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Default Freemason and pseudo-Christian theologian Hans Küng- Kabbalistic Jews candidate for the new Pope?!

Just read how Freemason and pseudo-Christian theologian, supporter of Second Vatican Council "reforms" and supporter of abortus and birth control - Hans Küng criticized his public opponent but secret Masonic “brother” Pope John Paule II just before his death.

Dr. Hans Kung is proclaimed “leading Catholic theologian” by Western Masonic and Kabbalist media. Dr. Küng is Swiss national living in the southern German city of Tübingen.
As a result of his “critical” inquiries on the papacy, the Vatican withdrew Kungs’s church authority to teach in 1979. Nevertheless, Küng, 75, is still a priest and, until his retirement in 1995, taught so called ecumenical theology at the University of Tübingen.
He is the president of the Freemasons-founded “ Global Ethic Foundation”.

Although not fully eligible and hated by clerics, Freemason Hans Küng, in my opinion, is Kabbalistic Judeo-Masons favorite candidate for the new Pope.

Der Spiegel , March 26, 2005


The Pope's Contradictions

By Hans Küng

" Outwardly Pope John Paul II, who has been actively involved in battling war and suppression, is a beacon of hope for those who long for freedom. Internally, however, his anti-reformist tenure has plunged the Roman Catholic church into an epochal credibility crisis.

The Catholic church is in dire straits. The pope is deathly ill and deserves every bit of sympathy he can get. But the church must live on, and in light of the selection of a new pope, it will need a diagnosis, an unadorned insider analysis. The therapy will be discussed later.

Many marvel at the staying power of this highly fragile, partially paralyzed head of the Roman Catholic church, a man who, despite all medications, is barely able to speak. He is treated with a sort of reverence that would never be extended to an American president or a German chancellor in a similar state. Others feel put off by a man they see as an obstinate office bearer who, instead of accepting the Christian path to his own eternity, is using all means at his disposal to hold on to power in a largely undemocratic system.

Even for many Catholics, this pope at the end of his physical strength, refusing to relinquish his power, is the symbol of a fraudulent church that has calcified and become senile behind its glittering façade.

The festive mood that prevailed during the Second Vatican Council (1962 to 1965), or Vatican II, has disappeared. Vatican II's outlook of renewal, ecumenical understanding and a general opening of the world now seems overcast and the future gloomy. Many have resigned themselves or even turned away out of frustration from this self-absorbed hierarchy. As a result, many people are confronted with an impossible set of alternatives: "play the game or leave the church." New hope will only begin to take root when church officials in Rome and in the episcopacy reorient themselves toward the compass of the Gospel.
One of the few glimmers of hope has been the pope's stance against the Iraq war and war in general. The role the Polish pope played in helping bring about the collapse of the Soviet empire is also emphasized, and rightly so. But it's also heavily exaggerated by papal propagandists. After all, the Soviet regime did not fail because of the pope (before the arrival of Gorbachev, the pope was achieving about as little as he is now achieving in China), but instead imploded because of the Soviet system's inherent economic and social contradictions.

In my view, Karol Wojtyla is not the greatest, but certainly the most contradictory, pope of the 20th century. A pope of many great gifts and many wrong decisions! To summarize his tenure and reduce it to a common denominator: His "foreign policy" demands conversion, reform and dialogue from the rest of the world. But this is sharply contradicted by his "domestic policy," which is oriented toward the restoration of the pre-council status quo, obstructing reform, denying dialogue within the church, and absolute Roman dominance. This inconsistency is evident in many areas. While expressly acknowledging the positive sides of this pontificate, which, incidentally, have received plenty of official emphasis, I would like to focus on the nine most glaring contradictions:

HUMAN RIGHTS: Outwardly, John Paul II supports human rights, while inwardly withholding them from bishops, theologians and especially women.

The Vatican -- once a resolute foe of human rights, but nowadays all too willing to become involved in European politics -- has yet to sign the European Council's Declaration of Human Rights. Far too many canons of the absolutist Roman church law of the Middle Ages would have to be amended first. The concept of separation of powers, the bedrock of all modern legal practice, is unknown in the Roman Catholic church. Due process is an unknown entity in the church. In disputes, one and the same Vatican agency functions as lawmaker, prosecutor and judge.

Consequences: A servile episcopate and intolerable legal conditions. Any pastor, theologian or layperson who enters into a legal dispute with the higher church courts has virtually no prospects of prevailing.

THE ROLE OF WOMEN: The great worshiper of the Virgin Mary preaches a noble concept of womanhood, but at the same time forbids women from practicing birth control and bars them from ordination.

