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Old 11-13-2016, 10:16 PM
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Smile Trumpeteers should enlighten demonstrators that true power is based on Unity

Trumpeteers should help President Trump to enlighten misconceived demonstrators that true power is based on Unity & Harmony

"Even while they try to stay healthy and keep ‘in shape’, as they say, people endlessly weaken themselves by dispersing their energy. Yes, they are all experts when it comes to dispersing and dissipating! Everyone has several goals, several ideals, several loves and several creeds, and often these conflict with each other. People don’t realize that such inner division creates ruptures within them which allow dark and impure spirits to slip in and eat away at their energy. That they become exhausted and drained is no surprise, since this continues until they learn to concentrate on one idea, one goal, one ideal. True health and force exist only in unity, when we succeed in concentrating all our conscious and subconscious forces in the service of a divine ideal."

"When you ask people in good heath how they are, they simply respond: ‘Fine’, and in fact there is nothing more to be said. But ask the same thing of someone whose health is precarious, and the stories are endless! From head to toe, so many parts of the body can become defective! And this leads to numerous complications with regard to eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing, walking and so on. So we can say that health is one, while illnesses are infinite in number, with new ones appearing all the time as a result of people’s unreasonable lifestyles.

Our organs are designed to work together to maintain the unity we know as health and life. So you see, health is unity, life is unity, whereas illness or death is division, disintegration, dissipation. All our efforts must therefore lead us to unity, for it is here that we will find salvation. "

"Principles, laws and facts: the structure of the universe is summarized in these three words. Facts exist in incalculable number, and they are governed by a lesser number of laws. These laws are themselves governed by a few principles, which are really but one: God himself. The world of facts is the world of multiplicity, of dispersion, while the divine world is the world of unity. Here you have a key of great simplicity which can give you the solution to all problems.
If people complain of feeling as if they live in darkness and chaos, it is quite simply because they have no knowledge of these three worlds, of their structure or how they function. As long as they remain focused on the physical world, on facts and events, they will never manage to see clearly and master their situation. In order to have a clear vision of things, and even to act correctly, they must rise by way of thought to the region of principles where the spirit and light of God reign."

"As individuals, isolated from others, human beings are weak and powerless, because their strength is based on unity and harmony. As often as possible, therefore, think about this universal family you must form despite your differences in character, temperament, degree of evolution, social class, and lifestyle. Put these details aside; they are not important and play no role in the spiritual life. In your hearts, strengthen the conviction that, in spite of your differences, you are all members of this universal brotherhood whose origins are not on earth but in the divine world. No endeavour can bring truly beneficial results unless human beings are conscious of acting not as separate individuals but as members of a collective body, the head of which is on high."

"Do not allow division to take hold within you, this state in which two contradictory thoughts or desires pull you in two directions, leaving you confused and disjointed. To avoid this dislocation you must create unity within yourself.

'Unity' means that all parts of the periphery are harmoniously linked to the centre so that the balance necessary for the manifestation and conservation of life is maintained. Unity is the law of life: atoms, molecules, organs, limbs, individuals, countries... everything, in its own way, must converge towards a centre, and must even cling to it so that it cannot be swept away by adverse currents. In ourselves, we may call that centre God, but it can also be a very high ideal or a vocation. Those who fail to link themselves to the centre by means of their thoughts, feelings, and actions create within themselves a state of division which, even if it is only momentary, leads to disorder, conflict, and separation."

"It is essential that you meditate on the subject of unity. Every day, strive to unify your energies and direct them towards a single goal – the highest one possible – and to maintain this orientation. Let those with physical deficiencies work on unity for the recovery of their health. Let those who seek love or wisdom work to establish unity in their heart or mind, and so on.
We discover the same phenomenon here that we find in an electric power station. Thanks to this power station, an entire region is supplied with energy, and in every house we can simply connect a circuit and everything works: lamps, radiators, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, radio, television, tape recorder and so on. The same thing happens when you create unity in yourself: all your organs receive the current, and your heart begins to love, your mind begins to think and your will begins to act."

