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Old 05-25-2013, 05:50 PM
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Smile Aristocracy and Democracy

Aristocracy and Democracy

'A human being is inhabited by a whole population of cells which are directly dependent on him and, consequently, strongly influenced by him. This is why they imitate him in everything. If a person habitually transgress the law, his population notices this and becomes exactly like its master, and it is on his head that any repercussions fall. He feels that something is not quite right and complains: 'What's wrong with me? There's a revolution going on inside me!' The truth is that it is he who has taught his cells to behave in this way. All your ailments are the result of the bad upbringing you have given your cells. You do nothing but grumble as you sweep your room; you knock the chairs about, kick your doors shut, bump into the furniture - and your cells imitate you. When they have to move something they kick it, and you cry out in pain and wonder what is going on. Well, it is simply some of your cells kicking the furniture about in imitation of your own behavior.'

What and where is that furniture? What a strange text that is; all about our cells kicking things about! Of course, those who don't know what a human being is or how he is constructed and who don't know that he is inhabited by millions of microscopic creatures will find the whole idea absurd. They don't realize that our cells are tiny intelligent souls; they are a population, a people with whom we are in constant contact. They are our children, our pupils, and we have to teach and guide them. But the trouble is that we don't know them and never bother about them, with the result that they don't obey us. However much we plead or threaten, they refuse to budge.

Take the question of sexuality, for instance: a man can be a pastor, a bishop or anything else you like to imagine, but his sexual organs function as they please, they don't listen to him. An Initiate, on the other hand, who is aware of certain truths and certain rules, knows how to command the cells of his organs so that they obey him. Yes, because he is fully conscious and has learned to communicate with them.

In the passage I read a moment ago, I used the example of people who slam doors and kick the furniture. If human beings were more sensitive and if they analysed themselves, they would notice that all this banging about, all the noise and commotion they cause outwardly, is reflected in their inner being. Admittedly, your tables and chairs have neither souls nor consciousness, but human beings have; they have souls and a psychic life and all this tumult, all those chaotic gestures are reflected in their psychic life. If they were sensitive they would feel the effects of this confusion, disruption and disharmony, for our gestures reverberate not only in our brain but in our whole being. The significance of our gestures, in fact, constitutes a science in itself. Every gesture is an eloquent expression not only of a person's inner attitude, decisions and intentions but also of his level of evolution.

A human being is home to a whole population, therefore, but, as he doesn't know it, he never does anything to care for them or improve their lot. He is more concerned with the world around him and never gives a thought to the world he carries within him and of which he is the educator and master.

And yet the events that go on inside a human being are a replica of what goes on in society. We see the same unrest and upheavals, the same revolutions. Human history tells of many kings who proved to be unfit to rule and were overthrown by their subjects. Knowing nothing about the terrible laws of karma, they reigned over their people with cruelty and injustice and, all the while, secretly and silently, others plotted their downfall an, eventually, toppled them from their thrones. There are any number of examples of this: kings who were dethroned and thrown into dungeons where they lived miserably for years on a diet of bread and water, constantly hoping to be freed, while those who had seized power ruled in their stead. Everybody has heard of such happenings but how many understand that the same things go on in their own inner life? The king within us slips into slothful or licentious habits, leaving the way open to hostile forces which seize him, throw him into prison and start to rule in his place.

Human beings must regain their place at the head of their kingdom, therefore, otherwise they will end by being completely supplanted by thieves and bandits from amongst their own citizens. If a person is unjust and dishonest, if he fails to respect certain laws, the inevitable result is an inner revolution that topples him from power and puts, the reins of government into the hands of monsters. And his friends and neighbours are so blind that they don't even notice that it is not the same person who is in command. Of course, there are extreme cases in which no one can help seeing it: if someone begins to say, 'I'm Genghis Khan, or Jesus christ, or Napoleon Bonaparte', it becomes obvious that he has been replaced. It is certainly neither Genghis Khan nor Napoleon nor, above all, Jesus Christ who has usurped his place! But he himself, poor fellow, has no idea where he is. The phenomenon of the dual personality is widely recognized today; no one doubts that it exists. But what people don't know is that this dual - or rather this multiple - personality exists in every one of us. Yes, because man is inhabited by millions of different spirits and entities which can all manifest themselves in their different ways depending on circumstances.

Believe me, there are rules in the inner world just as there are in the outer world, and it is important to know them. Why do people think that they can use injustice, violence and cruelty in order to dominate others indefinitly without their realiating? Even terror will not keep people down or force them to submit to atrocities for ever. All those who thought otherwise have learned a terrible lesson. In fact, this is why the aristocracy was brought down and replaced by democracy. Not that this means that democracy is better. It would have been far better if the aristocracy had been capable of remaining in charge by reason of its qualities of intelligence and nobility of character for, symbolically speaking, the aristocracy is the brain, that which is at the top, which sees and foresees and rules, whereas democracy is the common people, the stomach, belly and sexual organs.
I have often given you the example of a ship with its captain on the bridge and its stokers in the engine rooms. The stokers are the common people and they have the ability to drive the ship, but they cannot see where they are going; if they were allowed to steer, their mistakes could be disastrous. But, altough it would be a grave mistake to underestimate their importance - they represent the means, the conditions, the energy that is so necessary - they cannot be entrusted with functions that belong only to the captain, to the aristocracy. The masses are incapable of making intelligent decisions and steering events in the right direction. Forgive me for saying so, but that is the truth. The cells of the stomach have not been given the capacity to instruct and guide the others. When the stomach or the sexual organs clamour for something, the brain must not hasten to give in to them and satisfy their demands without a second thought. Human beings must be guided and enlightened by wisdom, and the strength and energy of the masses is there to realize the splendours that are the fruits of wisdom.

