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Old 07-24-2006, 05:27 AM
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Default Rule of the sea? Women and children first???

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> >.................
> >
> >----- Original Message -----
> >From: "Charity Sweet" <charitysweet@hotmail.co.uk>
> >To: <mghansel@fathers.ca>
> >Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 4:52 AM
> >Subject: Charity sweet from england...
> >
> >
> > >
> > > Today i went back to it to quote about the cabinet ministers and whoop
> >whoop
> > > whoop... where did you go and why am I banned?
> > >
> > > My name is charity sweet and I do not have a phone number due to threats
> >I
> > > am a mother of three who is fighting the paedophiles who are running
> >this
> > > world into the ground.
> > >
> > > I would rather die trying to change things than lay down and die for
> >them
> > > bastards.
> > >
> > > Charity Sweet
> > > XXX
> > >
> > > I have attached a letter I will be putting up later on today...
> > > All my love

> >From: "mghansel" <mghansel@fathers.ca>

> >Reply-To: "mghansel" <mghansel@fathers.ca>
> >To: "Charity Sweet" charitysweet@hotmail.co.uk>
> >Subject: Re: Charity sweet from england...
> >Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 16:03:46 -0700
> >
> >Hello;
> >
> >I hear what your saying, and it getting bad here also in Canada.
> >We now have a police state mentality and CSIS wanting to cut off arms of
> >protesters, who were also threatened.
> >
> >I don't know why you couldn't read the web... We have not done anything to
> >stop people in the UK from reading the website.
> >That's really strange, that you would get the 403 webpage, as the only IP's
> >banned are government snoops using proxies, government IP's and certain
> >company's like AOL, and a couple others who give out the customers'
> >information to the government.......
> >
> >I'll have to talk to our technicians' to see what is going on or if their
> >was a security breach and run your IP service!....
> >Which cabinet ministers did you wish to quote....If I had there names, I
> >could sent you the material in E-mail, if that ok with you.
> >thank you

Original Message -----
From: "Charity Sweet" <charitysweet@hotmail.co.uk>
To: <mghansel@fathers.ca>
Cc: <rikkiindymedia@googlemail.com>; <henry@savethemales.ca>; <abuse@thisislondon.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 4:51 AM
Subject: Re: Charity sweet from england...

> Most interesting to hear from you.
> I am at Dot Cafe in Rochester when I always send my assalt letters to the
> British government. The Nova Scotia assholes already chased me out of town.
> I guess the fun are games are starting here now.
> Please google socpa charity sweet and that's me - from google uk or any
> search engine linked to the UK.
> The cafe I am at has 7 computers set up on a network and the owners son
> explained to me that they have an external IP address.
> I always sit at station 7 to prove my point and they did just that.
> Every computer in this place cannot access your site. My access is being
> filtered and fucked basically, to be blunt. Caught up in the ISP wars, I
> apparently am.
> Curiously, the same lad told me that they have been having problems with
> station 7 all week.
> I am forcing these issues into the media over here and I would appreciate
> any information that the good men there would like sang out to the world
> about the Canadian bastards who are running your fine homeland into the
> ground.
> My folks immigrated to nutty N.S. as Newlyweds and I bailed out of the
> corruption at 16.
> My dad was masonic and bought off a judge for a triple murder.
> Unfortunately, we, you and me, my friend, are on the same page.
> Please send any documents you can that need to be highlighted in the poress
> over here. I will do everything I can, to help you back home.
> I still love Canada and I love England too. WE need to unite our nations
> against this evil, yes?
> 'you can only but ask'
> Charity Sweet

From : mghansel <mghansel@fathers.ca>
Reply-To : "mghansel" <mghansel@fathers.ca>
Sent : 13 July 2006 02:49:19
To : "Charity Sweet" <charitysweet@hotmail.co.uk>
Subject : Re: Charity sweet from england...

| Inbox


Ok, I now know you are,, sorry it didn't register, right away.
I did put up your story on the website about you protesting this nutty Uk government red zone law. It seems these scum police state thugs, like threatening people to remove their children from them, and when I say your video, I blew a gasket and wanted to punch that cop in the head. This law in the UK is really something alright, stopping people from protesting and speaking out, ("using your god given freedom of speech.")

What people in Canada don't get is that the federal government here did put out a hit list and named people and their originations in Canada who should be monitored, criminal charged, and jailed using the terrorist act. I contacted everyone on the list, and only one person who I know personally who was on the list is suing the government and so far he has won the first part... I believe the government of Canada will offer a settlement on this civil case before the courts.