Consequences: There is a rift between external conformism and internal autonomy of conscience. This results in bishops who lean towards Rome, alienating themselves from women, as was the case in the dispute surrounding the issue of abortion counseling (in 1999, the Pope ordered German bishops to close counseling centers that issued certificates to women that could later be used to get an abortion). This in turn leads to a growing exodus among those women who have so far remained faithful to the church.

SEXUAL MORALS: This pope, while preaching against mass poverty and suffering in the world, makes himself partially responsible for this suffering as a result of his attitudes toward birth control and explosive population growth.

During his many trips and in a speech to the 1994 United Nations Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, John Paul II declared his opposition to the pill and condoms. As a result, the pope, more than any other statesman, can be held partly responsible for uncontrolled population growth in some countries and the spread of AIDS in Africa.

Consequences: Even in traditionally Catholic countries like Ireland, Spain and Portugal, the pope's and the Roman Catholic church's rigorous sexual morals are openly or tacitly rejected.

CELIBACY AMONG PRIESTS: By propagating the traditional image of the celibate male priest, Karol Wojtyla bears the principal responsibility for the catastrophic dearth of priests, the collapse of spiritual welfare in many countries, and the many pedophilia scandals the church is no longer able to cover up.

Marriage is still forbidden to men who have agreed to devote their lives to the priesthood. This is only one example of how this pope, like others before him, is ignoring the teachings of the bible and the great Catholic tradition of the first millennium, which did not require office bearers to take a vow of celibacy. If someone, by virtue of his office, is forced to spend his life without a wife and children, there is a great risk that healthy integration of sexuality will fail, which can lead to pedophilic acts, for example.

Consequences: The ranks have been thinned and there is a lack of new blood in the Catholic church. Soon almost two-thirds of parishes, both in German-speaking countries and elsewhere, will be without an ordained pastor and regular celebrations of the Eucharist. It's a deficiency that even the declining influx of priests from other countries (1,400 of Germany's priests are from Poland, India and Africa) and the combining of parishes into "spiritual welfare units," a highly unpopular trend among the faithful, can no longer hide. The number of newly ordained priests in Germany dropped from 366 in 1990 to 161 in 2003, and the average age of active priests today is now above 60.

ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT: The pope likes to be seen as a spokesman for the ecumenical movement. At the same time, however, he has weighed heavily on the Vatican's relations with orthodox and reform churches, and has refused to recognize their ecclesiastical offices and Communion services.

The pope could heed the advice of several ecumenical study commissions and follow the practice of many local pastors by recognizing the offices and Communion services of non-Catholic churches and permitting Eucharistic hospitality. He could also tone down the Vatican's excessive, medieval claim to power, in terms of doctrine and church leadership, vis-à-vis eastern European churches and reform churches, and could do away with the Vatican's policy of sending Roman-Catholic bishops to regions dominated by the Russian Orthodox church.

The pope could do these things, but John Paul II doesn't want to. Instead, he wants to preserve and even expand the Roman power system. For this reason, he resorts to a pious two-facedness: Rome's politics of power and prestige are veiled by ecumenical soapbox speeches and empty gestures.

Consequences: Ecumenical understanding was blocked after the council, and relations with the Orthodox and Protestant churches were burdened to an appalling extent. The papacy, like its predecessors in the 11th and 16th centuries, is proving to be the greatest obstacle to unity among Christian churches in freedom and diversity.

PERSONNEL POLICY: As a suffragan bishop and later as archbishop of Krakow, Karol Wojtyla took part in the Second Vatican Council. But as pope, he disregarded the collegiality which had been agreed to there and instead celebrated the triumph of his papacy at the cost of the bishops.

With his "internal policies," this Pope betrayed the council numerous times. Instead of using the conciliatory program words "Aggiornamento - Dialogue and Collegiality -- ecumenical," what's valid now in doctrine and practice is "restoration, lectureship, obedience and re-Romanization." The criteria for the appointment of a bishop is not the spirit of the gospel or pastoral open-mindedness, but rather to be absolutely loyal to the party line in Rome. Before their appointment, their fundamental conformity is tested based on a curial catalog of questions and they are sacrally sealed through a personal and unlimited pledge of obedience to the Pope that is tantamount to an oath to the "Fuehrer."

The Pope's friends among the German-speaking bishops include Cologne's Cardinal Joachim Meisner, the Bishop of Fulda Johannes Dyba, who died in 2000, Hans Hermann Groer, who resigned from his post as Vienna's cardinal in 1995 following allegations that he had sexually abused pupils years before and the Bishop of St. Poeltin, Kurt Krenn, who just lost his post after a sex scandal emerged in his priests' seminary. Those are just the most spectacular mistakes of these pastorally devastating personnel policies, which have allowed the moral, intellectual and pastoral level of the episcopate to dangerously slip.

