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Old 04-13-2006, 06:31 PM
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The Master would go for a walk almost every morning accompanied by friends. No matter what the weather would be, he would not miss going out. He loved to be in the open, walking in the sun. He moved quickly and with ease. His attention was vigilant for every thrill of the beauty around. Sometimes, during such morning outings, questions would arise and the Master would shed light on them. On one such outing, the question about evolution and involution was raised. The Master answered thus:

"Involution is the turning away from God, and evolution is the returning to God. Involution is leaving home and going to work. Evolution refers to returning home from work with the experience one has acquired. Moving down means moving into darkness; climbing up is rising towards the light.

"The story of the fall of man into error is one of the great mysteries of life. This story symbolically touches upon the question of involution. It concerns the time when man was with God and dwelled among the Angels. He alone wanted to come down to earth to learn.

"People descended to earth to study and when they had come to 'the pigs and the carobs' - to the unfavorable constraining conditions -

they began to think about their Father, about God. God knows what man is like, and for this reason, He did not give him immortality and allows all people who do not fulfill His Will to age. When He sent man to earth, God began to take away from him that which he possessed. This is the consequence of the involutionary process.

"For as long as you were outside of the material world, you were idealists: you strived towards God and desired to sacrifice, to share everything. Yet when you descended into the material world, you forgot everything. In the process of descending, you lost something. You must return to that state in which you were at the Beginning.

"Since ancient times, many beings have lost their primeval sublime Life. The boundless Love of God seeks to reach them so that He can bestow the Life and Light upon them which they have lost. Love wants to awaken all those who have fallen asleep and bring back to life all of the 'dead'. History keeps silent about the reason why these beings have lost their sublime Life. They have experienced a disaster. Their life is a great tragedy. There exist many legends about the reasons for this tragedy. The whole of humankind has lived through this tragedy.

"A new Epoch is now coming in which the Divine World wants to show man the way in which he can return to his primeval Life and find solid positive ground. At present, most people live in life's illusions.

"In the involutionary process - that is, in the process of descending into the material world - the materialized souls have come down through great resistance into the densiest matter of earth. In the process of descending, great energy is generated. This is the hardest path: the path of wisdom. Even though the Teaching of Love - that is to say, the path of Ascension or evolution - has been taught to people, they still walk on the hardest path.

"The Devas or the Angels move along the easiest path: the path of the least resistance. That is to say, the Angels move along the Path of Love and people - along the path of wisdom. Until recently, man was descending. As he begins to ascend, he will meet the Angels and will become acquainted with them.

"At present, we are in a transient time between involution and evolution. Because descent is followed by ascent, at the border between the two epochs - that is, in the transient period - there exists the greatest resistance, the greatest suffering. This is the reason why there are so many delays and obstacles at present. Yet once the evolutionary process begins, the forces will be directed upward. Then obstacles will not exist.

"The methods of the Eastern nations were good at one time, but now they cannot be applied (as they were in the past) because we are at the beginning of the evolutionary process and no longer in that of the involutionary when these methods had been given. The methods which the Hindu philosophy has used are involutionary. Now new evolutionary methods must be given to the Western nations.

"At the boundary between the involutionary and the evolutionary epochs is Christ. His Coming heralds the beginning of the evolutionary Epoch, but the majority of human souls at present continue to descend, that is, they are still on the involutionary path. In this way, they will not accomplish their assignment. Another impulse upward toward the Sun must come.

"Three categories of souls exist: those who are descending are in their involutionary; others who are on the ascent are in their evolutionary period, and a third category of souls who have stopped in one place. They are at the lowest point in their development and have not yet started their ascent.

"If you are on your way up and meet a being who has stopped and you make a connection with him, he will start to take something from you, and therefore you lose. There also exist beings with whom you move at a parallel. Here we come to the question of related souls. You will help these others. You will sacrifice for them, but should not make intimate contact with them.

"Why is it necessary for man to descend and sink into matter? So that he may put on layer after layer, each one denser than the others, to gain experience and after that, start his ascent by acquiring new forms. The final movement will be upwards.

"Those who do not want to connect with God, will be tossed by waves out of the general movement of the Day of the Lord and will need to wait for another period of ascent: that is, they will need to wait for another wave.

"All those who are ascending toward God will enter Heaven, but those from the other period will remain descended outside of God. The door will be closed to them for a while."

Because Christ was mentioned in relation to the beginning of evolution at the start of this discourse, one of the brothers asked the Master to say something about Christ.

The Master said:

"Christ is the Transformer of the Energy which comes to man from God. Without Christ, man could not ascend to God. Why? It has been said that God is an all-consuming Fire.

"To explain this concept, we can use the following analogy. The sun's energy has such powerful vibrations that if it should come directly down to earth, humans would not be able to bear it. This is the reason why several transformers exist between the sun and the earth through which the sun's energy passes. This alone makes solar energy bearable for man."


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