"Because human beings have come to consider the forces of evil as invincible adversaries, they are constantly torn in different directions and unable to re-establish the inner unity which gives them the strength and ability to master every situation. You will say: ‘But what can we do? Here we are, caught between the forces of good and evil.'

First of all, realize that you will have this problem to contend with as long as you live on earth. Here is a method for dealing with it: you must learn to respond to the forces of evil, to those entities who want to trap you in their nets, but you must never respond with violence because this only makes them stronger. So when you feel them approaching, in the form of temptation, or negative thoughts or feelings, do not attack them. Tell them you are delighted they have come, welcome them, turn on the lights, lighting all your inner lamps. The visitors will flee because they are ugly, badly dressed, and do not want to be seen. Yes, it is only by means of the light within that you can respond to the spirits of evil. Do not fight them, just carry the light, and thanks to this light you will make steady progress every day along the road to inner unity."

"All kinds of people come and go in the streets of a large town, and because everyone is following their own path, occupied solely with their own affairs, they have no power. But then a man arises from out of this crowd of disparate people and starts to speak: his determination and boldness make the passers-by stop; they draw closer, they listen to him and, in certain cases, are so carried along by the force of his conviction, they are ready to follow him and make his ideas a success. As soon as a leader appears, everyone unites around them, and then what power the crowd takes on!

Well, there you have an image of what happens inside you. All your organs and the cells of your organs behave in a disorderly, incoherent fashion, which is why you don’t succeed in giving meaning to your life; everything is too dispersed, too scattered. Why not decide to introduce yourself to this population living inside you, and talk to your inhabitants, so you can lead them toward the Divinity. ‘Strength in unity’ should be the motto not just for a society or a country but for human beings themselves. You must awaken all the forces present in your consciousness, in your subconscious and all your cells, and bring them together so that the light can triumph."

"True power is based not on force but on unity, on harmony. Never lose sight of this truth. Think of the family you are all to become, despite all that could keep you apart.

All details such as your character, level of evolution, race, religion, social background or profession should be put to one side when you come together. They are only of secondary importance. In any case, they have no part to play in the spiritual life. Simply strengthen in your heart the conviction that despite all your differences you are brothers and sisters coming together to do work – to pray, meditate and sing with the aim of awakening consciousness throughout the earth. Then you will truly be a power for good."

"Creation is an unbroken unity. Although it appears to have boundaries and discontinuities, in fact there are no actual divisions anywhere. The refraction of light by a prism gives us the most remarkable example of this.

A beam of white light represents the 1. When broken up into parts, it becomes 7, the seven colours. Isn’t it extraordinary to see how from this unity, this white light, such diversity is born: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red? What better than light represents this passage from unity to diversity and diversity to unity? And now, look at these colours and try to see where the red ends and the orange begins. Show me where they separate, where the border lies between the two. You won’t find it, because it isn’t there. And the example of light is particularly interesting, since light is the very substance of the universe."

"Everywhere we hear people repeating the adage: 'strength through unity' - and it is true. But this unity is too often understood externally, in the social, political and military domains: people unite to build or to destroy, but it is always an external unity. From now on, people must make an effort to understand unity internally on the spiritual plane. Everywhere on earth people must feel united around one divine idea, united by fraternal love and by the efforts they can make each day through their thoughts, feelings and prayers in order to bring about the kingdom of God. Then, unity does become an extraordinary power. External unity is not bad but incomplete: people associate for a while and then break up their association, each person going back to his own affairs. Whereas unity that is understood internally, the unity that brings true strength, lasts eternally."

"A spiritualist must begin by realising unity within himself: unity in his thoughts, his feelings, and his actions.

