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Old 12-01-2007, 01:28 AM
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Today you will think over the 17th verse of the Message of Jacob: “Every good giving and every perfect gift from above is and gets down from Father of the lights in who there is no alteration or a shadow of change.”

Today is Tuesday. We called this day a day of Good; therefore, today you have to do only good. Mars is connected with this day, this is why you have to be at war; with what will you be at war? With work around your tents, with cleaning, with washing of your clothes. As the planets exercise influence over the palms, so do people influence each other. This influence is noticed especially when people gather a lot in one place – some of their dispositions and indispositions are a result of the mutual communication between them.

For example, if you throw filth on some clean place, it will start to smell by all means. In a way that what the results are in the physical world, such will be in the Spiritual. That is why all the preachers of the past and of the present have recommended and recommend now Absolute cleanness – without Cleanness, personal or common, there can’t be any development. The Cleanness is the first and necessary condition for the correct development of man. I say: everybody has to work over himself and after he works over himself, simultaneously he works over others. You see that somebody made some mistake – if you can, correct this mistake. After you correct the mistake of some man close to you, you do good to yourself, and to him. The bad thoughts and feelings produce in the Mental and in the Astral world such filth as produced in the physical world. The thoughts, good or bad, turn around the man from whom they originated as around a center. Often man wonders from where some bad or good thoughts came into his mind, without suspecting that it is that very thought which he once sent into space. As you know this, you have to be careful, to keep all in utmost Cleanness. From everybody, physical, heart and mental Cleanness is demanded. When the body of man is clean, he will be physically health; when the heart of man is clean, he has a fresh face and clear eyes; when the mind of man is clean his face emits a pleasant, soft light. If the mind of man is unclean, he is compared to a smouldering fire, which smokes so much that nobody can come close to it for warmth. Often such a fire can be found in some village houses where the fireplace is in the middle of the room and smokes – the whole house is so smoky that one can’t look calmly, his eyes begin to hurt from the large amount of smoke.

I say: man has to clean himself constantly, for which there are a number of rules and methods. Someone says that he is unclean and is ashamed of himself; there is no reason for him to say that he is unclean, it may be understood by itself. In the physical world man represents a seed which goes out from the earth; as a result of it the seed which goes out from the earth is unclean, because the earth is unclean. But however much it grows, it already cleans itself and creates its aura; when it sends rootlets and stem, it goes out over the earth and sets free from the black, unclean earth. The one who is clairvoyant, he will see this little seed as a young girl who takes the broom every morning and cleans the house – the health of the seed depends on its cleanness. Some gardeners dig manure into the earth in order for the plants and the fruit trees to be able to grow well – from the manure the seed takes the elements which are necessary for its development and in this way it acquires power to clean itself better. In a way that man must not be ashamed from his uncleanness but to take from it the necessary elements for himself and to clean himself. The uncleanness is manure, dung from which man may use some elements, necessary for his growing and reinforcement.

Many of you have the desire to be clean, light as Angels, as saints. I say: one time man was in God, he lived among the Angels – why did he go out from there, why did he leave Heaven and come on the Earth? Man alone wished to go out from God, to leave Heaven and to go down on the Earth, to learn himself. Man alone wished to go down on the Earth, and then today he complains about his state! There is nothing bad in the fact that man went out of God and came on the Earth to learn, but the bad remains in the fact that the hands of the contemporary man are very delicate and he can’t work. He searches for other people to work for him but he doesn’t find anyone and finds himself in trouble. Therefore, the real reason for the dissatisfaction of man is not in his coming down on the Earth, but in the impossibility to find people to work for him. Man wants to be master, to have some servants; he says: “I need just to have one true servant to sweep, to clean my house”; if he doesn’t have such a servant, he is dissatisfied with his state.

These days I observed how one sister treated one brother: the sister wanted to pick up one big stone but she couldn’t; at this time one brother passed by her, she stops him and very softly, carefully says to him: “Brother, please, pick up this stone because it is heavy, I can’t do this.” When the brother was ready to help her, she immediately became serious, changed her tone – her tone was commanding. This tone provoked a reaction in the brother and he was ready to refuse; he thought for a moment and said to himself: “It is nothing, I shall serve her; her work is simultaneously mine.” He took the stone, brought it where it had to be and left. I say: sometimes one work may be completed only with the left hand, sometimes – only with the right; there are cases when the two hands simultaneously take part in some work. You have to know one thing: man has to treat all his organs with Love if he wants his work to go well.