Consequences: A largely mediocre, ultra-conservative and servile episcopate is possibly the most serious burden of this overly long pontificate. The masses of cheering Catholics at the best-staged Pope manifestations should not deceive: Millions have left the church under this pontificate or they have withdrawn from religious life in opposition.

CLERICALISM: The Polish pope comes across as a deeply religious representative of a Christian Europe, but his triumphant appearances and his reactionary policies unintentionally promote hostility to the church and even an aversion to Christianity.

In the papal campaign of evangelization, which centers on a sexual morality that is out of step with the times, women, in particular, who do not share the Vatican's position on controversial issues like birth control, abortion, divorce and artificial insemination are disparaged as promoters of a "culture of death." As a result of its interventions -- in Germany, for example, where it sought to influence politicians and the episcopacy in the dispute surrounding the issue of abortion counseling -- the Roman Curia creates the impression that it has little respect for the legal separation of church and state. Indeed, the Vatican (using the European People's Party as its mouthpiece) is also trying to exert pressure on the European Parliament by calling for the appointment of experts, in issues relating to abortion legislation, for example, who are especially loyal to Rome. Instead of entering the social mainstream everywhere by supporting reasonable solutions, the Roman Curia, through its proclamations and secret agitation (through nuntiatures, bishops' conferences and "friends"), is in fact fueling the polarization between the pro-life and pro-choice movements, between moralists and libertines.

Consequences: Rome's clericalist policy merely strengthens the position of dogmatic anti-clericalists and fundamentalist atheists. It also creates suspicion among believers that religion could be being misused for political ends.

NEW BLOOD IN THE CHURCH: As a charismatic communicator and media star, this pope is especially effective among young people, even as he grows older. But he achieves this by drawing in large part on the conservative "new movements" of Italian origin, the "Opus Dei" movement that originated in Spain, and an uncritical public loyal to the pope. All of this is symptomatic of the pope's approach to dealing with the lay public and his inability to converse with his critics.

The major regional and international youth events sponsored by the new lay movements (Focolare, Comunione e Liberazione, St. Egidio, Regnum Christi) and supervised by the church hierarchy attract hundreds of thousands of young people, many of them well-meaning but far too many uncritical. In times when they lack convincing leadership figures, these young people are most impressed by a shared "event." The personal magnetism of "John Paul Superstar" is usually more important than the content of the pope's speeches, while their effects on parish life are minimal.

In keeping with his ideal of a uniform and obedient church, the pope sees the future of the church almost exclusively in these easily controlled, conservative lay movements. This includes the Vatican's distancing itself from the Jesuit order, which is oriented toward the tenets of the council. Preferred by earlier popes, the Jesuits, because of their intellectual qualities, critical theology and liberal theological options, are now perceived as spanners in the works of the papal restoration policy.

Instead, Karol Wojtyla, even during his tenure as archbishop of Krakow, placed his full confidence in the financially powerful and influential, but undemocratic and secretive Opus Dei movement, a group linked to fascist regimes in the past and now especially active in the world of finance, politics and journalism. In fact, by granting Opus Dei special legal status, the pope even made the organization exempt from supervision by the church's bishops.

Consequences: Young people from church groups and congregations (with the exception of alter servers), and especially the non-organized "average Catholics," usually stay away from major youth get-togethers. Catholic youth organizations at odds with the Vatican are disciplined and starved when local bishops, at Rome's behest, withhold their funding. The growing role of the archconservative and non-transparent Opus Dei movement in many institutions has created a climate of uncertainty and suspicion. Once-critical bishops have cozied up to Opus Dei, while laypeople who were once involved in the church have withdrawn in resignation.

SINS OF THE PAST: Despite the fact that in 2000 he forced himself through a public confession of the church's historical transgressions, John Paul II has drawn almost no practical consequences from it.

The baroque and bombastic confession of the church's transgressions, staged with cardinals in St. Peter's Cathedral, remained vague, non-specific and ambiguous. The pope only asked for forgiveness for the transgressions of the "sons and daughters" of the church, but not for those of the "Holy Fathers," those of the "church itself" and those of the hierarchies present at the event.

The pope never commented on the Curia's dealings with the Mafia, and in fact contributed more to covering up than uncovering scandals and criminal behavior. The Vatican has also been extremely slow to prosecute pedophilia scandals involving Catholic clergy.

Consequences: The half-hearted papal confession remained without consequences, producing neither reversals nor action, only words.

For the Catholic church, this pontificate, despite its positive aspects, has on the whole proven to be a great disappointment and, ultimately, a disaster. As a result of his contradictions, this pope has deeply polarized the church, alienated it from countless people and plunged it into an epochal crisis -- a structural crisis that, after a quarter century, is now revealing fatal deficits in terms of development and a tremendous need for reform.

