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Old 02-25-2014, 01:25 AM
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Default VIDEO: Obama Assassination, Similar innuendo turned up before JFK was murdered in '63

Conrad the Constitution S2 Ep8 - Obama Assassination

In 1963 Jew arms manufacturers wanted profits from the Vietnam War, now they intend to start a race war that will engulf the entire planet - Head 'em off at the pass Obama, order the FBI to properly investigate 911!

Joe Biden appears grim faced standing behind Barak Obama, his eyes are focused not on the cue board but upon the President's cranium.
The plot to kill John Kennedy included all of the Secret Service, and all of the White House Press Corps.

Just days after September 11, 2001, Joe Biden met with Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad, who gave Omar Saeed Sheikh $100,000 the so called "smoking gun," to wire to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta. That makes him a 911 plotter, O should order the FBI to carry out a complete investigation of 911.

Where after Biden and the group of traitors who sponsored his rise, should be brought into custody themselves! In other words "take it up to them" Barak Obama .. before their plans to have you suffer the same fate as JFK comes to fruition! It means Michael Chertoff and most Israelis in the United States, must be brought to arrest and fair trial as capital felons in the matter of the 911 attacks!
Others could say Obama has his own problems that rule out the FBI synopsis..

Insofar as he could similarly be placed under arrest then brought to trial on capital charges, for turning from evidence linking Biden to the outrage of 911 in the first place! That is before we get to the allegations surrounding his alleged involvement, in the killings of his alleged butt buddies Nate Spencer and Donald Young.

And war crimes including drone attacks and "extra judicial killings," carried out under the auspices of the vastly unjust War on Terror. For turning from evidence the 911 attacks which were the impetus for the same WoT, were an inside job, that his former Chicago mentor Rahm Emmanuel is up to his armpits in it all!

Which is what the Jews who selected him had in mind, when they raised him from bath bandit in a Chicago men's club, to high office via the Illinois State legislature and the US Senate.
"There is nothing "satirical" about inciting the assassination of the President of the United States .."

It is more of the same innuendo we get to hear every single day, President K's assassination was preceded by a massive propaganda campaign, re "we won't let him lose Vietnam like he lost Cuba!"

Never mentioning the great champions of the alleged Cuban Revolution, Che Guevara and the Castro brothers Raol and Fidel were tools of Zion, that the entire CIA meddling program was a giant False Flag. That the Vietnam War which was set in motion following President Kennedy's murder was as well.

That the same Jews who financed the sham Cuban Revolution, who had been running the country for long years prior, who had sponsored the regimes that were subsequently displaced by Castro's band, owned the weapons factories which made trillions from Vietnam.

Understand this .. the same sh*t that is underway in the Ukraine is going on in the US, what with poisonings, imprisonments, and false revolution, all of which has been choreographed years in advance, as were the 911 attacks and the subsequent War on Terror.

Say FBI .. Eff Bee Iii .. only the Federal Bureau of Investigation can put matters to rights..That body must arrest the Jews who perpetrated 911, who are sponsoring the Ukraine madness. As well as wrap up the Kennedy assassination conspiracy, and put the perpetrators of that offense behind bars. It is a big job one man only is in the right position to get it done, rise Barak Obama!

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