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Old 12-22-2016, 05:40 AM
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Default Faeries - Underworld of the NWO

I know a group of NWO operatives that call themselves "Faeries".

These faeries are human, and each country calls them different names, but the basic story is the same: they claim to be of "superior DNA" to "regular bred humans".

Their organisational structure is hierachical, and the highest level of their ranks is exclusively for ex-military personnel and their families.
They are the ones that organise and carry out the brainwashing activities of the "elite" using MK-Ultra. They have people in every military and underworld organisation from the army to the mafia.

These guys are the original "Men in Black". They have agents in every country across the world (as seen in the russian movie 'Men in Black').
At their gatherings they openly refer to themselves as 'The Illuminati", the 'Anunnaki', and engage in many pagan and satanic rituals.

They use a lot of different skills, some metaphysical, most highly advanced psychological. To anyone who didn't know how they do this you'd be forgiven for thinking they had "magical" powers; and are very dangerous.

They also have a lot of skills such as using Kundalini energy, and if they tell you to do something they use such a strong power of Will you can't help but refuse (unless you have a very strong Will of your own).

They also engage in other metaphysical and spiritual activities, that if they were mentioned here would be disregarded as unbelievable. I haven't even scratched the surface here.

Does anyone else know of the group to which I'm referring?

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