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Old 09-16-2006, 02:44 PM
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Default Corporate US Up To Its Neck In 911 Guilt - Whistleblower

Looong but excellent read:

Corporate US Up To Its Neck In 911 Guilt - Whistleblower

This transmission originated on April 23, 2006; and is addressed to the Future of America:

A Grand Master Chess Player can think 20 or more moves deep- in essence calculating a Googol of possibilities in his or her mind before making a move. Now, if I were to contend that I could sit down with 8 of the world’s master chess players, and using the aid of only a pencil and paper- or less- play them simultaneously, guaranteeing that I could win at least 4 out of the 8 games, and that I could repeat this feat at will, anytime… Would you bet for me, or against me?

Keep that in mind. Now, what if I told you that by simply dividing the 8 expert strategists into 4 pairs, you could simply play the first player’s moves against the 3rd player, the 2nd player’s moves against the 4th, and so on, so that essentially the Grand Masters would all be playing each other, with only the illusion that you were making a mockery of their individual talent? Would it make any difference in how you perceive my abilities? Only if I disclosed how I did it, and when that disclosure was made, of course. You see, I’ve been studying illusions, but more to the point, I’ve been studying the illusionists…

J. Edgar Hoover once said: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous- he simply cannot believe it exists”… & he would know… as I believe that Hoover is someone who spoke from experience, not conjecture.

In the spirit Hoover’s observation, I’m here to ask the question: What if such a monstrous conspiracy were broken down, processed, and then distilled into an easily comprehensible format, wherein it was effectively communicated to the audience by taking them behind the scenes- where the illusions could be easily understood by the all who wish to see, and perceived in a way that cannot be un-learned? What if the audience were shown the critical perspectives from which the illusions cease to hold any influence over their thoughts, feelings, and actions?

In other words, I’m looking for someone else who sees the proverbial elephant in the middle of the room, someone who likewise senses that there’s too much not being talked about, events which affect all of our lives.

That’s a major challenge that I’ve struggled with for the past several years, because I have solutions for the problems presented by the New Normalcy that has flooded our society post 9-11… But it’s next to impossible to communicate the solutions to the People, many of whom think that the illusions are indeed real. And the most horrifying reality of the illusions to which I am referring, is the pain that innocent people are suffering because so many people in our Country are congregated together in the 51st State- the State of Denial.

On the other hand, I think that you probably have an idea that something is wrong; and that’s why you’re listening to this- and based on what I’m about to share, I think that you’ll feel both empowered and motivated by the overall feeling you’re left with after listening.

The gravamen of what I have to share within this message outweighs any measure necessary in order to achieve a line of communication with you… So, thanks for taking the leap of faith necessary to grant me this impromptu meeting.

After all, it’s not as simple as picking up the phone and calling people these days with this sort of information… because even if I had dialed your number, we wouldn’t be the only ones listening. Now, I say this not out of paranoia, but rather as a result of having been on the other side of information technology systems- and I’m familiar with how the data is collected, applied, and manipulated, and used against the American Public… and I think that more people would be interested, if only this information were to find its way to their attention.

And though I wish that this message could find its way to all of the Voices, which are influential in Our Society- I’m thankful, that I’ve at least gained an audience with someone of influence, someone who has demonstrated a sincere interest in helping the Truth find its way into the Public Mind.

What I’m asking for you to do is to lend me your attention and hear me through to the end, and if you do, I think that in HindSight, you’ll see your cognitive participation in this exercise as being time well invested.

The events I’ll be discussing relate to the Who, How, and Whys of September 11th, why this information is being suppressed, who’s suppressing it, and how I came to make this recording- as an escalated measure to communicate this information to the people who can use it to heal America… people like Yourself.

But first, I should ask: Do you really want to know what happened on 9-11?

Moving forward under the assertion, that you do: I’ve taken the liberty to write out some of what I need to say, and I’ve done this as a precautionary measure- because the relations I make herein are complicated, dangerous revelations, and I think that we have a duty to make our best efforts to be specific and precise in what we say, and the language that we use to address the topic of September 11th.

What brings me here to you today is my experience- a chain of events and causal consequences- which forged a foundation… from which sprung thousands of hours of research… and has led me to many hundreds of attempts to enlist the interest of people like yourself- people who have experience and resources, but not necessarily all of the information critical to catalyzing the American People into action. I’m going to challenge you to think, and since the only thing our leaders can recommend We do to help win the war on Terror is pay higher gas prices and look the other way while they plunder Our Future, I’m here to ask that you take what I have to say to heart, because you can do something about what’s going on.

You see, I’ve found that there are few people left in our society, who have a voice and corresponding influence in the public arena… and even fewer who have the perspective from which they can accurately direct those who will listen to their message. And, still, even fewer, who are willing to shoulder the consequences of making outspoken statements in a society which now frowns on people who think for themselves or raise question and concern when they see innocent people being hurt.

Continue to read:

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