral, mental, etc. After that, they, with their vibrations, come down into the ether body, and from the ether body – into the physical one. When they come down to the physical body, they attack those organs, through their vibration, to which they are related in accordance with the character of their vibrations. They may attack the kidneys, the liver, the heart, and the lungs and destroy them or make them prone to diseases. And then, because of the smallest external reason, the organism gets ill.

Remember: each disease is a result from a committed crime in the past or presently. Not knowing that, doctors think that they can cope with the diseases. Till when will this continue? Till people come to the understanding to look for the reasons for the diseases in themselves and when they find them, to eliminate them.

There are two reasons for being ill: either you do not love, or you are not loved.
All diseases are due to sins and crimes. In order the doctor to be able to treat the ill person, he shall go deep in the reason of diseases. Nature sends diseases as a way of correcting the crimes.

Some people are scared of the law of inheritance, but this law is a blessing, because in this way, one sin, which is handed down to the fourth generation, is eliminated. One good thought is handed down to many generations, which means that the good is stronger than the evil. If you do not do another crime during that time, thousands of years you will benefit of one good deed. If you make a mistake and you do not correct it, your fortune will follow you from four to ten generations.

Sometimes when the father is a genius, the son is not. Fathers are weak in handing down their geniality to their children.

Mothers may hand down more things to their sons than their fathers.
Geniality is handed down by female line, by the line of feelings.
The reasons for diseases is hidden in the astral world, and the consequences manifest in the physical one. That is why people complaint of pains in the head, heart, lungs, stomach, etc. One, who wants to treat himself, first he shall find the reason for his illness in the astral world. When he eliminates the reason, the disease will leave him.
There are organic diseases, which hide their origin in man’s distant past. When a disease embeds in the astral body, it gradually goes into the mind, and from there – to the physical body. In order man to recover, this disease shall go away from his mind. One bitter feeling or one inconsistent thought causes physical diseases. When the reason is removed, the disease disappears.

Many diseases are due to disorders in feelings. Many diseases are due to disorders in the mind. When the diseases are due to mental disorders, they affect the muscular system and the lungs. When the disorders are mainly of sensual character, they affect the heart, the liver, the respiratory system and the blood vessels.

Diseases and painful states are due to a lack of music and harmony in man.
If you have a headache, the reason is in the stomach. If you have a stomachache, the reason is in the head. Diseases come after the law of reflection.

There is one internal thread in Nature, which passes the good and evil features of the whole Life. This law exists in each man, too. If you have a look at somebody, you will see that he is entangled in threads of the darkness and of the light. When one of the dark threads passes round him, he will be in bad state. If one of the light threads comes by him, he will be in good state.

The mixing of the dark threads with the light ones constantly creates the good and bad states. The threads of the light shall surmount the ones of the darkness. The nice, bright, noble, and moral feelings are creations of the threads of the light.

There are invisible creatures, in the interest of which is they to excite the energies in man, in order to benefit from him. When one is angry, they use that energy and make him powerless. I watch how these creatures come. They come in groups, sit round the man and begin to impose on him negative thoughts till they predispose him. When they achieve their aim, they go away and watch what he will do.

Behind each disease, creatures of different level of development are hidden: strong or weak, good or bad. Most of them are bad, with low culture. This is not a scientific explanation for diseases, but a delusion for many people. In spite of this, I say: behind each disease, creatures, which have dropped behind in their spiritual development, are hidden.

When the parents quarrel, children become ailing. Where there is love between the parents, children are healthy.

If you make a mistake, you will feel a pain either in the stomach, in the heart, in the lungs, or in the legs, or in the elbow, or in the intestines, or in the toes, or in the backbone, or in the liver – the localization of the diseases in the various places show what kind of a mistake you have made. Nature has a particular medicine.

If you have laughed at somebody’s illness, that illness will surely visit you. Find the person at whom you have laughed and apologize him. When you apologize and prove that you understand the situation of the ones, who suffer, the illness will leave you.

When somebody hates you, he sends, through his eyes, fiery waves towards you and if your nervous system is upset, something bad may reach you. Some people curse and their words are so strong that their curses may happen and the said words may hit.
Many of your states and diseases are somebody else’s, adopted by you through suggestion. You have seen somebody with a broken leg, you have experienced his state and after a while the same place is painful for you. As the pain has come after a suggestion, it has to go away in the same way.

The Earth, as a living creature, has its own horoscope, its own path, along which it walks. Its path now is not as smooth as it used to be earlier. Sometimes the Earth passes through certain perturbations. People often are infected with these influences of the Earth and the various epidemic diseases occur in this way. Thousands and millions of people die from these diseases.