And so, when the world has Love, they are always clean; if there is no Love in every work, it is dictated by interest, from some self-interest. For example some brothers brought their photographic cameras here to take pictures; once their desire is clean, it is good – they want to have a memory of their time spent on Rila. I had the chance to see some man walking thoughtfully, thinking about something and suddenly some photographer clicks with the camera, photographs him; this is already theft with a self-interested aim – to sell this portrait, to earn from it.

Now I take out this fact for clarification of one question which many people come upon. It is said in the Writing: “The robber doesn’t come except to rob, destroy and jugulate.” From this verse I want to take out the following analogy: as some photographers stalk one man to photograph him and afterwards to sell his photo, as the devil does. The devil is nothing else but a sensible creature which tempts just, and sinful people and he lets them commit some crime, to make some mistake. After this he stalks to catch the moment of the crime, to photograph it with his camera; in a way that the devil constantly walks after people and photographs their all actions, good or bad. When the man sees his actions published in the world, he wonders who saw what he did, who published it and starts to suffer, to be tormented; he wants to buy this photographic table, to keep it for himself, but the devil doesn’t give it back. And that is why man prays now to the devil, now to God to buy from them the tables of his crimes; after great requests in the end he succeeds in buying these tables. He is already calm, and thinks that nobody will know his mistakes and crimes, that it is already finished. Before long the devil starts to go after him again, follows him and all of a sudden clicks again with his camera. This shows that the consciousness of man has to be awake – to think about what he does. The devil loves to photograph mainly the bad actions of man since they are in his interest – he constantly stalks him and after he finds him in good disposition, he shows him one of the tables of his mistakes. The disposition of this man darkens immediately and he says: “I have done so many good deeds, so why do the bad ones stay in my mind?” Devil smiles satisfied and says: “I need the bad, not the good.” The psychologists explain this phenomenon in other way – they say: “Every action, good or bad, has its reverberation, its echo.” In a way that one mistake or one crime committed once, will repeat till they disappear finally. Therefore man has to be awake, to know that there is somebody who follows him from morning to evening monitoring what he does and constantly clicks with his camera. Whoever does not want to be photographed by the devil, let him do only good deeds – the devil is not interested in the Good.

You say: “Isn’t there some good creature to photograph the good actions?” There are good Creatures called Angels who in the same way as the devil, walk after people to photograph their good actions. An Angel meets some discouraged, dispirited man who has decided to kill himself; he immediately takes out his camera, clicks with it and presents to the dispirited man one of his good actions. This man looks at the photograph, smiles, sighs calmly and says: “So in me there was something good – as it is like that, there is sense to live!” Every man passes through good and bad states till in the end he understands the sense of Life.

And so, the people have to understand the deep sense of Life. If they come to this state, they will not be offended by anything, nor will they succumb to praise. Often people take offence from things which don’t apply to them; for example some man passes near you and says: “You are a bad man” – you immediately take offence or become discouraged and say: “I will not become a man.” I ask why are you concerned with this, why are you discouraged? This doesn’t apply only to you – everyone could be “you”. You have to say to yourself: “This doesn’t apply to me, I am not a number you.” This pronoun may be used in a plural number – for many people it may be said “you”; every man individually is “you” again. Someone says about himself: “I am a bad man” and the pronoun “I” again covers all people. One thing you have to have in mind: there is sense in man saying something bad about himself, i.e. to ascertain one fact, as it is in reality, when he may correct himself. But if man is not ready to correct his mistake, then there is no sense to say that the picture he painted, or the letter he wrote, is not good. It is not enough for the man to tear the letter which he wrote but he has to rewrite it several times until he is satisfied. If man says about himself that he is not good, it is understood that the work he did is not good; if he says that he is good, it means that the work which he did is good and done on the right place.
So, we have to speak to ourselves only the truth about things; if we say something which is not true, we have to correct it. You say: “How we will guess if what we ascertain in ourselves is truth?” The true things are easily known. For example, if you write one letter and after you read it several times, and remain satisfied with it, this letter contains true facts; if you are not satisfied with your letter, this shows that there are incorrect facts in it, that is why you have to correct it. From the one to the other end Life is only corrections – you undertake something which doesn’t go out as it has to, and you start to correct. We are sent on the Earth to complete our work as it should be; to every man a special work is given, which he has to complete alone. If he doesn’t complete his work as God demands, he can’t be free – he will come to the Earth a thousand times till he completes his work as God demands.