There is a story about a mole, an eagle, and a fish who became partners in an effort to transport a heavy load together. But what happened? The eagle flapped its wings to take flight, the fish wanted to dive into the water, and the mole tried to go underground. Obviously, pulled in these different directions, the load remained where it was! Well, this is what happens to the majority of human beings: we might say that within them there is a mole, an eagle, and a fish, all forever pulling in opposite directions. When our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions are harmonised and directed towards a high ideal, when there is no longer any opposition between them, then, and only then, can we consider that we are on the path of true spirituality. "

"Heaven never ceases sending harmonious currents to the earth in an effort to lead human beings toward unity. Those who are ready to receive these currents must wait no longer; they must begin to work. The day they achieve this unity will be the most beautiful moment in human history. What changes there will be when the world becomes one family! All the billions that are being spent uselessly on arms and espionage will be used for everyone's education and wellbeing. At the moment, unfortunately, we still believe these ideas to be unworkable. People say: 'Utopia... so what?' But it is this utopia alone that can save humanity. Human beings can do what they will, they may consider all kinds of solutions, but there is only one: whatever the difficulties, whatever the efforts required, we must work ceaselessly to create unity."

In the realm of politics and economics, unity is almost always a matter of alliances based on selfish interests, somewhat like those of bandits who unite in order to carry out their crimes. Although this is obviously not unity in the true sense of the word, this is how people think of it – as banding together to pounce on others and to oust or even annihilate them. When the citizens of a nation say ‘Let's unite!' and the only goal of their union is to attack their neighbour, they cannot genuinely speak of unity. True unity is meant to be all-encompassing. If an organ in the human body establishes unity in itself but fails to work in harmony with the others, it will perhaps feel fine, but the others will suffer, and its unity will thus be compromised. When we speak of unity, we are referring to a universal, cosmic unity which excludes nothing and no-one. But this unity must first of all be established within ourselves: all our cells, all our tendencies must be directed towards God. Our efforts to bring this about will be reflected in all other unities, which will come together to create one universal whole.

Human beings must become conscious of the different elements that constitute their being – spirit, soul, intellect, heart, will and physical body – and then strive to harmonize them. This is obviously very difficult, but until they succeed, until they achieve unity within themselves, they cannot gain possession of all their possibilities. One of the goals of an initiatic school is to teach us to create this unity, to focus all our activities and all our faculties on one point. Whether it be our soul, spirit, intellect, heart, stomach or sexual organs, we must give each the goal of perfecting us, of illuminating our entire being. Once this unity has been achieved in each one of us, we can all concentrate on the light together and produce beneficial effects for the whole world.

Human beings have still not resolved the problems of the collective life. Outwardly they may have formed nations and organised societies whose members support each other, and where everyone serves the whole and benefits from it. Inwardly, however, they remain isolated, aggressive and hostile towards one another. They have not learned how to apply all the progress they have made in their material and practical life, in the realm of organisation and technology, to their inner lives. That is why, despite all this progress, humanity is still suffering from the same misfortunes: wars, poverty, famine and oppression, on a scale unheard of until now. Real improvements can take place only as a result of a profound change in mentality. Human beings must feel themselves connected to one another spiritually, in order to succeed in forming the only true society: a universal brotherhood within themselves. It is when every individual strives to attain the higher consciousness of unity that societies, peoples and nations will begin to live in peace and freedom.

For an undertaking to succeed, the mind, heart and will must work together. This unity is rarely achieved, except in great saints – and also in great criminals. That’s right, and between the great criminals, who think only of doing harm, and the great saints, who devote themselves to the good of humanity, are the bulk of human beings. Not knowing how to put their mind, heart and will at the service of a project with any consistency, they keep swinging between the paths of good and evil and do not achieve a great deal. For good as well as evil, it is necessary to give the same direction to one’s thoughts, feelings and actions, which is difficult – and people are so lazy in this regard! We are sometimes surprised that great criminals can become great saints. No, there is nothing surprising about it. An event that takes place in their life, or someone they meet, creates a tremendous upheaval in them, and to the degree that they have achieved the most difficult part of the work – the unity of their mind, heart and will – they are then able to surpass themselves in goodness as they had in evil.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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