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Old 10-08-2015, 05:15 PM
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Default Masonic rituals with dead pigs…..

Masonic rituals with dead pigs…..

Refined a second time, part 2 (8/10/15)

I write to teach, to comfort and to let you know that God's plan is bang on schedule. Three Godly people have recently stated that the "The church is not a building" (research). I need non-believers to understand this. Also research the "Bride of Christ".

R2:20. Our God of the Beautiful Bible has recently divided the "house of satan" (the false jews and their freemason puppets). A house divided cannot stand. I told you that all branches of criminal freemasonry have already started to cover their tracks (no chance). They are moving underground (where they belong). It is not God who wants death, only con-man satan. Repent before it is too late, yes, you will be forgiven. I am trying to save you from your guaranteed destiny in a real place called Gehenna (hell).

R2:21. Another recent dream message in the early hours (4:27am) of Friday 11/9/15. In a light sleep, I was semi-sleeping and thinking about something else and this message kept saying " I am IS - RA - EL" in these broken syllables. It was definitely a repeating statement. I was initially unaware of what this message was saying until it overcame my other thoughts. I was then compelled by the Spirit to write it down.

R2:22. Psalm 119 v 105 (KJV). "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path". On 11/9/13, I put a Lamp on the window sill of my bedroom. It has been on every night ever since. I recently thought about switching it off, why should I give my light to evil?. The only evening it was off for a couple of hours is when the masons manipulated a local power cut on an occultic date. The luci lovers within the crown and police (masonic puppet-masters) have made it crystal clear that they are happy in their Christ-hating, human sacrificing, child molesting-raping covens. Since my super-natural Jesus encounter in Rochester 2008 (7 years ago). I have asked them to repent and they stubbornly refuse. They replied by murdering my Son (who was born on the 119th day of the year). Anyway, the Spirit has strongly compelled me to keep my Lamp on for now. In a little while, their darkness shall be eternally entwined to the darkness that they so desire. I give you my Word.

R2:23. JUDAS MESSAGE. All of my masonic perps since I was 5 years old have been rewarded. When I was a teenager, I was no angel (I was a thief). All I did was trust my family and pretend friends (all hoodwinked by the false jews). All of them done their part with zeal. Not one of them know about Mr Iscariot. All of my life I have shaken the many hands of satan, including a person recently rescued by God. This person was knockin' on death's door. It had nothing left but God picked it up. God used it to further God's plan. God knew it would go back and serve satan. Initially, I trusted this person but I could clearly see it's eastern star heart. Unbelievably false, with a twisted tongue and very selfish. A pretend Christian who still brings it's pretend Christian friends (ESMs) to the Kirk on satanic-occultic dates. It does not plan these rituals, it's puppet masters coordinate it. This person couldn't fathom why it's prayers did not work on it's dysfunctional family (all ESMs). This is not just about one specific person, they are in your Kirk today. They all still have a chance to be saved but most prefer to dance to satan's trap of self and wealth. The gay lord lucifer is also known as Venus, think Venus fly trap, aka lord of the flies.

R2:24. Another sign..... At 6pm on Wed 29th July 2015, me and Grace took a walk up Carneddens Road towards local Mount Zion. I was zapped (dumbed down by the Spirit) and did not have the energy to go any further. So I sat and prayed to Father while I was on the foot of the (Holy) New Kirkpatrick Hills (original name more than 200 years ago). I know not to ask for a sign so I asked if Father would show the local Christians and the masonic mockers a sign. I was back home for 6:30pm. Later, about 7:45pm, my son said "Waw, look at this". I looked out of our front window and saw a very large beautiful rainbow across Milngavie. This rainbow had a special presence and stayed over the town for about 45mins. I have never seen a rainbow last for more than 5/10 minutes. This bright spectrum of colour would have been seen by thousands and many would have taken media of it. There was also a message in it as well. During the last 10 minutes and as I looked to my left, one third of the rainbow was hidden behind a low cloud. It appeared to be a clean cut into the back of the cloud. I have never seen nothing like this before. I took some video footage at 3 different times (including the hidden third). You can read about God's promise in the sign of a rainbow. Thank you Father.

