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Old 02-28-2012, 11:30 PM
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Default The case for the judicial execution of Queensland Premier Anna Bligh

She is corrupt in relation to the failure of the Queensland police, to investigate and prosecute these crimes..
Murder in the Antipodes - The disappearance of Steven Goldsmith!

Brisbane Australia July 2000: On the supermarket checkout line one evening there is a guy in his twenties, red hair and looks a bit lost, his name was Steven Goldsmith he had come to my door a couple years before hawking a book of his poetry.

He was wearing worn football shorts, sneakers, a T shirt and light jacket, the line I was in ran parallel to his, while he shuffled forward open faced and vulnerable, he was with a policeman who was a regular patron of the local gym, who saw me looking and glared.

A couple days later Goldsmith was reported missing by a flatmate who has not seen him for several days .. in 2006 I contacted Queensland Police Missing Persons, and told them I had information re this young man's disappearance,.

The woman to whom I was directed said her name was Clair then got bitchy and hung up .. Ringing back she would provide no further information, like her full name and police rank, and when I protested she got bitchy and hung up again.

Going into Police HQ in Brisbane the next day 28 December 2006, and told them I wished to report the sighting, the police at the desk told me to get out.
Mister Brown - Bob Foreman & Judith and Susan Mackay!

1999 Queensland Australia, a Mister Brown in Townsville was prosecuted for the August 1970 rape and murder of Judith and Susan Mackay, aged five and seven years!

I had been to the police since 1993 re this matter, and told them Bob Foreman was constant in his boasting, that he and no other had committed this crime, Mr Brown’s solicitor was a woman named Lisa McNamara.

Contacting her, she said that since Bob Foreman’s name is not Bob Foreman and we do not know what his right name is, we obviously are unable to proceed, I had told her it was the name he used at work, and had been the name he used as a professional boxer.

That he does not deny that both he and his car were at the crime scene the day the children died, and that he fits the description of a man seen talking to the girls at the school bus stop on the morning of the day they disappeared.

Nevertheless she insisted brusquely and with superb woman’s logic, she would be unable to proceed further on that point, and hung up the phone .. when I contacted his barrister, a Mark Donnelly in Townsville, he pooh poohed it all, and then he hung up the phone.
The jury in Mr Brown’s trial threw the crown case out finding him not guilty, after a petrol station attendant who saw the girls crying in a car the day they disappeared in company with a man who stopped to get fuel, positively stated that Mr Brown was not the driver.

Feedback: Peter Hansen at the Brisbane Sunday Mail who wrote the "Union Grass" story above, says that Bob Foreman rang him saying he did make statements in the union rooms re the girls, but that I had misconstrued him!
In 1978 Bob Foreman aggressively declared interest regarding the deaths of Judith and Susan Mackay aged five and seven years, raped and murdered near Townsville in 1970,

In 1987 in the P&D’s union rooms at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane he declared he had been questioned by the police regarding this crime on two separate occasions, a witness had recalled seeing a car subsequently identified as his, parked unattended on August 26 1970 the day the children disappeared, near where their bodies were found at Antill Creek midday on August 28.

Foreman said he told the police he had lent the car to another man that day who had suffered mechanical breakdown at that spot.
That fellow Foreman said, had telephoned him from a pub near there telling him of the breakdown. He said he walked to the spot and found the car but not the man, he went to the pub and conversed with the female bar attendant, claiming he still had not found the man to whom he had allegedly lent the car, he said he walked back to the car got it going and drove away.

In 1987 the day after he told that tale, in the union rooms in precisely the same circumstances and in the same company as the previous day, he launched into the same story.. his face was hideously contorted and a ghastly light shone from his eyes,

He was thrusting with his pelvis, and hauling with his arms in a terrible parody of the sex act, he hooted and hollered and repeated the word tight, “tight ..whhoo tight,” thrusting and hauling, “whhoo tight..” one concluded he had done it alright.

Question: Why did you not go to the police when he first boasted of the crime in 1978.
Reply: Because it was at work on a union job, he had been infiltrated into the union for this very purpose, they were thinning out the members with murder and would lay baits, then anyone going to the police would be turned back into the original source for killing.

I call it the "Two Card Trick," vale union member Norm Forde, he had “yapped” to the police re a 1979 multi million dollar bank heist in Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

He got turned in to the scabs who were the original source who had infiltrated the union, the Briggs boys know all about the Mur’bah job and both use the name Stewie, Foorde’s last recorded words were that was he was, "going ’round to Stewie’s place."

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