Contrary to all intentions conveyed in the Second Vatican Council, the medieval Roman system, a power apparatus with totalitarian features, was restored through clever and ruthless personnel and academic policies. Bishops were brought into line, pastors overloaded, theologians muzzled, the laity deprived of their rights, women discriminated against, national synods and churchgoers' requests ignored, along with sex scandals, prohibitions on discussion, liturgical spoon-feeding, a ban on sermons by lay theologians, incitement to denunciation, prevention of Holy Communion -- "the world" can hardly be blamed for all of this!!

The upshot is that the Catholic church has completely lost the enormous credibility it once enjoyed under the papacy of John XXIII and in the wake of the Second Vatican Council.

If the next pope were to continue the policies of this pontificate, he would only reinforce an enormous backup of problems and turn the Catholic church's current structural crisis into a hopeless situation. Instead, a new pope must decide in favor of a change in course and inspire the church to embark on new paths -- in the spirit of John XXIII and in keeping with the impetus for reform brought about by the Second Vatican Council. "

Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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Default Re: Freemason and pseudo-Christian theologian Hans Küng- Kabbalistic Jews candidate for the new Pope?!

During his many trips and in a speech to the 1994 United Nations Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, John Paul II declared his opposition to the pill and condoms. As a result, the pope, more than any other statesman, can be held partly responsible for uncontrolled population growth in some countries and the spread of AIDS in Africa.

Consequences: Even in traditionally Catholic countries like Ireland, Spain and Portugal, the pope's and the Roman Catholic church's rigorous sexual morals are openly or tacitly rejected.

(not that I approve of everything
this Pope did)

These 2 paragraphs show how stupid Hans Kung is
in blaming the Pope because others are not
following the teachings set down 2000 years
ago. If you don't like it, all you have to do
is convert to something else.
If anything, it proves the Pope tried
to do his job and that Kung was rightfully
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Default Re: Freemason and pseudo-Christian theologian Hans Küng- Kabbalistic Jews candidate for the new Pope?!


I do not believe that dispute between Kung and Pope was real.They have been on the same side-
NWO.The pope was not honest when opposed abortion and other NWO mechanisms of population control.
That is why I think that Kung did not attack Pope (his fellow Mason) as a person but The Church that Pope allegedly represented.
This was the real case of double-tounge.
Attack someone publicly when you support him secretly.

All interested in future events in catholic Church should carefully read Kungs guidelines and objectives(what should be tackled and what should be promote)
I am sure that the new Pope would follow them,no matter who it would be.

And do not forget Kung's the most devoted friend and secret supporter is cardinal Angelo Sodano-the most powerful man in Vatican who actually led the Church hidding behind the paralyzed Pope

Just read the following text

1998 Adoremus: Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy

Online Edition - Vol. IV, No. 3: May / June 1998

Hans Kung: Vatican Rehab or Challenge to Change?
Some speculate whether Swiss theologian will be next "prodigal son"

On January 30, in another in a long series of sharp attacks on the Holy See, dissident theologian, Father Hans Kung also denounced the bishops of Germany for accepting the decision of Pope John Paul II that Catholic counselors should not provide the certificates of counseling required of women seeking abortions.

Kung accused the German bishops of "servile obedience" to the "Roman Kremlin", and said that by accepting the pope's decision, they had lost their "credibility" and their "apostolic franchise." He called for "tenacious resistance" against the authority of Rome, which he said was based on "half-truths" and "camouflage", and hinted that the German bishops were motivated by their desire to become cardinals.

Kung has accused the pope of imposing a "rigid, stagnating and despotic rule in the spirit of the Inquisition". Two years ago he called for a new pope who would "save the barque of Saint Peter from sinking" by changing the teaching on women priests, married male priests, divorce and birth control.

But a only few weeks later, speaking to a German radio audience, Kung expressed pleasure that on his 70th birthday (March 19), he had received greetings from Archbishop Karl Lehmann, the head of the German bishops' conference, and from the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano.

In an April 7 news report, Kung said he would no longer defend some of his past criticisms of Pope John Paul II, and that he is hoping for a "conciliation" with the Holy Father.

He said that some of his criticisms of the Pope "may have seemed harsh", although he added that he did not think they were "unjust" or even "incorrect". He insisted that he only wanted to convey his message accurately.

Kung said that he would like to meet with thepope and said that he had learned from the Holy Father's teachings on peace, ethics, and world religions.

Since 1979, Kung has been banned from teaching as a Catholic theologian at Tubingen University because of his outspoken rejection of papal primacy and other key Catholic teachings.

Some journalists attributed this slight thaw in Kung's relentless hostility to the pope to recent friendly gestures from Rome. Their speculations were inspired primarily by a Vatican lecture quoting the theologian.