It is necessary for man to come many times to the Earth to learn its laws, to conform to them and to apply them in his Life. And man doesn’t live only on the Earth, he doesn’t live only for the present day. The present day depends on yesterday, and the future – on the present, therefore the present is a base of the future. On the base of it every thought and every feeling which excite man today, serve as a base for the thoughts and feelings which will come in him in the future. And that is why, when we have an interest in our thoughts and feelings, we have to know that also the Invisible world is interested in them. And when the Sensible creatures which are higher than us, see that we can’t complete our work alone, they immediately come to our assistance – after they come, the mistakes are corrected easily. For example some pupil is capable but lazy and doesn’t study regularly; the teacher examines him and when he doesn’t know, he assigns a poor mark to him. The pupil is startled by the poor results and starts to study; after he wishes to study, immediately creatures from the Invisible world come to assist him, after which all the teachers pronounce that this pupil is gifted. From his side, he alone wonders from where this inspiration and disposition to study came. When the pupil has help from the Invisible world, all his works go forward. After you know this, you don’t have to be confused – if you have striving for work, if you make efforts, the Invisible world will help you. If you have its help, you will become gifted.

Now I want to pay attention to the baths which you take in the lakes. If you want to have a cold bath, dip yourself in the water and quickly get out – don’t stay a long time in the cold water. You may dive and dip ten times in the water but immediately after go to the shore. What sense is there to get in cold water, to stay there some time and afterwards to get out all frozen and shivering? And man has to bathe in defined hours of the day when there are calm, harmonious draughts in the atmosphere, which make the water so – if you dip in such water, you will feel some pleasantness, will feel brisk, joyful, well disposed; such bathing already makes sense. When you want to bathe in cold water, observe if you come near it, whether it attracts you or not – if it attracts you, enter the water. Therefore, there are some conditions for bathing in cold water, which have to be kept: the time has to be kept, the atmosphere, draughts and a number of other conditions. If these conditions are kept, man will feel satisfied, disposed that he has had a cold bath; otherwise he will remain dissatisfied, will feel pins on his body and will think that he caught a cold.

I say: from my personal experiences, as from the experiences of other people, man will attain positive results on the question of bathing in cold water. Without testing nothing can be reached; the acrobats who we see in the circus, have they reached these results suddenly? No, they made exercises for a long time until they reached some results. With the same reason every man has to make exercises in the field that he wants to acquire something in – Life represents an uninterrupted system of exercises. In the field of Good a number of exercises is also demanded – it is not enough for just one Good to be done, but it has to be done on time and on place. The farmer for example never throws the seed on stony ground; and the soil he sows on has to be well ploughed. For the bad developed soil is not demanded but for the Good the soil has to be always well developed.

When I speak of developed soil, I understand it to be free from all useless substances and adding to it new elements. The same applies to the Life of man: in the complete Life of man, expressed in the family, in the society, in the religion and in the science, there are remainders from the past which today are useless for the new life – man has to set himself free from them and from every kind of atavism. For example, in the religious life of people there are many atavistic manifestations: it is in the prayers, in the rituals, in the forms of serving; all of this has to be set free. Some of them are useful, some are already old and have to be renewed, or completely thrown away. Many of the convictions and beliefs of the people are also old clothes which have to be changed with new. For example, on an old habit, someone throws forward his chest, wants to be brave, decisive, to strike the people with respect – this is an old cloth which has to be changed with new. The new cloth in this case is the correct, the light thought of man – only it is in the state to make him brave, decided. The light thought is a lit candle – if you go to God, your candle has to be lighted; if you go out in the evening, your candle has to be lighted. And it has to burn well, not to smoke, no smoke should go out from the candle. And the feelings of man have to be lofty, elevated – any bitterness is not allowed in the feelings.

