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Old 12-06-2006, 01:35 PM
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Default Hollywood Plagiarists & The Freemason Degrees

Looking for people interested in helping me bust the Hollywood celebs. And why? Because they’re frauds! I’m pretty certain about it myself, but thought I’d get some experts to try to have a crack at this and tell me if I’m right or not.

To make a long story short, if any of you cryptography or theology nuts out there have ever bothered to read Steganographia (you should), being the first book ever written about cryptography and very much about theology, I’m wondering if I am the only one whose noticed that almost every movie I’ve seen in the last ten years appears to be a rip off of this book.

I got into it about a year and a half ago, just because it’s written in several different styles of Latin, and since I’m more into dead languages than cryptography, I decided to give translating it a shot. In any event, what I find in it, is actually a much different story about the life of Jesus than the bible portrays, which is very strange, since Trithemius was a Catholic abbot.

However, to make a very, very long analysis of the actual message in this book short, Trithemius was explaining that Christianity is little more than glorified versions of the Greek Mythology. After about a years worth of translating, and deciphering attempts at his “conjuration” paragraphs, I’ve actually written a little book on what it actually is.

I also discovered that the clear majority of Hollywood scriptwriters, have been strip mining this book endlessly. What they are doing (George Lucas is clearly the worst for it, as far as I can tell, the entire Star Wars trilogies are all carbon copies of this book with the mandatory ‘Hollywood Spin’ used), is translating the book, rearranging the chapters, and then using the Kabala to alter the names of the characters. If you know anything about Kabala, it’s about using letter substitutions to create similarly associative words.

A perfect example of George Lucas methods are as follows, keep in mind the character “Count Grievous” from the newer Star Wars movies:

Book I – Chapter I – Table I

Oriens. Pamersiel. 1000. 10000. 100. 0.0.
Subsolanus. Padiel. 10000. 200000. 10. 0.0.
Eurus. Camuel. 10. 10. 10. 10.0.
Euroauster. Aseliel. 10. 20. 10. 0.10.
Auster. Barmiel 10. 20. 10. 20.0.
Austafricus Gediel. 20. 20. 10.0. 10.0.
Africus. Asyriel. 20. 20. 120. 10.
Fauonius. Maseriel. 30. 30. 10.0. 0.10.
Occidens. Malgaras 30. 30. 0.30. 210.
Chorus. Dorothiel. 40. 40. 0.40. 30.0.
Subcircius. Vsiel. 40. 40. 0.30. 0.0.
Circius. Cabariel. 50. 50. 80.0. 80.0.
Septentrio. Raysiel 50. 50. 80.0. 0.80.
Aquilo. Symiel. 10. 1000. 10. 100.
Boreas. Armadiel. 1000. 180. 810. 00.
Vulturnus. Baruchas. 10. 180. 810. 00.

There are numerous little methods employed by the Hollywood writers, but this is an example of what George Lucas was doing;

1) Take the last entry “Baruchas”
2) Chop the word in half “Baru-Chas”
3) Take the first letter of the first entry “P” from “P-amersiel”
4) Stick that letter “P” into the middle of the last entry “Baru-P-Chas”

What you get is the word/name “Barupchas”, which is actually a Greek word “Barupfchas” meaning “Grievous”. This is where he gets the name, nature and general role of his Count Grievous character. Now keep in mind, in episode 3, the ship piloted by “Count Grievous” is covered in “Vulture Bots”. So again, look closely at the entry preceding “Baruchas” as being “Vulturnus”.

Now, do similar tactics for the rest of the entries in that table (you have to play around, the Hollywood types have made millions, so they like to get tricky about it keeping their tactics concealed) and what you’ll eventually get, is a large number of the characters found in the Star Wars storyline. Then, translate the chapter it’s in, and you’ll see exactly what I see. That every single one of those six books/movies is taken right out of Steganographia. Keep playing around, and you'll find that almost every major motion picture you or I have seen in decades has been ripped right out of this Steganographia.

Another popular method Hollywood is using is as follows:

1) Take those numbers in the right hand columns
2) Substitute those with Hebrew/Greek numerical equivalents (Gematria)
3) 10. 180. 810. 00 = I. AP. ChI. Q
4) You can randomly use those use to add throughout the entries, to keep making new characters or titles.

What the Hollywood types are doing, is basically taking this old book on Cryptography and Kabala, and for lack of a better term, raping the hell out of it. They’re basically just changing the order that the story goes in, and doing the mandatory “Hollywood Spin” to just keep pumping out slightly different storylines about it.

Freemasons also use this book, for their strange rituals of “hazing” and using “degrees”. They actually use each of the 31 chapters in book one as the traditional 31 degrees of testing each other. They call it “shaving” or “scraping” in the sense of “scraping your pride away”. Freemasons want their secrets kept secret, and for very good reasons. Every chapter in this book describes an excruciating act or acts of suffering about what Jesus and other religious folks go through. What the Masons do, is when one of their members breaks a rule of membership, or its time to advance forward, they spin it like a wheel, and whatever chapter it lands on, is the punishment used, including references to people wives being sexually assaulted.

I’ve actually written an interesting book about it, using my translations, and various deciphering methods, however, not surprisingly, my books are being black listed and banned, by Freemasons. It seems that since I’m not part of the Hollywood club, or Freemasonry, I don’t get to be published. So what I’m hoping is that some other Cryptography or theology hobbyists might give me a hand, playing with the tables and scrambled paragraphs to see just how many of the fat cat plagiarists we can bust.

You can see Steganographia at http://www.esotericarchives.com/tritheim/stegano.htmPrinted on the webpage.

A great read if you’re into things like that (and can get through the obscured Latin). Further research I’ve done, has revealed that all of those supposed “magicians” and “black magic” guys into spirit worship, were really just trying to carry on knowledge about Greek mythology being related to Christianity, and since people were regularly burned alive in town squares for such ideas at the time, they used Kabala and cryptographic methods to obscure it.

Cheers, and good luck!

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Old 12-06-2006, 08:09 PM
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Default Re: Hollywood Plagiarists & The Freemason Degrees

Bravo, you are 100% correct. The word Star is used in older times as god. They are all your carefully created gods. The creators of your entertainment would be better called programmers of you. Now what will any of you do about it. This BTW includes the religion of SPORTS. A carefully designed way of robbing you of your own accomplishments and transferring them to a few with your approval. Latter with your worship of a truly graven image. The human race, my oh my. You should continue, you are doing well.
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