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Old 01-08-2007, 11:45 AM
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As far as the markings, I remember branding irons being used. These markings are better seen under flourescent/black lighting or during twilight.

It was said that I was government property. I belonged to the government and the butterfly marking on my left hand was my "identifying mark." We were tagged kind of like a "courier pigeon" would be.

Perhaps, for black operations that involved identifying those who belonged to MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

We had to wear butterfly barrets as another identifying feature.

Monarch was supposedly a different "calling," than those at other levels within the cult.

Of course, being told that I was government property did not sit well with me.

Is this what GOD would want? Would he want us to be the property of someone/something else? To be owned by others? How could I be a slave, I would ask? Wasn't slavery abolished? The answer would be yes, but we are using little white girls and boys now!

How could someone own me? Why wasn't I free? How could my government betray me and countless others? I was told through history books that we were free. That our government protected us. That America was the greatest nation on the face of the earth? How could this be?

In Peace,

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Old 01-09-2007, 05:40 PM
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As a child, I remember the fear I felt knowing that they were going to make me one of THEM.

I use to pray to GOD and say, please GOD, please don't let THEM make me one of THEM.

Please, GOD, I don't want to be like one of THEM. Please GOD, please!

I referred to them as THEM. I referred to those who assisted me as the OTHERS.

It didn't matter to me what I said to them. It didn't matter to me whom I told about THEM. It didn't matter to me what punishment I endured for being disobiedient.

I could either "give up," surrender, or fight for the right to have a life of my choosing.

I chose the latter.

Am I what I envisioned I would be? I am that and so much more.

In Peace,
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Old 01-09-2007, 06:48 PM
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I referred to the Nazi doctors as the "evil doctors."

I believe I spent much time at the FARM in their presence.

I don't know what it looks like today. But, I keep seeing a farmhouse and in close proximity I see a mountain.

I was often asked, "do you know who these men are?" This was due to my obstinent behavior. I would say, "oh, yes, I know." You've told me a thousand times.

They worked for Hitler and they are responsible for gasing, experimenting and torturing thousands of Jews.

You are to click your heels together and say, "Heil Hitler" when you see them. You are to salute them.

I would ask, "why should I say Hitler," when they are not Hitler?

They responded. Because, this is what you are told to do.

I believe there was a Nazi symbol branded on my chest at some point and it was said, "there, you are one of us now."

I will never be like you, I remarked. Oh, yes, you will. You have no choice, they said.

They spoke using broken English and used many Jewish terms.

It was said that Hitler was a Jew and that he killed his own kind.

I could have worked my way up the ladder as they refer to it. I could have had a position in politics, the military, the entertainment industry, a speech writer, someday possibly in the White House.

In otherwords, I could serve them and be enslaved in their world forever.

In Peace,
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Old 01-10-2007, 05:52 PM
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What they learned from US, those incarcerated in their programs, would be DEPLOYED upon the masses.

When I tell you that disinformation plays a large part in covering up their crimes, I am certain you can use 911 as an example. JFK, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy. To get to the truth is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

I digress in saying this, but mind control victims/survivors are examples of what occurs when disinformation/too much information and/or conflicting information is present.

They are also aware how to create PTSD in the masses by knowing how we were affected when exposed to horrendous acts.

So, if you think that JFK was not purposely shot in the back of the head so his brains would splatter all over the place on national television, think again. We were traumatized. Exposing us to the footage over and over again is like reliving the traumatic event.

Also, think about the Twin Towers. Captured on video so it can be replayed again and again.
We were traumatized.

Martin Luther King. We were traumatized.

Robert Kennedy. We were traumatized.

It was said they would never allow another Kennedy in the White House. And, then there was John John. We were traumatized.

Princess Di. We were traumatized.

Trauma, as they know, finds a place in your brain. That is why you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when these events occurred.

So, if they can continue to expose us to fear, to trauma, this affects our brain chemistry.

They know how to produce anxiety and when anxiety is present one cannot use critical thinking capabilities. One is distracted. Distraction is key to their GAME!