A doctor comes, hurries through the patient, feels his pulse, writes down a recipe and goes out. One is not treated in this way. There are diseases, which result from discouragement, overwork, cold. The reason may be the back part of the brain. Some diseases may result from the destructive abilities, others – from too much or random eating. Some diseases may be also a result from mixing of heterogeneous food, others – from a split between the mind and heart; third ones – from breaking of the law of love and thousands of reasons more may be listed. If the law of faith is broken, the nervous system upsets. If there is a split between the sympathetic nervous system and the brain nervous system, disorder is again caused. If one gets discouraged, if he loses hope, disagreement appears between the muscles and the bones. More blood comes to some places, and more energy gathers at others. Some diseases are due to the reason that man has come into clash with people or into clash with himself. So, it is not easy at all to be a real doctor, and not only a doctor with a label or a company.

The reason for the rheumatism is not the moisture in the room. If the moisture was the reason for the rheumatism, how you are going to explain the illness of somebody, who lives in a hygienic, comfortable environment, where there is no moisture? All diseases in the world are results from the breach of God’s law.

The reason of each disease shall be looked for far away. If we live after a Divine way, a day will come, when our bodies will be right away cleaned of all kinds of dregs, which cause diseases today. Some physicists consider that if electricity of 10 - 20 thousand of volts or 100 000 volts is applied to the human organism, it would renovate in a very short time.

If you retain a Divine desire in yourself, you consciously block yourself, as a result of which you expose yourselves to lots of diseases. All diseases are results of exactly that blocking, caused by non-fulfillment of the Divine desires, which make you do good.
People get ill only because they break their connection with the Divine world, as a result of which they deprive themselves of the energies of that world.

There is satiety in the material world, in the spiritual one and in the Divine one. The world is full of surfeited people. All diseases originate from the satiety.

While one obeys God’s laws, each cell in his organism is subject to renovation. When he stops obeying these laws, his cells begin to destroy gradually. Each negative thought, each negative feeling causes specific shocks, specific explosions in the cells of the human organism. These shocks affect painfully his organism. The reason for all diseases is hidden in the human wicked and negative thought.

Human thoughts penetrate in the intermolecular space of the brain nervous system, and the feelings – into the interatomic space of the sympathetic nervous system. This is exactly the difference between the human thoughts and feelings. If one blocks a thought of his, i.e. if he does not allow it to implement, it will cause an explosion in the brain nervous system. And if he blocks a feeling of his, it will cause an explosion in the sympathetic nervous system.

Many people complain of the intense sun and say that it affects their organs badly. The reason for that is not the Sun, but their thoughts and feelings. Bad thoughts and feelings form a dark zone round the Sun, which refracts the solar beams so that it retains a big part of them – the so called black light of the Sun. These black beams are the reason for lots of diseases, as well as for the blackening of the people. It may be concluded from here that the origin of all diseases is hidden in a specific internal refraction of the solar light. Light, which refracts in a descending order, always produces painful states in the human organism.

Never stay in the shadow of a tree or in the shadow of somebody else. This is a rule, which may be tried by everybody. Many diseases are due to shadows. Each beam, which has reached a man, is evaporated by his organism and after that it comes out again in the form of a dead light. In the shadow of the flower, of the tree or in the shadow of the house, there is still light under the effect of the direct solar beams, and not of the indirect, i.e. the beams of the shadow. Never stay in shadow. Nothing grows in it.
Man cannot keep a certain idea in his mind without it to produce a certain physiological effect on his brain and his nervous system. Knowing the power of the thoughts, of the feelings and of your deeds, you shall be careful about them. One thought, one feeling, one word may cause in the brain and heart of somebody such a tension that it can cripple him.

There is no a stronger poison than the negative thoughts, feelings and states of somebody. Fear, hatred, doubt, suspicion are such poisons. They are dregs, which accumulate in blood and poison it. May man be healthy at such states?

Disharmonious thoughts upset the brain nervous system; disharmonious feelings upset the sympathetic nervous system, and the disharmonious deeds upset the muscle and bone systems. The physical and psychic lives are closely connected.

Our unclean thoughts and desires sometimes leave dregs in our consciousness, as a result of which lots of painful states occur. These dregs accumulate on the spiritual body of man and produce internal perturbations.

Some diseases are nothing else, but a result from spells from the past. For each mischief, wickedness or injustice, done to somebody, man perceives his dissatisfaction and spell, which introduces disharmony in his organism and predisposition to diseases. The wishes of people to their fellows, not matter good or bad, reach them finally. Human thoughts are powerful.