You will say, 'But all that is very dangerous! It's dangerous to condemn democracy and speak in favour of the aristocracy.' Well, there is danger in everything we do. When you eat and drink you are in danger of being poisonned of of choking to death. When you go out into the streets you are in danger of being hit on the head by a tile falling from a roof. We are surrounded by dangers of every kind, but we have to speak the truth. And the truth is that it would be better to restore an enlightened aristocracy than to be ruled by the judgement and appetites of an ignorant populace.

Naturally, I am well aware that there are some genuine aristocrats amongst the masses, people with the highest ideals and aspirations. I have met any number of them: they have neither titles nor mansions nor insignia of any kind, but the extraordinary generosity and selflessness of their lives set them apart as the best type of aristocrat. I believe that you are beginning to understand me now, aren't you?

When the world begins to listen to this aristocracy of elite beings, it will mean the transformation of everything. It will be the masses themselves that will clamour for a government of the aristocracy, for they will recognize that, left to their own resources, without the light they need, they can only lose their way.

But a hiearchical order must exist within each human being: every human being should have the aristocracy here, in his head, and the masses here, in his stomach. Both are necessary, but if you get them mixed up and allow them to exchange places, sooner or later it will lead to disaster. The solution is for every human being to implore Heaven to send an aristocracy of luminous beings into his head to guide and instruct him. This won't prevent the democracy from carrying out its duties; on the contrary, it must go on working even at night, for if the masses stop working, if the work of digestion, circulation and elimination ceases, the whole body, including the aristocracy, will be doomed.
What harm is there, therefore, in telling you that you must get back your throne and be a king again; that you must achieve self-mastery and learn to renounce certain weaknesses in order to escape the clutches of the wild beasts within you? There is no more important work than this: to become king of your own inner realm and gain the love, respect and obedience of your citizens. If they see that you are a good ruler, they will make an effort to do whatever you ask. If some of them start to lose their temper, you only have to say, 'No, no; calm down!' and they will obey you.

Otherwise if you are not in command, you will have to wait for days; they will calm down when they feel like it and there will be nothing you can do about it. The same is true for your sexual energy: if you have learned self-discipline, your cells will become disciplined, too. But if you have learned nothing, you will be obliged to satisfy their demands, otherwise they will overpower you. This is what happens when you are not in command: you are ruled by others that you know nothing about.

You have never envisaged the question in these terms before, have you? You live like everybody else: unconsciously. But that won't do! From now on, you must be conscious of what goes on inside you, because you have a duty towards your inhabitants. They have been entrusted to your care so that you can employ them in a work of great importance, and all you do is set them a bad example! When you have to meet other people socially you take care to be impeccable: your words, gestures, expressions and clothes are all perfect. But when you are alone and no one can see you it is quite another matter; you let yourself go and never think about the inner population that is watching you. Seeing this, they say to themselves, 'Very well, if that's the example he gives us, we'll do the same. He'll soon see what it's like!' and, before you know what has happened, power has been wrested from you. Whereas if you behave well in front of your citizens, they are capable of doing wonders for you.

If you realized what an immense population dwelt in you, you would take great pride in it. There are billions and billions of them - more than the total population of the world. And let me tell you that some Initiates have been so successful in educating the entities that dwell in them and have helped them to become st strong and so highly evolved, that they are now capable of working by themselves: they go and help, console and heal their master's friends and disciples. Sometimes, indeed, when they go to help others, they take on the appearance of the Initiate, and this is why people think that it was he who visited them whereas, in fact, he is often the last to learn that he has helped someone.
Yes, if a human being works intelligently and consciously, he can strengthen some of his inner entities to such a degree and give them such powers that, although he himself cannot go absolutely everywhere, thanks to these entities, he can travel throughout the world to enlighten all creatures and prepare the coming of the Kingdom of God. Believe me, this is the absolute truth, but it is a truth that orthodox science has never even suspected - still less accepted. Even the Russians, who have done a lot of work on parapsychological phenomena such as clairvoyance, the aura and the etheric body, still do not know this. The truth is that man's possibilites are unimaginable, indescribable and virtually unlimited, but they depend, of course, on his degree of evolution. If someone decides to study, to achieve self-mastery and to overcome certain failings, all those possibilities are there before him, ready and waiting. I am not the first to tell you this. What I am saying has been said before by all Initiates and all Masters since the world began. I am not inventing anything. I am here simply to transmit the secret of their learning and their power and to lead you, little by little, towards all that splendour.

If a disciple makes up his mind to work in this direction, therefore, Heaven takes him under Its wing and his own inhabitants give him more and more help and support. There are even doctors and healers amongst them who take care of his health. The fact that certain people can reach a very great age without falling ill shows that some of their inner entities look after their health, for health does not depend only on our organs; it depends on the entities that live in them and animate them. And, if these entities are weak or become paralysed, it only remains for us to put ourselves in the hands of the pharmacists, doctors and surgeons. And there is no telling whether or not they will be capable of healing us or prolonging our life!

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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