Cardinal Sodano's Address

On March 25, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican Secretary of State, quoted Father Kung approvingly in a lecture to journalists on the subject of Church renewal and reform at the Lateran Palace in Rome.

In his lecture, Cardinal Sodano reportedly said that the Church needed "continuous great reform from within -- not just small adjustments -- and must adapt to contemporary world culture".

A report in The Tablet, a liberal Catholic journal published in London, said that Cardinal Sodano said Kung's writings contained "beautiful pages dedicated to the Christian mystery, and that the cardinal hinted that an amnesty for Catholic dissidents might form part of a millennial relaunch of the Church. The Tablet, taking a cue from the Italian newspaper La Reppublica, questioned the cardinal's motives in what it viewed as a Vatican "rehab" of Kung.

However, a first-hand report of the Secretary of State's talk said the address was aimed at two different groups, offering each a different message. The first message was addressed to all men of good will, asking them, not for an act of faith and love for the Church, but for an honest acknowledgment of the fruitfulness of the Church as a reality present in history. It was in this context that Cardinal Sodano quoted Kung. This passage from the cardinal's lecture follows:

[The Church's] marvelous propagation, her stability, notwithstanding persecutions, schisms, heresies; the heroic sanctity of her members, notwithstanding the misery (indigence) of others, place before you serious questions. Is it not possible, perhaps, that this is the coming to pass of the promise made by Christ to his disciples, before going forth to heaven: "I will be with you to the end of the ages"? A historical balance of the twenty centuries of Christianity makes such a question rise spontaneously.

Recently the German theologian Hans Kung has sought to respond, in his book Christianity, Essence and History. At the end of his voluminous study, after a long historical excursus, [Father Kung] dedicates some beautiful pages to the mystery of Christianity, saying:

"Why is this Christianity always seen, despite all the non-Christian elements of her history? In fact, this religion has continually inserted herself in new cultural scenes, like a great river, which begins in some part in a modest way."

According to the eye-witness account, in context the Kung quote conveyed the idea that the holiness of the Church is historically visible in some mysterious way.

Cardinal Sodano then presented his second message, this time directed to believers. He asked them always to love the Church. He quoted the tombstone of an old priest, which had only the words "dilexit ecclesiam" [He loved the Church] and said it was a synthesis of the priest's life.

"Personally, I would be happy if on my tomb this phrase could be completed in this way: "He loved the Church, and sought to make her loved'", the cardinal concluded.

It seems possible that the friendly quote and the birthday greetings from the Vatican may have been intended as a challenge and an invitation to Father Kung to "put off the old man" of dissent and disobedience -- a personal call to conversion, change and reform. There would undoubtedly be much rejoicing if this happens.

Helen Hull Hitchcock
Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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Default Joseph Ratzinger-pope Benedict XVI- Hans Kung's former assistant and friend

Habemus papam , cardinal Medina announced the other day.
Catholic Church got its “King” – Cardinal and doctor of theology – professor Joseph Ratzinger.

Now , it is clear that favourite Kabbalistic Jews’ “theologian”, “reformer” and “Pontiff of new global ethics” doctor Hans Kung is not elected new Pope.

Was I wrong claiming that he was a “candidate” for pope?
Yes and, apsolutely NO. And I would explain why.
Naive observer could not conect Hans Kung and new pope Benedict XVI.
But more alert would do that immediately.

As I have pointed out in my post – Huns Kung was Kabbalists’ favourite, but desperately ineligible candidate.
And of course, they knew that.
He is not Cardinal, archbishop or bishop. On the other hand , Church ,would not be able to digest him, still.

Professor Kung is actually considered to be heretic by both clerics and congregation.

Every other man daring to theoretically attack, deconstruct and denounce basic priniple and fundament of Christian theology -deity of Jesus and ridicule papacy would be excommunicated (expelled from church).

But Kung was not excommunicated. He was not proclaimed heretic by Pope and Vatican.
As you could read Cardinal Sodano actually praised his treatise few yers ago.
Although he has lost his official license to teach Catholic theology he continued to teach ethics and “theology” at the Tuebingen University and other universities round the world. His papers have been seriously evaluated by theology students and priests.
Kung abondened Church but Church did not abonden him. While he was ridiculing Christianity ,Church waited for his repentence.

Why did he have such impunity?
Who was his advocate - freemason John Paul II? –probably, Cardinal Sodano? -maybe
but who Else?

Obviously, his colleague –man who owes so many to Kung-
former Kung’s assistant at Tuebingen University and Cardinal, himself.

It is clear conservative and naive Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, priests and , of course ordinary Catholics would never accept heretic such as Hans Kung as a pope.
But they would accept man that is deliberately portrayed in Judeo –Mason Kabbalistic mainstream media as "rigid archconservative"- Joseph Ratzinger.