They know what makes us TICK!! They have studied us like rats in cages for a very, very long time.

Let me go back to JFK. What was said, is this. One shot to the back of the head and he'll be dead. His brains will be splattered all over the place for the world to see. POW!!!

I woke up shortly after 2001 and I believe I did so because 911 was in the planning stages for decades. They wanted to fly an airplane through a skyscraper; this is how they referred to it, and the Sears Tower was talked about at that time.

They were learning what tones, sounds, etc. could produce hypnotic states/trances and place people in a suggestible state of mind.

They use PARROTING in that they repeat the same thing over and over again, until the public accepts it. Until the public repeats it. Until you are brainwashed by their lies.

They are SALESMEN and use words like the PATRIOT ACT and bringing DEMOCRACY to Iraq so that their acts, their laws appear to be in our favor.

We were one BIG EXPERIMENT. We were used as guniea pigs. Can you imagine being in cages and so-called doctors standing over you and taking notes while you are foaming from the mouth from deprivations. Oh, look how her eyes are rolling into the back of her head and then being given a drop of water?

Can you imagine this?? Please do. Because this is what we were subjected to.

They were going to make an example out of me for anyone else, children in the neighborhood, etc. who might think about speaking out about them. This silencing mechanism, together with other tactics has worked on any acquaintances, biological family and/or friends who may have information about the "sadistic cult" and what I personally experienced.

There were HANGERS at some of the installations, military bases, etc. Perhaps at NASA and I believe this is where we were suspended in mid-air, so to speak. Hung from cages.

Not that money mattered, but at Bohemia Grove, we would have to model kind of like we were in a beauty pageant and we went to the highest bidder. The men are sitting around in a circle in chairs and we walk by each one of them with fancy dresses, etc.

Sometimes, we had to do strip tease acts. Strip naked for us, they would say. Let us see what you've got. Shake it baby, shake it. Come to papa.

WE had to smile for the camera and I remember it being said that our pictures were published in "girlie magazines" and distributed all over the world.

There is a chemical they put on a rag and place over your face that is used to heighten sexual arousal, but the name of it alludes me right now.

In Peace,
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Old 01-10-2007, 08:14 PM
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The stalk neighborhoods for children. They'll make a child go into a store, etc., and pick out a child for them. This way, you are a part of their crimes. This way, they can blackmail you into silence.

The are called "The Finders."

In Peace,
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Old 01-20-2007, 10:01 PM
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Senses are enhanced through deprivations.

My sight and sound are probably ten times greater than someone who was not in a "mind control" program.

I can sense when a chopper may be flying over my house before I hear it.

It amazes me how when a chopper passes over and the house shakes, my husband and son are oblivious to it.

I see things that others do not.

I can extract information. This was my specialty.

I can read people to a certain degree.

I can read between the lines and I can disect information from text; picking it apart is how I refer to it. Illuminating the contradictory statements and highlighting the facts.

I would have to say that my sense of perception and awareness is a tool that helped to save me from the perpetrators then and now; although they saw this as a valuable asset at their disposal, I used it against them.

As far as a photographic memory, I can recall with great detail the events that unfolded on the musician's site as well as in daily life.

This was what they were looking for. Children with photographic memories who could house and store information for them in different compartments of their brain that they created through trauma, being called up with codes, commands and triggers when this information was needed by them. This, so there is no paper trail.

There are gatekeepers in front of these so-called vaults and one must have the key to acces them. It was said that they were never to be seen by the public. They were to be taken to my grave.

I had to be alert and aware of my surroundings at all times in order to take note before alter changes were forced upon be. I had to learn how to be a "fly on the wall." Observing from the inside and recording while they were trying to manipulate who I would be on the outside.

I resisted and faked as best I could when efforts to hypnotize me or call out other alters were attempted. They were always asking, if I was faking. Are you faking again? You better not be faking again. This plays into sexual activity as well. I would just count until it was over and fake.

