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Old 04-17-2005, 01:13 PM
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Default Shadows of Power, The Order Part 5

There is in the United States an Internationalist Establishment; A hidden Oligarchy. As elusive as the Establishment is in it's identity, it certainly has a perceptible face in The Council on Foreign Relations. While the Council maintains an extraordinarily low profile, it is not a secret society. Dr. Carroll Quigley (An Insider himself) called it "a front group", Arthur Schlessinger Jr. called it "a front organization", and it is helpful to understand these terms. It is not the Establishment, but a surface component of it. The surface component of a movement to effect a New World Order. Some speculate that there is within the Council, a cadre which is the heartbeat of it's globalism.

Who or what is the American Establishment? American heritage Dictionary defines "Establishment" as "An exclusive group of powerful people who rule a government or society by means of private agreements and decisions."

It is elitist, Oligarchial, and dangerous for a country that values it's freedom. Columnist Edith Kermit Roosevelt, granddaughter of President Theodore Roosevelt, described it as follows:
"The word "Establishment" is a general term for the power elite in international finance, business, the professions and government, largely from the Northeast, who wield most of the power regardless of who is in the White House.
Most people are unaware of the existence of this "legitimate Mafia." Yet the power of the Establishment makes itself felt from the professor who seeks a foundation grant, to the candidate for a cabinet post or State Department job. It affects the nation's policies in almost every area."
"Elite clique holds power in U.S.", Indianapolis News, December 23, 1961 pg. 6

The American Establishment is associated with big business and with wealthy old-line families. The sons of these families have long followed a traditional career path that begins with private schools, the most famous Groton. From these they typically proceeded to Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Columbia, there entering exclusive fraternities such as Yale's secretive Skull & Bones. Some of the brightest travel to Oxford for graduate work as Rhodes Scholars. From academia they have customarily progressed to Wall Street, perhaps joining an international investment bank, such as Chase Manhattan, or a prominent law firm or brokerage house. Some of the politically inclined sign on with Establishment think tanks like the Brookings Institution and the Rand corporation. As they have matured, a few have found themselves on the boards of the vast foundations-Rockefeller, Ford, and Carnegie. And ultimately, the best of the best advance into "public service"- high positions in the federal government. And of course membership in a New York-based group called the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR for short). Since it's founding in 1921, the Council has been the Establishment's chief link to the U.S. government.

If you doubt this assessment, even Rush Limbaugh a critic of anyone who refers to a one-world government agenda involving the CFR; whom he calls "Conspiracy kooks" confirms the above scenario; on his February 7, 1995 program, he remarked;

"You see if you amount to anything in Washington these days, it is because you have been plucked or handpicked from an Ivy league school-Harvard, Yale, Kennedy school of government- you've shown an aptitude to be a good Ivy league type, an so you're plucked so to speak, and you are assigned success. You are assigned a certain role in government somewhere, and then your success is monitored and tracked, and you go where the pluckers and the handpickers can put you."

The New York based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) boasts fewer than 4,000 members (by invitation only) out of a U.S. population of more than 250 million people. Most of these members are strategically positioned in the pinnacles of power in American government and financial circles and in the Media. Dominance alone proves neither conspiracy nor sinister motives, but continued CFR hegemony over key positions of power over an extended period of time does at least indicate that the dominance is no accident. The CFR's chief architect, Edward Mandell House claimed he was seeking "Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx.", the CFR's chief publication Foreign Affairs (Called by Time magazine; "the most influential periodical in print") consistently promotes global government. This should create troubling questions about the organizations impact on government and society. James Madison warned in the Federalist paper #47; "The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny."

Historically examining the period of 1929 to 1996 we see the CFR dominate the executive branch; 7 Presidents out of 12 were CFR, 6 vice Presidents, 14 CIA directors, 15 National Security advisors, 9 National Economic advisors, 8 Secretaries of Health and Human Services, 18 Secretaries of the Treasury, 15 Federal Reserve Board Chairmen, 18 Secretaries of War/Defense, 13 Deputy Secretaries of Defense, 9 Undersecretary of defense for Policy, 15 Assistant Secretaries of defense for International Security Affairs, I'm actually going to stop listing because the message should be obvious. Secretaries of States, Joint Chiefs of Staff , UN Ambassadors all posts dominated by the CFR. The Clinton Administration was loaded with over 400 CFR members, The current Bush Administration has CFR heavyweights; Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld, Rice, Zoellick, Chao, and Wolfowitz just to name a few. 3 supreme Court Justices are CFR, The Media is well represented most of the top Editors, some of the more well known CFR media personalities are, David Brinkley-ABC, Diane Sawyer-ABC, Barbara Walters-ABC, and Tom Brokaw-NBC. Over 20 Congressmen, 13 Senators including or course John Forbes Kerry. And if that is not scary enough 6 members of the 911 Commission are CFR, including the Chair Thomas H. Kean.