And this is a baite- and Cardinals swallowed it . Some deliberatelly some not.
Jewish Kabbalistic American and European media opposed George W. Bush also – but he is President and also “conservative Christian”, just like new Pope.
So this situation with new pope and his satanization in media resembles the situation with Bush

What does conect “conservative enforcer of doctrinal orthodoxy” – Joseph Ratzinger and heretic, Freemason Hans Kung.

Well, it was Hans Kung, himself who advised Cardinal Josef Frings of Köln (Cologne), Germany , to appoint Joseph Ratzinger his theologian adviser ; it was Kung who arranged that Joseph Ratzinger be present during all four sessions of the Second Vatican Council as a peritus, or chief theological advisor, to Cardinal Josef Frings (from 1962-1965).

It was heretic Hans Kung who urged the renowned theology department at famous German University Tuebingen to hire Ratzinger. Ratzinger was acctually Kung’s assistant at Tuebingen.

Later on , Ratzinger publicly “criticize” Kung and cunningly kept distance from Kung
but this was obvious manipulation.
On Tuesday, Tuebingen's “most famous scholar” , theologian Hans Kung, called Ratzinger's election "an enormous disappointment for all those who hoped for a reformist and pastoral pope."
What a hypocricy.

However Kung added something interesting
"But we must wait and see, for experience shows that the papacy in the Catholic Church today is such a challenge that it can change anyone," Kueng wrote.
"Let us therefore give him a chance: as with a president of the USA we should allow a pope 100 days to learn."

Well, this is enough for me to claim that heretic Freemason and Pontiff of Kabbalistic “global ethics” , old friend and mentor of pope Benedict XVI – doctor Hans Kung is actually new pope???!!!
Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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Default Michael A. Hoffman II On Joseph Ratzinger-pope Benedict XVI


by Michael A. Hoffman II
Copyright 2005

I am world-weary today. The words "stale and unprofitable" come to mind.
I know I am supposed to compose a column warning against acceptance of
the image of the new pope, Joseph Ratzinger, concocted in the
cryptosphere. Yet I find myself filled only with contempt for those who
are fooled repeatedly and with ease. In the past several months the
planetary poltergeist has painted the turncoat Ronald Reagan as one of
the finest champions of the West in the history of our civilization.
John Paul II garnered similar encomiums. George W. Bush is not in their
league (not yet, anyway), but he too is sold to the goyim as a staunch
Christian who stands tall against the enemies of the West, blah blah

In each case one wants to scream, "Turn off the TV! Res ipsa loquitur!"
But no such luck. Ratzinger, the sidekick of John Paul II, one of the
most spectacular rabbinic servants to ever occupy the papacy, suddenly
has developed "a troubling Nazi background" and "Jewish groups are

This is just too ridiculous. Earlier this month John Paul was praised as
the greatest friend Judaics ever had in the Vatican--and they extended
this laurel knowing that the pope's chief theological "enforcer" and
confidant had a "troubling Nazi background"?

Does anyone know what leverage is, or how one goes about obtaining it in
ever greater degrees? Has anyone ever played poker, or sought advantage
through intimidation and deceit?

The Judaics are seeking greater leverage and advantage by putting the
new Pope on the defensive from the first day of his papacy. In this way,
Benedict XVI must concede even more to them than he did as cardinal; in
fact, given the zeitgeist, he may not have to be very cryptic about his
rabbinic role and may grovel and betray to an even more obsequious and
public degree than did his predecessor, which is to say that the papacy
and the rabbinate are becoming indistinguishable.

Ratzinger, we are told, is a "hardliner" on "homosexuals and abortion."
Hey, kiddies, that is George W. Bush's image too; that is also the image
of Orthodox rabbis, even though the Talmud sanctions sodomy with little
boys ("under the age of nine"), and early abortion. But as the Gipper
was accustomed to say, "Image prevails over reality."

Since Jesus' confrontation with the Pharisees is at the core of the
Gospel, the first question that should be asked is, where does Pope
Benedict stand on Judaism? When one studies the documentary record a
smile comes to the lips at the chutzpah, for Ratzinger is a salivating
Judaizer who has flushed the Gospel teaching, but now, through the magic
of the media, he is transformed into a suspect Nazi! What a gorgeous
pointillist masterpiece of alchemy, on par with indicted war criminal
Ariel Sharon's transformation into an intrepid Middle East peace

How does one argue against a reality based on consensus rather than
fact? In response, one experiences a Menckenesque sense of "To hell with
'em. Let 'em believe whatever they will." But my obligation is to
inform, on the supposition that one out of ten have eyes to see. Here
then is a peek at the file on Joseph Ratzinger:

Quote: "Jewish messianic expectation is not in vain. It can become for
us Christians a powerful stimulant to keep alive the eschatological
dimension of our faith.Like them, we too live in expectation. The
difference is that for us the One who is to come will have the traits of
the Jesus who has already come and is already present and active among

Source: "The Jewish People And Their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian
Bible," Pontifical Biblical Commission. (Ratzinger wrote the preface and
signed off on this). 2001, Vatican Translation.

