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Old 10-25-2005, 05:30 AM
Saturnino Saturnino is offline
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Default Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

People are not stupid ! The whole thing was prepared for the ban to be approved, with all the TV stars and lefties backing it up. But the people saw that this would only disarm the honest citizens and that they should not trust the government. The Illuminati must be very upset with Brazil.

Brazil rejects ban on gun sales

BBC | October 23 2005

Partial results in a referendum show a clear majority of Brazilians have voted against a ban on gun sales.

With 90% of the votes counted, 64% rejected the ban and only 36% wanted firearm sales to the public outlawed.

The proposal to ban gun sales was backed by the government and the United Nations, in a country where there were 36,000 gun-related deaths last year.

The "No" camp made a late surge, saying a ban would leave Brazilians defenceless against armed criminals.

Guns kill one person in Brazil roughly every 15 minutes, giving it the world's highest death toll from firearms.

The UN says guns are the biggest cause of death among young people in the country, leading to more violent deaths than seen in many war zones.

'No confidence'

Anti-gun campaigners said the swing away from a "Yes" vote was the result of people's desire to protest against the government's security policy.

"We didn't lose because Brazilians like guns. We lost because people don't have confidence in the government or the police," Denis Mizne, of anti-violence group Sou da Paz, told Reuters news agency.

They also accused gun makers and lobby groups such as the US National Rifle Association (NRA) of manipulating people's fears.

But politician Alberto Fraga, who led the congressional lobby against the ban, said opposition was "a reaction to the attempt to take a right away from the citizen".

The referendum has been watched closely by other countries where gun-ownership is under debate.

In Washington, an NRA spokesman called the result "a victory for freedom".

Millions of guns

The BBC's Steve Kingstone in Sao Paulo says voting - compulsory for Brazilians - was brisk throughout the day.

Those most likely to vote for the ban were thought to be women and poorer Brazilians, while the strongest opposition came from middle-class men, he says.

Under existing laws, any Brazilian over 25 can buy a gun, provided they pass background checks.

The referendum rounds off a series of campaigns run by the government of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to cut down on gun crime.

Penalties for unlawfully carrying a gun have been increased and money offered to people who surrender their weapons in amnesties.

The proposal to ban firearms initially had strong public support.

But opinion polls in recent days showed this backing had weakened dramatically as campaigns against the ban got off the ground.

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Old 10-25-2005, 06:50 AM
LaDominio LaDominio is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Well, that puts Brazil in my goodbook!
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Old 10-25-2005, 07:02 AM
Jimbo's Avatar
Jimbo Jimbo is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Brazilians Reject Gun Ban - :-o :-o :-o

Brazilians Reject Gun Ban - P1
"Brazilians soundly rejected a proposal to ban gun sales in a national referendum that stirred a fierce debate in a country with one of the world's highest gun death rates."

Brazilians Reject Gun Ban - P2

Guns In America - Interactive
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Old 10-25-2005, 07:03 AM
wolff wolff is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

"We lost because people don't have confidence in the government or the police,"

Just another example of Free Minded people, Not peasant's... Congrat's to all Brazilian's !

"Stay Armed - Stay Free"
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Old 10-25-2005, 07:19 AM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

I take it Brazil and Oz are the 2 NUMBER ONE places for the NWO "hunker down".

It's the bronzed beach boyz methinks.

Wazza matter Barron...afraid of a few pop guns?
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Old 10-29-2005, 08:48 PM
Barbara Barbara is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Weak-minded women and thugs who want to rob you once you have lost your right to keep and bear arms no doubt accounted for most if not all the pro-ban votes.

I would have loved to tell those women what a great equalizer a 9mm is at 20 paces, give or take. There is a bastard out there somewhere today who is walking around with a very pronounced limp because I blew his kneecap off. My aim was off, I was aiming about 2 feet higher.

Good on Brazil for having MEN who know that THEY are the last line of defense for themselves and their famiilies. Remember New Orleans where the police ran away when the poop hit the fan?

Sadly, most Americans only envision having to use guns against the military one day. They should live so long through the chaos that will preceed total martial law. It won't just be here, either. It will be all over.

Buy them now, while you still can. I suggest 9mm because that is the closest interchangable calibre to UN and NATO rounds or at least it used to be. If you run low on ammo you can always pick up what they "drop."

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Old 10-29-2005, 09:46 PM
Shannow Shannow is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

I was amazed when the normally complicit media had articles like this in yesterday's papers.
Gun ownership is rising and there is no definitive evidence that a decade of restrictive firearms laws has done anything to reduce weapon-related crime, according to NSW's top criminal statistician.

The latest figures show a renaissance in firearm ownership in the state - a 25 per cent increase in three years. And the head of the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, Don Weatherburn, said falls in armed robberies and abductions in NSW in the past few years had more to do with the heroin drought and good policing than firearms legislation.