You say: “What we have to do when some suffering comes?” Your sorrow, the sufferings are in their place; if some grief or suffering comes, say: “Not only I suffer, in this moment with me many other people suffer.” If some joy comes, say: “I am glad now but with me many other people are glad.” Therefore the grief and the joy, are personal and common. Someone says: “What interests me is that together with me other people suffered – for me is important that I suffer.” I say: as important it is that you suffer, so is it important that other people suffer – why? Because the grief, the suffering is work which has to be completed – the more people that suffer simultaneously, the bigger the possibility for the successful completing of the work. In a way the grief and the suffering are not arbitrary things but since the understanding of people about the sufferings are not correct, they suffer more than need be. For these people, who understand the sufferings, they have God’s blessing. I don’t have in mind the unnecessary sufferings which people create by themselves, but I speak about these sufferings which appear as a necessary condition in the development of humanity. In the joys, as well as in the sufferings, man tests, verifies and tempers himself.

One day we speak with one of our friends about generosity; he says:
- I have learned this lesson, I showed my generosity many times and may say bravely for myself that I am generous.

- Can you manifest your generosity now?
- I can, of course.
- Then help one of our friends with five thousand leva because he is in big difficulty.
- I shall think a little.

I say:
- As I see you, your hands tremble, you can’t reach in your pocket to take out at once five thousand leva.
- Can’t I give less than five thousand leva?
- No, it has to be exactly five thousand.

I say: when man has learnt the law of generosity, he has to be ready to reach immediately into his pocket and to take out how much they want. If the question is to help one man, to help him out of his big difficulties, help him to the end; if you say that you can help, reach in your purse, take out the money, give it to your friend and start to walk with him – don’t think about the consequences. Only in this way you will receive the Divine blessing. Not much time will pass by and you will see that the same money will come from another place.

You say: “According to our understandings this is impossible – it is not easy for some man to come to you wanting a sum of money and right away you reach in your purse and to give it to him.” This is impossible for people who are like a bucket with water, since in some of them the water is at the bottom, in others – a little more. One day, when all people become springs, fountains, then whoever comes to them, they will give abundantly. Some man wants five thousand leva from you, you will give him ten – this is generosity. You will give everyone how much he wants because the water anyway runs out. Only God is absolutely generous, since He is an inexhaustible spring. If some man is generous and gives to everybody, this means that God has defined him as a steward of His goods. Today people have closed their purse, they forgot that they are appointed as stewards of the Divine goods and don’t give anything to anybody. Someone wants five leva from them but they say: “We don’t have even five coins, we can’t help you.” I ask what does it cost you to give the man five leva. It is noticed that when they want money from somebody in the name of God and he refuses to give, he always loses. The same applies to that man who wants money: if somebody wants money for some pleasure, and not needed, he will suffer in something by all means – some misfortune will happen to him. If somebody wants five leva for some good book or to eat, don’t refuse this man – the impulse in him is correct and it has to be satisfied. This man will thank you and will justify the little sacrifice, made for him. A big consciousness is demanded from the one who gives, and from the one who takes. The one who gives, he has to be sensitive, responsive, to understand the needs of the man and to help him before he is asked. If you serve in this way, you will execute the task of the day of the Good.

Now, I take out a number of practical rules, and not only theory; the sense of everything is in the application. We have come on the Earth to apply, to deliver the Divine goods, and not to set things right. If it is a question of who will set things right, God thought about this, there are specialists for this work. The same may be said for the life of the individual man: if someone encounters hard tasks in his life, there are defined people, specialists who will come to assist him. If some of the screws of his machine don’t move, there are specialists for this – they will come, will grease these screws and the machine will go; till this time the machine of this man will creak a little but afterwards it will be corrected. He thought to do a lot of work but the specialist comes and the planned work stops; he says: “My work stopped.” Nothing happened from this, after the screws are greased, the work will go better. If some of you have unscrewed screws, let him not be afraid, they will be turned. It is important who has unscrewed them – if it is the saints or the devil. Whoever unscrewed them, when the specialists come, they will correct them.

“Every good giving and every perfect gift from above is and gets down from the Father of the lights in who there is no alteration, either a shadow of change.”

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on 21 July 1931, 5a.m.


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