Note: Ratzinger's commission states that the Messiah, the "One who is to
come" will not be Jesus, but rather will have "the traits" of Jesus. If
I have your traits, I am not you.This is a denial that the Messiah who
will come will actually be Jesus. The rabbinic rejection of the true
Messiah and their wait for a false one becomes for Christians "a
powerful stimulant to keep alive...our faith." These are weasel words;
Orwellian doublespeak uttered to curry favor with powerful modern

Quote: "After Auschwitz the mission of reconciliation and acceptance
permits no deferral. Even if we know that Auschwitz is the gruesome
expression of an ideology that not only wanted to destroy Judaism but
also hated and sought to eradicate from Christianity its Jewish
heritage, the question remains: What could be the reason for so much
historical hostility between those who actually must belong together
because of their faith in the one God and commitment to his will?"

Source: "Many Religions--One Covenant: Israel, the Church and the
World," by Joseph Ratzinger (San Francisco, Ignatius Press, 1999, p.

Note: Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees who killed Jesus Christ
(I Thess. 2:14-16). It is not the religion of the Old Testament. To the
Torah-true principles of Jesus Christ, the Pharisees countered with the
Talmud-True lies of men. Christianity's "heritage" is in the Old
Testament, which Judaism nullifies. To conflate the evil of a
concentration camp with the good of overcoming Judaism, is a diabolical

Quote: "Thus the question remains: Can Christian faith, retaining its
inner power and dignity, not only tolerate Judaism but accept it in its
historic mission?"

Source: Ibid., p. 24.

Note: The historic mission of Judaism is to destroy Christians and the
Christian faith (cf. for example, Moses Maimonides, "Letter to Yemen").
As Adam Clarke observed concerning the New Testament account:
"Thessalonica is the place where Judaic opposition finally revealed how
obdurate, unscrupulous and obtrusive it could be. There was no reason
whatever behind that wandering committee of self-appointed opponents
going into every town where Paul preached and stirring up hatred and
persecution against the Church. Having failed in their persecutions both
in Judea and upon the mission field, at Thessalonica they enlisted the
Gentiles, their magistrates and leaders, and turned them against Paul
and the Gospel."

What in Judaism has changed since the first century A.D.? Is it now less
obdurate and unscrupulous? If Christians are to "tolerate Judaism" and
"accept...its mission" why did Christ bother to incarnate on earth and
preach to the leaders of the Jews, condemning them for betraying
Israel's divine mission? (Matthew 23:15). How dare Ratzinger preach any
other gospel? (Galatians 1:8).

In the parable of the treacherous tenants (Matthew 21:33-46), the
response of the landowner to the murder of his servants and son is to
put these evil ones to a miserable death and to lease the vineyard to
other tenants who will give him the produce at harvest time. The leaders
of the Jews were the treacherous tenants who murdered God's son and the
servants of God. The nation of Israel ("vineyard") was taken from them
and given to the gentiles ("other tenants") with the expectation that
the Christian gentiles would convert the world ( "produce a harvest").
What harvest is Ratzinger producing when he urges toleration and
acceptance of the treacherous tenants? Missionary zeal for the souls of
contemporary, self-described "Jews" has been canceled by Ratzinger,
along with Christ's ideological and spiritual contest with Judaism,
which has been ruled obsolete, "after Auschwitz."

Apparently, "after Calvary" is insufficient to any longer motivate the
Church Militant, which is called to be militant mainly with regard to
Islam. In a front page article in yesterday's edition of the Wall Street
Journal, the Zionist paper suggests the need for a new Catholic crusade
against Muslims. In celebrating the defeat of Muslims in Spain, the
Journal omitted all mention of the fact that in 1492, "when Christian
armies drove the last Muslim rulers out of ...Granada" they also drove
out all those who practiced Judaism. But the 21st century "Crusade" is
kashrut (kosher), "Judeo-Christian" and intended to have a selective
target. Crusading itself is wrong with regard to Judaism and right with
regard to Islam. The double-mind that can embrace that tortured
construct has nothing in common with He who said, "I would you were hot
or cold" (Revelation 3:16).

If John Paul II betrayed Christ to the rabbis by forbidding opposition
to Judaism--such a betrayal being the function of Judas--then Ratzinger,
architect of the thinking behind the scenes, stands in the role of the
Sanhedrin who sent Judas.We seem to have gone from Pope Judas to Pope
Caiaphas, or in more homely American terms, Pope Benedict Arnold.