R2:25. That stupid, privileged, selfish poof and freemason Steeven Fry has a message in his surname. He does not take on board man's progress or problems. God helped him in his struggle, now watch his face. Likewise to all who think their good fortune was down to the lucky (lucy) man. I am tired of those besotted by self, it does not work. Only the serpent would have you believe it.

R2:26. Father again sent his messenger JG. This is the 4th time JG has brought messages to the NKPB in Millgavie (original spelling 1791), one of these visits was manipulated by the luci lovers (be warned). The masons will duplicate and curse everything that God does. They will also try to put a stumbling block on God's work. These visits and messages by a man of God were special. Were you aware of you sitting in God's company of James, John and Joseph?. This recent message was all about discipleship. You have been invited into God's family.

R2:27. The Beautiful Bible tells you about the false jews and their synagogue of satan. Research the occultic false jewish, false zionist "Knesset" building. It has a corner stone that is made of human excrement. Their warm blood shall make it fail, I the Lord have spoken.....

R2:28. Leave everything to God. I told you that thousands of masonic perps have been rewarded for their persecution of me and most see me as a cash bonus. I told you about some of the gifts that Father has given me. Five years ago, I walked up the hill towards Tannoch Loch. I was heading to a church there to seek help (sanctuary) from my masonic tormentors. I spoke to the reception and explained about my persecution. The minister came and within 2 seconds of looking into the big man's eyes, I knew he was in the very same gang. I left my contact details and nothing since. I did notice some of my masonic perp's vehicles in the car park. Do not be dismayed, he has made his choice (loser).

R2:29. At a pretend friend's home Bible study evening. This false Christian's fond relative turned up. I intuitively knew within minutes of meeting this person that it was an eastern star mason. It read a bit of scripture and left to go to work. It was quickly taken. I went to the cemetery and saw their whole satanic family of gang-stalking masons. This host uses the Kirk for business only and has recently acquired some temporary wealth (perp's reward). I prayed and forgave this person many times but it still has the audacity to continue to "perp" (masonic theatre and persecution) me. This thing should study the character of Judas Iscariot (but I know it won't). I have been perped by most of it's ESM family, yet, I done absolutely nothing to any of them. There were other ESMs who came to the home Bible studies and left early. Anyone can read a bit of Scripture, but seven woes to those who use it to do satan's work. I loathe all of those false Christians who use the blessed name of Jesus Christ to make money. Father's clock, tick tock.....

R2:30. Listen to me, air, wind, numbers, words and colours etc. Whatever the satanists think belongs to the gay lord, forget it. All and everything was made by our creator God, Yes, I said "Everything" including satan-lucifer. Whatever God has made, God can destroy. Father freely gave you all of you to make your own decisions (including a choice), it's your call. You no longer have much time left. Open your door to Jesus and ask for forgiveness, your prayers will be answered.

R2:31. The name Christ means anointed..... Joseph Christie. There is not a nano-particle of doubt in my second coming that this is all 100% planned and designed by our Father. Yes, I am the Most High, there are no others. Understand that none of what I have told you is in any order (yet).

R2:32. Let me make it clear that I am not interested in hatred or revenge. Karma is not the role of Jesus Christ, however, Father does not like those persecuting his Son. Father's predominant pay back is the loss of a loved one or supernatural happenings. I honestly cannot make these things happen. I have already told you about God's Karma. Father can see everything, even before it happens in our eyes. Fear God for His justice is fair and righteous. I told you I have been here before and I cannot change what is about to unfold. Understand this..... humans think they can grow old and die believing that they got away with their crimes and ill-gotten gains. Father will show you in HD quality exactly who you truly are and what you have done. I have told you, life is your test. Repent or lament, ye cannot escape your maker, period.