The way the cart shakes somebody, in the same way the vibrations of rude words, of negative thoughts and feelings cause shaking to the nervous system.

It is awful for somebody to keep bad thoughts about somebody else in his mind. Mendacious thoughts accumulate on the consciousness of man as dregs and cause him lots of troubles and sufferings. Negative thoughts make man nervous and indisposed. In order to get rid of bad and negative thoughts, one shall work on his self-education.
While thinking, man knows the place of each word and never smears his language. As long as his language is clean, his body will be healthy. If he introduces one unclean word in his language, he smears his thinking. As long as his thinking is smeared, he introduces poison in his organism and after a while he gets ill.

Each bad word affects badly the liver. Hygiene forbids man to use negative and disharmonious words. As long as one goes against the hygiene, he upsets his liver. As long as the liver is upset, the nervous system upsets, too, as well as the digestion. In general, bad words affect health badly. If you want to be healthy, use good, positive words.

Warmth and light, which are formed by the human feelings and thoughts, affect the organism either favorably or destructively. This depends on their vibrations. The higher and more their vibrations are, the more favorable their effect on the human organism is.
Each unpleasant thought is nothing else, but a wandering soul, which has made a sin on the Earth, was not able to finish its development and now it cannot find a place for itself. Sing a song, have a talk. All sad thoughts, which attack you, are suffering souls, which stay tied between the physical and astral worlds and cannot develop.

Man shall think only 50% for himself (this shall be the maximum) and 50% about his fellows, if he wants to fulfill God’s law. One shall not be negligent of himself, but he cannot neglect his fellows either. As a result of this diseases occur.

When one’s brain activity increases, the activity of the physical body decreases. This is the reason for the big number of nervous people at the present. The larger the brain activity is, the weaker man is. In order his nervous system not to get exhausted, part of his mental powers shall be poured into the heart. The powers of the organism are a result from the sum of the powers of the mind and of the heart.

If you look for the reason of the illness of the ears and of the eyes, you will find it in the back part of the brain. When the functions of the back part of the brain does not happen in the right way, man suffers of pain in the ears and in the eyes. When the temporal part of the brain does not function correctly, man complains of pains in the mouth. Knowing that the brain is the reason for lots of diseases, keep it in good shape. When we are talking of good shape of the brain, we have in mind the thoughts, which pass through it. That is why we shall hold the thoughts responsible for the state of health of the brain, and for the state of health of the heart – the feelings. Each thought brings either good or poison to man. The same concerns man’s feelings and desires. In addition, there are thoughts, which show their effect on the organism right away, and others – after a while.
I say: introduce into the mind of even the strongest man two controversial thoughts and he will by no means go out of his mind. They cause enormous shaking of the nervous system, disturbance of the internal harmony, or, said in an occult language, going of the human doppelganger out of the body. Another creature takes its place. One, who understands the laws, may turn back the doppelganger and restore the normal state of the man.

Two reasons may cause weakening of the eyes: worries and incorrect thoughts. If they can be overcome, the eyesight will improve. God has not created man with glasses.
The reason for weakening of the eyesight is that today’s people have no deep philosophical thinking like the first people – the people of the ancient wisdom. Today people live without knowing why they live. They are embarrassed. They do not know what the day of tomorrow will bring them. What are you going to answer to the question: “Why do you live?” We live in order to improve ourselves. We live for God. If they put you to an exam, will you pass it? When one lives for an idea, he is ready for all sacrifices. That is why the idea, because of which one is ready for all sacrifices, shall deserve that.

Man’s eyes serve his mind. While his mind functions normally, his eyes will be in good shape. If his mind begins to weaken, one’s physical strength begins gradually to weaken. Man, in whom charity works, has always healthy eyes and ears.

Why does one become blind? It is because he has not lived in accordance with the laws of the rational nature. When one worries too much, the anxiety produces concussion first to his stomach system. The concussion is transferred to the lungs from there, from the lungs – to the brain, and from the brain – to the optic nerve. When the optic nerve weakens, man begins gradually to lose his eyesight. In order to restore his eyesight, one shall start to restore the normal state of his organs in a reverse order: first of the brain, then – of the lungs and finally – of the stomach, from where the concussion has originated. After that he has to find the reason for the concussion and eliminate it.
According to the occultism, all blind people, all disabled people, whom we meet today on the Earth, are all students, who have not passed their examinations, as a result of which they have left the school.