(Additional research provided by Craig Heimbichner)

This column is online at:


<a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi?p_id=10007">The Double-Mind in Occult Philosophy by Craig Heimbichner</a>

<a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi?p_id=83
">Judaism's Strange Gods by Hoffman</a>

<a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi?p_id=10009">Blood on the Altar by Heimbichner</a>

<a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi?p_id=10004">Witches and Rabbis: The Legacy of the Reagan White House</a>
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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Default Hans Kung-his assistant Joseph Ratzinger- his assistant Sodano beast

excellent article Draken.
Well I did not have opportunity to read it earlier -but I apsoluetly agree with Hoffman.

It is amazing how people of different religious,ethnic,vocational,social backgrounds could drow the similar conclusions and figure out conspiracy in spite of constant media and social brainwashing.

It is obvious Hoffman is not naive observer
Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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Default Re: Hans Kung-his assistant Joseph Ratzinger- his assistant Sodano beast

Yeah. Exactly. But you know, when you're awake, there's no turning back; you DON'T have the choice of Cipher in The Matrix.;-)

Hoffman is on the ball. Check out his website:

I've read his book "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" - very good. Check out his <a href="http://www.revisionisthistory.org/cgi-bin/store/agora.cgi?cart_id=3175907.13699*3r21j6&product=Boo ks_and_Pamplets">other books</a>.
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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Default Pope Benedict XVI in the Synagogue in Germany

Pope Benedict XVI in the Synagogue in Germany

How much falsification can the world endure?

by Michael A. Hoffman II

On August 19, in Cologne, Germany, Pope Benedict XVI told a synagogue
audience comprised of the followers of Judaism that Nazism was an
"insane, racist ideology."

The Judaics whom the pope addressed are themselves the followers of an
insane, racist ideology based on the insane, racist Talmud.

Abraham Lehrer, a Jewish community leader in Cologne, publicly asked
Benedict during the synagogue visit to further open the Vatican's
archives from World War II to detail the church's response to the
Holocaust. Such a gesture "would be a further sign of historical
conscience and would also satisfy critics," Lehrer said.

This is to laugh. Nothing will ever satisfy Judaic critics of
Catholicism. The more that any Catholic prelate panders to Judaism, the
more he will be required to pander ever more. "The debt is endless," the
rabbis say.

The Israeli ambassador, Shimon Stein, sat in the front row during the
pope's speech, representing a racist government that has repeatedly
dehumanized the Palestinians, cursed them as a sub-human species of
"Amalek" and killed thousands of their civilians, including children.

The pope told the Judaics at the synagogue in Germany, "Both Jews and
Christians recognize Abraham as their father in faith..."

It was the Pharisees who made this claim for themselves in John 8:39.
Jesus refuted them in John 8: 40-41: "If you are Abraham's children, do
as Abraham did. As it is, you want to kill me, a man who has told you
the truth, as I have learned it from God; this is not what Abraham did.
You are doing your father's work."

The Pharisees then interjected a lie which Pope Benedict repeated and
compounded in the synagogue in Cologne: "The only father we have is

Jesus replied, "If God were your father you would love me...You are from
your father the devil." (John 8:44).

The Pope told his fellow rabbis (for surely he is a rabbi himself, at
least in spirit) what they and their media wanted to hear, not what
Christ preached.

Pope Benedict also told the assembled Judaics, "You look to the
teachings of Moses and the prophets."

Here is insanity, if ever there was. The rabbis in the synagogue are the
heirs of the killers of the prophets. The Talmud not only says that
Christ got what he deserved when he was killed, it says Isaiah too
received his just desserts when he was killed-- according to the Talmud
-- for insulting Israel!

Furthermore, the secret teaching of the Kabbalah is that the Talmud does
not embody the law of Moses whatsoever, but rather it buries Moses!

Are we to believe that Joseph Ratzinger, the new "Pope Benedict," a
purportedly ultra-elite Catholic scholar, who, together with his staff,
has, for the past twenty years or more, had complete access to the
Vatican library, archives and the whole of its vast research and
intelligence apparatus, and still does not know these facts about

Benedict XVI, a supposed "conservative," is the personification of
masquerade and fraud, at a time when the world is desperately thirsting
for honesty and truth. How much falsification can the world endure?
Three things are sacred to me: first Truth, and then, in its tracks, primordial prayer; Then virtue–nobility of soul which, in God walks on the path of beauty. Frithjof Schuon
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Default Re: Pope Benedict XVI in the Synagogue in Germany

Great articles.

You'd think after 3000 years of being conked on the head you might start to ask yourself that maybe you're part of the problem.

But it appears that this is not the Jewish way...so then we must ask if it is'nt...how come Christ was Jewish? The Jews are an enigma to me.
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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