Even falls in the homicide rate, which have been steady, began long before the gun law debate provoked by the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.

Nationwide, the proportion of robberies involving weapons is the same as it was in 1996, while the proportion of abductions involving weapons is higher, the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics fiures reveal. They show a mixed result in firearms-related offences since the mid-1990s. There has been a fall in firearms murders (from 32 to 13 per cent) but a rise (19 to 23 per cent) in attempted murders involving guns.

"I would need to see more convincing evidence than there is to be able to say that gun laws have had any effect," Dr Weatherburn said. "The best that could be said for the tougher laws is there has been no other mass killing using firearms [since Port Arthur].

"There has been a drop in firearm-related crime, particularly in homicide, but it began long before the new laws and has continued on afterwards. I don't think anyone really understands why. A lot of people assume that the tougher laws did it, but I would need more specific, convincing evidence

"There has been a more specific problem with handguns, which rose up quite rapidly and then declined. The decline appears to have more to do with the arrest of those responsible than the new laws. As soon as the heroin shortage hit, the armed robbery rate came down. I don't think it was anything to do with the tougher firearm laws."

The Shooters Party MP John Tingle agrees with this analysis but has decided to retire from politics next April because he is frustrated in his attempts to prevent further restrictions, even though the number of registered guns in NSW has jumped from 516,468 to 648,369 since 2002.

"If the laws had worked there would be much less illegal gun crime we are continuing this perception that if you tighten firearm laws you are going to control firearm crime, even though the opposite is true. Restrictive laws against legitimate ownership and use do nothing to stop gun-related crime because only law-abiding citizens will adhere to laws."

The Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, supports the laws irrespective of the statistics. "I don't think the laws have been designed to eliminate every firearm off the face of the Earth but it has achieved proper registration, storage and more effective licensing. These measures have all been successful and John Tingle's role should be acknowledged he is a man of objectivity and fairness. He hasn't been an advocate for advocacy sake."
Note the Police Commissioner at the end.

I'd love to see the stats regarding ammunition sales in Australia since 1996.

I was happy putting 50 rounds a year through my .22 before I was forced to join a club to "prove my genuine reason".

So I joined.

Pretty soon, I was putting 5,000 rounds a year through the rifle, and bought another two for long distance competition and cowboy type events respectively.

My partner got her licence and her own rifle as well. At least 30 people in our club (50%) are in exactly the same boat

Ammunition sales would paint a very interesting picture.
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Old 10-29-2005, 10:01 PM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2005
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

I wonder if the Yanks know how ridiculous our gun laws are?

You must prove yourself worthy of Catholic sainthood to get one and then you are limited to 7 round magazines for handguns! Semi auto .22 rifle popguns are out...even for farmers! Pump action shotguns banned...etc...

However, i am for registration and the laws whereby if you get a AVO against you the coppers come straight round and get your guns. I'm sorry. I dont believe in open slather...you have to have a drivers licence.

Amazingly, once Johnny declared he would not allow a "gun culture" to form in this country the local state governments gave licences for "gun ranges" in the suburbs to open up where any idiot can come in and fire ANY handgun they want...as you do when you dont want to encourage a gun culture.

Also, and i speak from direct experience, the black market for guns has BOOMED! Right now I could reach over to the phone and order a Glock or Beretta with 50 rounds. Brand new. In the box.

There is not a professional criminal out their who cannot get their hands on a handgun.

However, i cannot legally get one because i have an unrelated criminal record with absoloutly no history of violence.

Good on Brazil for sticking it to them anyway. With the place the way it is i'd be wanting a handgun too. %99 of crims will not use one if they know their intended victim is packing.

It would also help as the above aritcle mentions that drug use be wiped out. LITERALLY %90 of ALL crime would end. But we could'nt have that could we.
[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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Old 10-29-2005, 10:09 PM
Barbara Barbara is offline
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

Shannow, it just chokes the MSM to have to face facts that crime goes down when citizens are armed. THAT IS A FACT. We've seen it proven in state after state here.

Yes, it shows that the citizenry has little to no confidence in the police to protect them and they are RIGHT.

Policemen don't need guns in their cruisers, all they need are mops and buckets. By the time they arrive people are lying in puddles of blood and the assailant(s) are long gone.

Two slogans come to mind:

The best defense is a good offense.

When guns are outlawed only outlaws
will have guns.
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Old 10-29-2005, 10:12 PM
Shannow Shannow is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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Default Re: Brazil rejects ban on guns - Huge NWO Setback

re the black market in guns.

I spent my teenage years in ACT, which had full registration etc forever.

Once my Sainthood was established, and I had my licence, I honestly thought that their laws were well thought out and sensible (still think that they WERE, but now to have a firearm in a vehicle in the ACT it almost needs to be welded to the chassis).

My eyes were well and truly opened, when I saw firsthand how many, and of what, illegal firearms are circulating on the black market.

And there's no effort to stop it.
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