The late admiral Chester Ward, who resigned from the CFR in disgust after being a member for 16 years stated that the CFR's agenda was "Disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government". This is not conjecture from an outsider but revelation from an insider. Another Insider Carroll Quigley informs us the history of the CFR began in Cecil Rhode's Secret Society the central part being established in March 1891, using Rhodes money. The organization was run for Rhodes by Lord Alfred Milner (but the real power and partner with Cecil Rhodes was Lord Rothschild) who was a key financer of the Bolshevik Revolution. The Rhodes Roundtable worked behind the scenes at the highest levels of British government, influencing foreign policy and England's involvement and conduct of WWI. According to Professor Quigley;
"at the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system (The Roundtable Group) had to be greatly extended. Once again the task was entrusted to Lionel Curtis who established in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing Roundtable Group. This front organization called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Roundtable Group. In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Roundtable Group. The American were dominated by the large number of Morgan 'experts'...who had gone to the Paris Peace Conference and there became close friends with the similar group of English 'experts' which had been recruited by the Milner Group. In fact the original plans for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) were drawn up at Paris..." Tragedy and Hope

According to Quigley the most important financial dynasties in America following WWI were (in addition to Morgan) the Rockefeller family; Kuhn, Loeb & Company; Dillon Read & Company and Brown Brothers Harriman. All were represented in the CFR and Paul Warburg was one of the incorporators. This Insider crowd which created the Federal Reserve system, many of whom also bankrolled the Bolshevik Revolution, were all in the original membership. In addition to Paul Warburg, founders of the CFR included international financial Insiders Jacob Schiff, Averell Harriman (The Order), Frank Vanderlip, Nelson Aldrich, Bernard Baruch, J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller. These men did not create the CFR because they had nothing better to do with their time and money, they created it as a tool to further their ambitions-World Government.

World Government frightens people so the Insiders refer to it as Globalization, and try to sell it as the natural evolution of an inter-dependent world. Understanding Globalization is the key to interpreting all current events, to demonstrate this point we will focus the hottest rising star in Globalization circles Thomas P.M. Barnett. Who is Thomas P.M. Barnett? He is the star disciple of CFR veteran Vice Admiral Arthur K. Cebrowski (USN, ret.). He is currently a senior strategic researcher and professor at the U.S. Naval War College, from October 2001 to June 2003, he served as Assistant for Strategic Futures, Office of Force Transformation, Office of the Secretary of Defense. Since Sept. 11, 2001 he has been advising the Office of the Secretary of Defense and continually briefing the Pentagon and the Intelligence community. In this CFR revelation, he reveals that he has given this strategy to 2,200 members of our Government including the Joints Chiefs of Staff. in what he calls the Pentagon's New Map he explains why we're going to war, and why we'll keep going to war. This is the public revelation of the true mindset and agenda of our Government;
"When the United states finally goes to war in the Persian Gulf, it will not constitute a settling of old scores, or just an enforced disarmament of illegal weapons, or a distraction on the war on terror. Our next war in the Gulf will mark a historical tipping point- the moment that Washington takes real ownership of strategic security in the age of Globalization. ..the new security paradigm that shapes this age...Instead, this New World must be defined by where Globalization has truly taken root and where it has not. ...The real reason I support going to war in Iraq is not simply that Saddam is a cutthroat Stalinist willing to kill anyone to stay in power, nor because that regime has clearly supported terrorist networks over the years. The real reason I support a war like this is that the resulting long-term military commitment will finally force America to deal with the entire Gap as a strategic environment. ...In sum it is always possible to fall off this band wagon called Globalization. And when you do bloodshed will follow. If you are lucky, so will American troops. ...Conversely, if a country is largely functioning within Globalization, we tend not to have to send our forces there to restore order to eradicate threats. ...into the here and now threats to Global Order. ...A countries potential to warrant a U.S. military response is inversely related to its Globalization connectivity. ...The Middle east is the perfect place to start. ...We as a nation respond to the challenge of making Globalization truly global."
Thomas P.M. Barnett, Esquire, March 2003 issue

If what you just read does not shock you , you did not understand it. I predict Thomas P.M. Barnett will have a great career in our Government, courtesy of the Establishment. Globalization, World Government, New World Order is coming and it does not have a Bill of Rights. Yes, Virginia there is an Establishment.

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