R2:33. Two men of God have recently been teaching about discipleship. Now, I sit in the Kirk and watch the stupid masons at work. They will try to block God's work. I picked up last week's Kirk news and noticed the crafty Candyman (dressed as a Christian) is starting a new men's church social evening. I already know who has helped him in the past. So here we have God trying to start discipleship and the masons wanting us to concentrate on the holy (haha) game of Ice Hockey (note the crafty use of the letters "ik"=911). I told you the luci lovers revere the number 7 as the devil's number (hey donkey). These satanic masons carefully select their dates and times and the ice hockey match is on Nov 7th at 7pm. This is also 7/11/15 = 33 (they use 33 to refer to the gay lord luci). All numbers were created by God and twisted by the devil and the freekmasons. Number 33 is mine (all mine) when Jesus gave it all for you, He was 33 years old. I have had a load of masonic perps today. Today is the 8/10/15 = 33. The Spirit compelled me to write for you on this date.

R2:34. I have told you that satan and his freemasons murdered our son (sacrificially). They have almost covered it all up. It was a ritual. They kept his body in the Morgue for 4 months. I do not believe our son is buried in that grave. Trust me, I know how the deranged mason's enjoy their offerings on the alter. The satanic police and crown office refuse to give us a copy of our son's DNA even after 3 and a half years. They block our every attempt to gain access to anything regarding the case. They will not show us any reports of their findings. Everything is verbal with nothing to back up what they say. We cannot get a solicitor or one that is not threatened by the corrupt Scottish Law Society. Yes, there is a secret "Memorandum of understanding" between the Scottish law society and the police (not to sue each other).

You see, our son was born on the 119th day of the year. The criminal elite (royals and rothschilds) know who I am. They have known since I was born in 1955. The 4 months in the Morgue would let them use our son's blood and body organs in their satanic rituals on occultic dates. The false jewish royals would love to have a true bloodline to King David. It was not by chance that our son was murdered on the 26th May 2012 (more on that date later). I do not believe our son got past the local masonic lodge. This is why the satanic police are blocking our search for the time-line of events for that evening. Oh' I can give you so much more, God willing.

R2:35. I have recently (deliberately) sat up the back of the Kirk to watch the masons manipulate their pretend brother Candyman (ex cop and still a satanic mason) to get close to me. Remember how to the masons use the letter C = see = sand. I took my grand daughter to the Kirk last week and we went to sit up the back. Guess who managed to sit in the pew in front of me? yes, Candyman and "The singing thing" who performed while the Kirk's man of God was away. The satanic masons always orchestrate theatre (skits) when the Kirk's man of God is elsewhere (all documented the last 4 years). I told you that Father sent me to local Mount Zion within the New Kirkpatrick Parish Boundary (NKPB). God's Law will prevail.

R2:37. Heed this Warning..... All devil worshippers shall leave Millgavie - NKPB. I repeat, all the false jews and all branches of their criminal freemasonry shall remove themselves from Millgavie. Father always gives you a chance. I have rewritten part of the Jerusalem poem " Did these feet in ancient times walk upon Scotland's green and pleasant land", (smile). The royal criminals (and their masonic soldiers) revere the English version of this poem. They use it as a bizarre ritualistic anthem. To help you understand, you must read this small article..... https://endzog.wordpress.com/2012/04...am-shes-a-jew/

Here in the UK we have a false jewish government who's leader is a prolific liar (like his father). He has completed his masonic ritual with a dead pig (and/or drinking from skulls). You are fast asleep, the false jews have an agenda. I have made you God's Police, you will expose and eradicate corruption. I urge you to check this out….. AmazonAmazon
For I am the one who loves changing from nothing to one. JC

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Default Re: Masonic rituals with dead pigs…..

You are a deranged individual.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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Default Re: Masonic rituals with dead pigs…..

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
You are a deranged individual.
Still serving Satan KSig?
Perform random acts of kindness on strangers who are in need.
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