That neurasthenia, which exists all over Europe, is a loosening of the white race. All minds are full only of thoughts about houses, money, conveniences. Material goods have replaced the clean thoughts and clean desires, which give powers to man.

If one, who is pious, worries, he will lose his health. If a sinner does not worry and keeps his internal peace, he will always be healthy. God has given brain to man to think and not to worry.

It is noticed that good thoughts and feelings have a favorable effect on the digestive system, and bad ones – unfavorable. Voracity and the enormous man’s desire for pleasure upset his stomach system. When the stomach does not work, one’s brain system upsets, too. If you meet somebody with a dry face, yellow and indisposed to work, you shall know that his stomach system is not in good shape. He cannot work. He takes a gloomy view of everything. He has no faith in life.

Headache is due to breaking of the laws of the right thought. Correct your thinking and the headache will disappear.

Irritability and nervousness are due to an excessive brain energy, which accumulates in the nose. The excessive brain energy upsets the nervous system, hence, do not overwork your mind by useless worries and little things.

You ask: what is the reason for the misfortunes in our lives? One of the important reasons for that is the promiscuous killing of mammals, of people. When the souls of the killed go to the astral world, they introduce conditions for nerve diseases and disorders amongst people. The killed criminal moves freely amongst weak-willed people and suggest them feelings for revenge.

Certain diseases, bad thoughts and desires, which manifest in you, are causes by some mammals. In order you to get rid of these sufferings, you shall mild your attitude towards the animals. Often the hatred of a dog may have the same effect as the hatred of a man. Do not think that the thoughts of the animals are too weak. No, they are very dangerous for the world.

Good man has healthy legs; impartial man has healthy arms; wise man has healthy ears; and one, who loves the truth, has healthy eyes. If one loves God, his mind will be also well developed.

When one loses and abandons one of his virtues, he simultaneously loses that organ, which serves this virtue. And when he sinks in the sphere of the sin, man gradually begins to atrophy: the legs, the arms and the rest organs.

Today people suffer of various diseases and by not knowing the reason for their manifestation, they cannot heal themselves. The reasons for the diseases are psychic. For example, the reason for a tumor hides in the perversion of the manifestations of love. If avidity occurs in someone, this shows that a certain number of cells in the organism differentiate, want to live separately, to disobey the common order in the organism. In this way, they create their own lodging and form a new country with free government. They work in this way for days, months, years, while the doctor does not come with his artillery against these disobedient citizens and begins to bomb them. Sometimes he succeeds in making them go outside, and sometimes complications occur, which direct man to the other world. However, there is another way for treatment – through grafting. In the way it is done with fruit trees, grafting may be also done in man’s organism, in order saps to be made go upwards. When the energies in the living organism stop, at the place, where this happens, a certain bump appears, which doctors call a tumor. Hence, one, who understands the laws of grafting, he will be able in one or another way to direct the energies in the organism to flow through the bump, too. When they begin to flow through it, it disappears completely. If the new cells manage to take the saps of the cells, which form the tumor, it will not have conditions for development and it will completely disappear.

If you all serve love, there will not be ill people. If you have rheumatism, you love is not enough. Each disease is due to an internal insufficiency or to lack of light, or to lack of goodness, or to lack of power.
Human love shall be always cleaned. Otherwise it introduces dirt in the organism. It is a reason for the unclean blood in the organism. To purify human love means to replace it by the Divine one.

You cannot love and be ill. These are two incompatible things. As long as you love, your face cannot be dark, your eyes cannot be blurred. Love bears life.

Phosphorous decreases in the brain, because love has decreased. All elements, which exist at the physical field, are submitted to love, as well as to those elements, of which the spiritual and mental worlds are formed.

When hope in man decreases, diseases come. When faith decreases – other diseases come. When Love decreases, the worst diseases come. When you increase them, the diseases will go away.

People get ill, because they have broken the law of truth. One, who wants to correct his life and restore his health, he has to come to love the truth.

Pride is the reason for many diseases. All diseases are healed through humility. Man gets free of painful states through humility.

Each physical defect is due to spiritual reasons. If you hate someone, your chests will suffer, a disease will occur there. If you feel envious, your heart will suffer. From envy, jealousy, doubt, suspicion, the liver will suffer. If you indulge yourselves too much in eating, your stomach will get ill. If you get angry, constipation will begin. If you promise and do not fulfill, headache comes. When you find the reason for the illness, balance will be restored, harmony will be established.