Yes you are caught up in the Government(s) ISP wars were having with them right now, world wide. There a great data base that the government(s) are using, so they can be collecting names and information on people....You most likely already know the state has given billions for setting up camps in Canada, USA, for those people who don't fit into their up Utopia one world government.

The service you are using is listed on a government IP highway, not that you or the service you are using is connected to the government, but never-less is caught in the middle. We do apologize that you can't access the web, but if the government wants people names they can piss off because we are not supplying them anything. We also caught the same UK metropolitan police department that harassed you, also snooping around, so we banned them too....

One of the big issues that effect Canada is this North American Union, that the mainstream press doesn't want to talk about
just to give you an example


CANADA: "What's it's Becoming"
Mark Harrison from the CBC response on The North America Union
But the time table has moved from 2010 to 2007 now and Harper has seen to that!
Listen to the MP3 audio
- Transcribe -

(voice of) Mark Harrison, award winning Senior Producer of CBC:

MH: Hi there, itís Mark Harrison from the CBC calling; you'd sent a note asking for a call back about why we are not doing anything on the North American Union and the NAFTA Highway. Ummm. Several years ago there was a big push to a, sort of a broader union, and it died on the, sort of on the soles of national self-interest. And I dont imagine we'll be doing more on this one until there is an indication that this will be moving forward. Ummm... and that... doesn't.... seem apparent at the moment but if there is any indication that it is moving forward and anything towards a One World Government under the United Nations we'll certainly be doing something on it but... ahhhh... we are not there yet in our opinion... ahh hh... thanks for the call. Take care. Bye now.
Lou Dobbs on the North American Union
You Tube | July 3 2006
CNN Show Host Lou Dobbs brings us a segment on the Bush administration's traitorous set-up of the North American Union. - july2006/030706loudobbs.htm
Bush Administration Fast-Tracks Formation of North American Union
Jerome R. Corsi | July 12 2006

Hello again,

I am requesting your permission to post portions of our email conversation up on the net as it makes for interesting readers to the UK audience - rather strikes a familiar chord with how England is being sacrificed to the EU and ultimately, the UN.

Is is a joke that on the night before Tony the Toad told the papers he was going Catholic and wanted to the lead the UN when he stood down from number 10... I was cautioned as a terrorist for singing a few hymns, an English standard - Monty Python 'Always look on the bright side of life' and 'You are my Sunshine'????

please email back as soon as

I am here at the Dot Cafe in Rochester. I have resorted to riding my bike everywhere now. They can get on their bikes too! I have sent a copy of this email to a mate of mine for obvious reasons. Please take no offence.

Also, could you please mail me the cabinet members involved in that scandal I briefly viewed from your site. I would like all thier names and specifically the ones who hail from the Maritimes as I believe their will be a PREVALENCE OF NONSES FROM THAT REGION IN POSITIONS OF POWER ABUSING THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN. Thank you in advance.

I read and understood completely that Canada is just a pot of frogs on a slow boil, like England, with both our idiot politicians slowly raising the boil on both our nation's national sovereignty. I understand all too well how they sneak through their agenda under the guise of 'freedom' and 'protection' and now 'transportation'. Section 132 - 137 of the socpa act.. enacted by section 138 - in complete contravention to the Human rights Act Section 10 and 11. Section 19 comes into play as well, I believe. (according to a briefing set before the House of Lords/shmucks by JUSTICE: a legal bunch of bods)

Tony is making an ass of the law and the English 'froggies' think I am a terrorist for singing out the truth??? Tony the toad is creating the opportunity (classic hegelian dialect) to create his own British Human Rights (England anyone?) or perhaps for the UN and his so-called reserved seat at the UN (fat %$^&ing chance mate!)

It's funny how his witchy Mrs. is cashing in on Human wrongs/rights being the legal sow she is, while her hubby is bombing the babies and creating the future refugees needing her brand of human wrongs/rights legal 'advice'. Don't vote for a war monger? (Best advice I can give.)

RACHAEL CORY ring any bells folks?

The British Navy has been sent to rescue who?

For the Love of God who will rescue the Lebanese children?
For the Love of Christ, do the Palestinain children mean nothing/ are nothing? Has the world gone &^$£ing insane?

I thought the rule of the sea was women and children first?

Not tourists and employees!

Sick bastards is all I have to say! The water is getting mighty hot over here mate. And still, I could be over there...

Charity Sweet

anticopyright acknowledging the terrorified children of Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon and wherever our bomb makers sell and kill our children - may God forgive us...

(Curiously, I havenít had any response as of yetÖ)

[size=medium]Freelance brain owner[/size] R U Darwin\'s monkey?[size=medium] HumanKIND = God\'s creation[/size]
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