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Default H.A. Lincoln & Col. Saunders

Lincoln and Dick invented greenbacks like Saunders invented fried chicken

My dear Colonel Dick:

I have long determined to make public the origin of the greenback and tell the world that it was Dick Taylor's creation. You had always been friendly to me, and when troublous times fell on us, and my shoulders, though broad and willing, were weak, and myself surrounded by such circumstances and such people that I knew not whom to trust, then I said in my extremity, 'I will send for Colonel Taylor -- he will know what to do.' I think it was in January 1862, on or about the 16th, that I did so. Said you: 'Why, issue treasury notes bearing no interest, printed on the best banking paper. Issue enough to pay off the army expenses and declare it legal tender.' Chase thought it a hazardous thing, but we finally accomplished it, and gave the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they ever had -- their own paper to pay their debts. It is due to you, the father of the present greenback, that the people should know it and I take great pleasure in making it known. How many times have I laughed at you telling me, plainly, that I was too lazy to be anything but a lawyer.

Yours Truly.
A. Lincoln
According to the fabricator of above letter, in January 1862 Lincoln was so demented that he did not remember that short 6 months earlier he had signed two acts which authorized the issue of Treasury notes.

2) On December 31, 1861, Mr. Spaulding published in the New York Tribune his concept of issuing legal tender Treasury notes -- but we can't expect fabricators to be familiar with newspapers; the bill (H.R. 240) was reported in the House on January 7th, a week before Lincoln spoke to his Dick -- how could the fabricator have known that ?

Unfortunately for the fabricator -- and all those who swallowed this dog-shit and ran with it the past 150 years -- Lincoln's Dick spilled the beans about the secret knowledge of paper money to the bankers, too, and they sent their man to Washington to demand legal tender Treasury Notes.

" the cashier of the Bank of Commerce, [Mr. Vail] the largest bank corporation in the United States, and one that has done much to sustain the Government, appeared before the Finance Committee, and stated explicitly, that the Bank of Commerce, as well as other backs of New York, could no further aid the Government, unless your proposed currency was stamped by, and invested with the attributes of lawful money, which they could pay to others as well as receive themselves." --Senator Sherman, February 13th, 1862, in the Senate, out-loud
Who was Mr. Vail ? in his younger days he worked at the Bank of the United States, where he learned about banking and national currency

Was it Lincoln's idea to issue Treasury notes ? --no indication that it was
Was it Lincoln's idea to give Treasury notes legal tender power ? --no indication that it was
Was legal tender status necessary ? --hardly; the Treasury notes of July and August of 1861 performed perfectly well, and maintained par with silver
Who asked for legal tender status ? -- the soldiers did not; the workers did not; the suppliers did not; the bankers DID
My oh, my; the owners of the largest bank corporation in the United States were greenbackers !!! The bankers were the true fathers of greenback !??

At best -- if the greenbacker wishful fantacy about Lincoln is true -- Lincoln was a monkey on the rope, put into office by the international money power to destroy the United States, which assignment he faithfully carried out.

So much for the "great leader" Sarah Emery invented in her wet dream; expecting to come in shining armour to rescue the village idiots from the big-bad bankers.

The other measure, of establishing a uniform national currency, substantially as recommended by our able Secretary of the Treasury, by furnishing the banks with their circulating medium upon a pledge of United States stocks, is no new measure, as the Secretary well observes. It has existed virtually in several of the States for many years. A similar measure was adopted in my own State ten years ago. As a member of the committee on banks and banking, in the Senate of Massachusetts, I had the honor to affix my signature to a very able report, recommending this measure, drawn up by my distinguished friend and colleague, [Mr. Hooper] then a member of that Legislature, now upon the Committee of Ways and Means of this House. That proposition, upon mature reflection, received then the approbation of my judgment, and the sanction of my vote; and subsequent observation and experience have but confirmed and strengthened the convictions of that period. Never was so opportune a moment as the present for carrying out this measure, which will furnish a currency to the whole country, uniform and sound. It will place the whole banking of the country upon a substantial, legitimate, and safe basis.
Mr. Hooper practiced first at the State level....

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Old 06-20-2017, 02:35 PM
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Talking Re: H.A. Lincoln & Col. Saunders

In 1824, 32-year old Thaddeus Stevens made the acquaintance of Nicholas Biddle and became one of his attorneys in the service of the Bank of the United States
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