I despised being controlled. I truly detested being hypnotized and not being able to recall where I was or what they did to me.

They were robbing me of my life. I fought back always. Whether they were trying to strap me down, experiment on me, or involve me in a grotesgue act. Spitting on them was common. They told me always that it didn't matter how much I fought, in the end they would win. I didn't care. I wasn't about to make it easy for them. I wasn't about to roll over and die for them or for their cause. I had a cause of my own and my own battle to fight and it wasn't the destruction of humanity. It was the preservation of same. It was the morals and code of ethics I live by. Justice for all. It is the most wonderful document on the face of this earth; THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. One they have ripped in pieces and replaced with the Patriot Act.

I fought the best fight I could and in the end they thought they won. I am here to tell them they have not. Time is the true test of perserverance and I have prevailed. We have prevailed.

I was not always successful because when traumatic events unfold, a trauma too painful to endure, the brain's defense mechanism is to block it out. To create fragmented pieces of one's mind where these horrendous acts are stored until, perhaps, one day, GOD willing, you feel safe and strong enough to relive the horrible memories of your past.

There are gatekeepers in front of these so-called safes and one must have the key to acces them. It was said that they were never to be seen by the public. They were to be taken to my grave.

I consider myself to be a survivor of a mind control "satanic cult," but, most importantly an "operative" for the intelligence community.

In Peace,
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Old 01-21-2007, 12:17 PM
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I know many politicans have "blind trust" accounts. I don't believe they have access to the account numbers, etc. other than through the slave who houses it in one of their vaults.

This may be where the disinformation comes in that a "blind trust" account had been set up for me.

In Peace,
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Old 01-21-2007, 03:55 PM
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More often than not, when your handlers/controllers are calling out child-like alters to satisfy their sexual deviant behavior, (i.e., pedophilia), they'll ask, "who wants to come out and play today?" Or, who do I want to play with today?

Does Wendy want to come out today?

The scene might be something like this:

The handler will say, "you'll be the baby" and I'll be your Daddy.

I use to ask about this. I'd say, isn't that wrong? I mean, Daddy's aren't suppose to have sex with their children.

I was told that HE wasn't really my Daddy. Of course, I knew this. It was just make-believe, he'd say. But, why make-believe, I would ask. Because some men like to have sex with little children. Isn't that wrong? Not within the cult, I was told.

I was very young to begin with, but the younger the better for them.

Or, I have to pretend to be your Daddy because somebody has to PROTECT you, take care of you. Your own father doesn't.

There are musician's with lyrics in their songs such as; Daddy's coming and/or come to papa!

There's a song, I've never quite understood with lyrics as follows:

"you don't have to call me lieutenant, Rosie, and I don't want to be your son."

In Peace,
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Old 01-22-2007, 10:14 PM
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I have previously had memories of being at a lodge in Wyoming. Being hunted there. Naked and I'm against a fence. It's dark. I'm young. Very young. I say, why is it always me? Why do you always trap/catch me? Cause you're our favorite.

The helicopter(s) are overhead and there is a net that drops down and covers me.

I am then scooped up by someone who is in the field. I am very young. I am brought into a lodge. There is a moosehead on the wall. I am not the only child there.

Grey Bull Lodge.

In Peace,
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Old 01-27-2007, 07:38 AM
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For me, it was like I was being raised in the military.

Obey orders, carry on, as you were, salute! Chain of command is never to be broken. We give the orders and you carry them out. Code of silence.

I remember hearing, it's inspection time. If it's not up to standards, up to par, it will have to be done over again.

Rise and shine. The early bird catches the worm. Up at the crack of dawn. Down at dusk.

Stand straight. Hold that position. Don't step out of line. Shoulders back.

I also remember target practice somewhere. Don't know where yet.

I remember being shown how to clean guns, put them back in their cases. Being taught all about guns. Aim, steady, fire.

Hit the bullseye. Gotta hit your target. Powerful blast and jolting back. I see a field and I see targets, but I don't know where I was.

In Peace,
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