When you have a headache, you shall strive to correct your attitude to the Divine world. If you have a chestache, you shall correct your attitude to the spiritual world. If you have a stomachache, you shall correct your attitude to the physical world. Each man’s disease has its deep reasons, it is not random. Contemporary science and medicine do not look for the internal reasons of things. They consider all phenomena in Nature and life in their internal material side. What is the reason for the stitches at certain parts of the body? They are due to shrinking of the capillaries. It is known that the capillaries serve for the circulation. They bring love to all parts of the body. When the capillaries in the zone of the chest shrink, the electricity in the organism, which bears light, cannot function properly along the entire organism, as a result of which in certain zones more of it accumulates, like the water vapor in a steam-boiler, and causes stitches. Often the atmospheric electricity connects to the electricity of the human organism and a small explosion happens, which is felt as pain by man. What shall you do in order you to get rid of the stitches? Introduce more warmth in your organism. This means to change the state of your feelings and in this way you send more blood to that part of your bodies, in which you feel stitches. When that part gets warm, the stitches go away. Hence, man can cure himself by a strong mind, by strong and positive feelings, as well as by hot water.
Man shall live normally; obey the laws of nature, in order capillaries not to shrink too much. Shrinking causes infection, and from there – various bumps, stitches, fainting-fits, etc. Each bad thought, each bad feeling and bad deed shrinks the capillaries and stops the flows of electricity and magnetism in human organism. Their rhythms change. Disharmony establishes and man gets ill.

People are a system of interconnected vessels, according to which if one gets ill or suffers, thousands of people get ill or suffer together with him.

Nature uses symbols and imprints. There is no a crime or good, which is done by somebody and which is not imprinted by nature on his body. It marks all crimes and all virtues.

Each disease is due to a spiritual reason. The incorrect relations between close people – a mother and children, brothers and sisters, a man and a woman – cause various diseases. When they correct their relations, the disease disappears.

If there is disagreement between a man and a woman in one home, children will by no means be often ill. Children are healthy and well educated, when the mother and the father live in harmony.

Some women do not have children, because they did not have to marry or have married too early.

If a son comes into a clash with his father and his father’s mind is stronger than his, the son will go away quicker than the father. If you hate your mother, she will go away sooner. If your mother hates you, you will not live long. You shall love your mother, father, brother, and sister from a healthy point of view, because if you provoke them through your hatred, their thoughts toward you will destroy you. It is possible, when you hate and when you are hated, to fence yourselves constantly by prayers and formulas.
In that case, it is better to use the law of Love and when it is recommended to love your fellow, it is for people to be healthy. If everybody loves each other in a family, diseases do not come in such a home. And if they come, they go away quickly.

If we break our connections with the animals, our stomach system will upset right away, and as a result of this our state of health will change. Do not get rid of the animal in yourselves – the animals maintain the stomach system. You shall be sensible and create right relations with the animals. There are three worlds (animal, human and angelic), which are in a certain internal ratio, in a certain dependence. Hence, the stomach shall be in harmony with the lungs, and the lungs – with the brain. The sense is not in getting rid of the animal, but to regulate it, educate it, submit the lower desires and feelings to the higher ones.

The reason for all ulcers in the stomach is always the lie. The lie changes the chemical composition of the blood and of the tissues of the organism. How is this change in the organism explained? By fear. When one lies, he begins to fear and this lie causes shrinking of the blood vessels, as well as of the tissues.

Each surfeit in the physical, spiritual or mental world leads to satiation. Satiation is the reason for lots of painful states. It is said that man shall work more, but not too much. It is not allowed satiation in work, too. Man shall work until it is pleasant to him. Real work is the one, which organizes one’s powers.

There is a state, which you do not realize, and it is the fact that you only take. You want only good, and you give nothing. In that case, evil is as a process of depriving you of what you take.

You shall give, in order to clean yourself.

You shall give, in order to rejuvenate.

You shall give, in order to grow. You shall give, in order to be healthy.

One, who loves, gives. God always gives.

The Divine law means constant giving.

Why do people become mad? When people are close, a clash happens between them. When they clash, their doppelgangers may entangle, because of which one of them may lose his mind.

All, who lead vicious lives, get mad. Getting mad is allowable for a disturbed nervous system, for a vicious way of life. You shall know this. But, for a man, who has leaded a clean life, getting mad is absolutely impossible.

The reason for getting mad of contemporary people is hidden in their past existences. Today they come upon a case for getting mad, but the actual reason is hidden in them.
Sufferings, which contemporary people experience, are due to their gluttony. Sufferings show that each man has taken more of the goods than he needs.

The neck shall not be full, because there are glands in it, which fulfill various functions and it shall not be fat, in order these glands to execute the work properly.

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