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Old 04-15-2014, 06:18 PM
Martin Timothy Martin Timothy is offline
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Default The Case Against the Australian Government ..

For failing to adequately prosecute race killing and the murder of Jews and trade unionists, and for granting TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911, and the Mossad cell in Brisbane that spawned them free passage, announce the capital fate awaiting the entire Australian political, policing and news dissemination apparatus.

Who write fictitious accounts of 911, the Kennedy assassination, and the Holocaust, who avoid Jew unfriendly material and endorse absolute scoundrels as good guys to get 'em elected, where after they carry out the will of Zion!

Mossad Agents With New Zealand Passports Carry Out Torture & Terror in Iraq - Zev Barkan and Eli Cara aka Anthony David Resnick, were principles in a Cambodian snuff porn op, and are known to have filmed the murder of a young man on the grounds of Queensland University, in Brisbane Australia in 1972.

Australian Jew Ari Ben Menashi is an International Terrorist and Mossad Spy, whose Canadian home was allegedly bombed Dec 3, 2012. He is financed by George Soros, and allegedly perpetrated Zion sponsored massacres, at Dunblane School in Scotland, and at Port Arthur in Tasmania in 1996..

Twenty Five Blacks Kill, Twenty Five Blacks Die - Race killing in Australia, Hoera Te Kooti attacked and beaten to death by fifteen blacks Ipswich Qld, seven blacks kill a white man playing with his kids, black schitzo kills two white teens Rockhampton, and a couple hundred cops lawyers and politicos run dead.

Terrorist Alert: Mossad Spy Ilan Grapel Was Seen in the Brisbane Suburb of New Farm November 2, 2012 - The home of TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the "Celebrating Jews" of 911, part of the Mossad cell granted free movement by generations of Zionist sponsored goons, in the Australian & Queensland Governments.

Australian Jew and Mossad spy Ari ben Menashi, shot WPC Yvonne Fletcher in London in 1984, whence Gaddafi accepted the blame on behalf of Libya, he allegedly bombed Flight 103 at Lockerbie Scotland, Flight 1285 in Gander Newfoundland, and perped the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania Australia.

Australia: Scabs in the BLF, a motion still requires a seconder re an unfair dismissal in 1996 - Painters and Dockers Les Batkin and Ron Chapman who was an aboriginal, were murdered in response to their union activities in 1987, where after the remainder of the blacks, [and the whites] in the P&D's took off running, while the response from other unions has been just as cool!

911 Australia: TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg, Pizza, Woodledoodledoo - For turning from this and from the murders of Hoera Te Kooti, Steven Goldsmith and Katherine Schweitzer, the entire Australian political hierarchy down to local level in Brisbane, will be arraigned charged and tried as capital offenders.

The Only Good Jew I Ever Met is Dead - Katherine Schweitzer murdered Dec 2006, only she survived out of a Budapest family of fourteen, arrested and sent to Auschwitz in 1944 by a Jew living on her same street in Sydney - George Soros cataloged the possessions of Jews in Budapest, what does he know?

Judith and Susan Mackay aged 5 & 7 yrs, Murdered in Townsville Australia, police identified their attacker and instead of laying charges, infiltrated him into the union - He boasted of his crime in open company where after anyone going to the police, would have been turned back in to him as an informer!

Scabs in the BLF, Zionist sponsored scabs & murderers were infiltrated into Australian trade unions, while criminals similarly in the thrall of Zion were infiltrated into the Australian Government, that granted TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Jews who filmed the 911 attacks amid "Jewbilation," safe haven.

Steven Goldsmith disappeared in Queensland Australia July 2000, he was with a highly undesirable local policeman, one evening early in the same week he was reported missing.When I tried to report the sighting Clair at Queensland Police Missing Persons hung up the phone, while the next day Dec 28, 2006, the same day KS' body was discovered in Sydney, the desk sergeants at Police HQ in Brisbane told me to "get out."

Now posters are going up all over asking "Have You Seen Steven" .. his disappearance appears to be ground work for future charges Jews have been "disappeared," while nobody gave a good G-d damn, becuz they were Jews!

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Old 04-15-2014, 06:18 PM
Martin Timothy Martin Timothy is offline
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Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 727
Default Re: The Case Against the Australian Government ..

Jews are above the law in Australia, Abe Saffron torched the Ghost Train a Luna Park in Sydney killing seven school kids.. nor did one copper or politician take him to task!

In 1982 Leslie Smith then President of the Queensland Branch of the Painters and Dockers Union, said Peter Beattie then a Brisbane solicitor and Secretary of the Australian Labor Party, who was Queensland Premier for nine yrs until 2007, was blackmailing him under the terms of which he had committed murder.

The alleged victim was a young woman who had been raped by Brisbane electrician Tom Burns in 1972, Burns was endorsed by the Australian Labor Party shortly there after, and as Member for Lytton, was Leader of the Opposition in the Queensland Parliament for much of the 1970's & 80's!

The Wlodarczyk Killing: Terror becomes horror, Kay Chambers is dead, in July 1994 Kay Chambers and Paul Johannsen were extradited from Sydney, to face charges in the Brisbane Supreme Court, re the 1975 mutilation murder of this popular and loyal member of the Painters and Dockers Union.

In response to demands published in May and June 1996, and to telephone inquiries re the delay in bringing this matter to trial, a Justice Department spokesman replied 11 July 1996, there would be no trial.

Johannsen had been released from custody early 1996, after key prosecution witness Chambers had committed suicide, by jumping from a tall building in Sydney in November 1995, after being released from custody in Brisbane a short time before.

At the July '94 extradition hearing in Sydney, Chambers pleaded screaming to the judge not to send her to Brisbane, shrieking she had been shot in the head there shortly after John Wlodarczyk's death in an attempt to kill her, this case with the 1987 murders of Les Batkin and Ron Chapman, was instrumental in the de unionization of the Australian docks.

January 2006 an Italian Australian man was attacked on a public street in Cronulla New South Wales, by about eighty thugs..

Described as of "Middle Eastern" origin and beaten to death, as with Saffron at Luna Park and the murder of Katherine Schweitzer, the police took no action. His attackers posted a video on You Tube, partying with the same security footage of the attack playing in the background.

Wait for the day the Big screen is showing the same footage, both of the attack and of the party, and as each participant is identified so will he or she be brought forth and put to death.

Might be a couple hundred or more, hanged legally under the capital strictures of Australian Law, with the politicians and police who never investigated or refused to lay charges!Couple fat boys right up front in the vid, watch 'em choke and die at the same place they killed an innocent man!
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