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Old 05-13-2005, 09:03 PM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default Why I Give It To FMB & Ahmed.

As if anyone should give a shit?

I just want to set it straight as to why I say what I do and WHY its often couched in the words of the 'uncouth'.

It's a fucking WAR. And war is what they'll get.
Dear MAX,

You are the Eisenhower of 'threads' :-P

Holding the shaky allience together.

My reasons for what I write are quite specific. It is not for therapy.

Ahmed and FMB are not ignorent...they're dishonest.

The Masons started in Germany as a meeting place for the merchent/business/finacial classes to gather and discuss ways to garner power over Royalty who got in the way of THEIR profits and THEIR power structure. As they were confronting power that would hit back they bowed to secrecy.

Their roots however go WAY BACK...WAY BACK.

For FMB to say he believes the Masons were infiltrated by the 'Globalists' and have given them a bad name is SO ridiculous as to deserve the derision I gave him. He knows it's a crap statement. The 'Globalists' ARE the merchent/business and financial class!!!!!!

FMB is smart...he knows damn well what he said was crap and wreaks of someone paid to be here or here on specific instructions from above. Masonry is having a light shone on them at the moment and they dont like it.

FMB has danced around EVERY direct question put to him since he's been here. He finally answered honestly...he does NOT revere or love the God as espoused by the N.T. Thanx. Do I give a shit?... Yes!... Why? Because the Mason Cult goes to great lengths to put on the airs of the Christian Faith when their central doctrine is the absoloute OPPOSITE! It is absoloutly the antithisis of Christianity and against ALL of the desert religions. He's stated he does not worship God in the N.T sense...but forgotton to answer the next question put to him..."Which God DO you worship FMB"...i already know the answer.

Masons worship REASON. Have a look at their symbol.

FMB is at best a Diest/Pagan and at worst an outright 'Luciferian'...a 'bringer of Light'. Someone who believes in the belief of a supernatural God...out there...as rubbish. Superstitious rubbish. Stephen Hawkings statement..."i believe God to be the embodiment of the physical laws of the Universe"...probably sits best with FMB.

There is NO loving Father interested in the personal troubles of the individual made in the image of God. For the Mason/Luciferian doctrine of a return to the Fuedal/Cattle state of man to be successful, God and religion in general must be destroyed. It is Marxist doctrine. Satanic in nature. Dialectical Materialism.

I defend Christianity not just for some childish attachment to the faith, but for the practical aspects of our Judicial and Political systems which find their foundation and roots in the overwhelming doctrine of God's laws being above the whims of the State and it's minions.

Secular Humanism (literally- without God) is to replace the laws of God through the laws of man via the mechanisms of the United Nations. Central to the Mason/Illuminati doctrine. Whether witting or unwittingly FMB is a part of that mechanism.

When a wolf appears at the door dressed as Little Red Riding Hood I have no time for humouring. I simply reach for the base ball bat. I'm sure FMB shares a similar view on topics of inerest. In fact our basic natures are not so different. We bat for opposing teams however.

As for Ahmed? The man is a total hypocrit. You say MAX that you admire his "adherence to your principles, even under attack shows great character to me"...his adherence to dogma and rigid structure which is born out well in his love for the number 19. As if God plays with numbers to 'prove' his existence. What a joke! God ressurects! God explodes stars! Creates galaxies! This 'desperate' search for a literal 'sign' of God shows his actual LACK of faith. His love of a number fitting in quite well with a Mason and a lover of reason over faith.

Ahmed accuses all and sundry of idolatrous worship when he suffers a greater 'beam' in the form of his childklike attachment to a 'number' as 'proof' of Gods word. It may be a "beautiful set of numbers" as our dogmatic and fundamentalist former Primeminister Paul Keating once said but it says more of Ahmeds character than Gods.

You state you stand with Ahmed..."and I do stand with you in wanting to spread peace and love."...Peace and Love? The man who states over and over that the Iraqi's basically deserve what they get? That Iraqi's, through no fault of their own, suffer terribly is simply "too bad" for them according to Ahmed. They worship 'Hadith'. And he accuses ME of being a racist/bigot/scapegoater/tarring all with the same brush!

I have no time for pious FOOLS who cannot even notice the beam in their own eye before pointing out a splinter in mine.

He attacks the CENTRAL N.T doctrine as a lie put in their at a later date. That Christ was the brief and miraculous incarnation of God on Earth for a short period is for him bullshit. He finds 3 Pine trees in a vast forest of Oaks and proudly proclaims the forest a Pine forest.

By all means call Christ a fraud, a liar, a man who married a whore and smoked crack on the weekend but stop giving me shit Ahmed as your argument. You pick and choose to suit yourself way to often.

So MAX, in closing...that is why i will not suffer Ahmed and FMB anymore.

If my style offends?

Sincere and Warmest Best to you MAX.

Brendon TB.
"When it comes to the public good, politeness is for fools". John Raulston Saul: "The Doubters Companion".

"A method of controlling the debate and indeed stifling it" Brendon

BTW...if your own nature is one of non-confrontation, politeness...so be it. Just make sure that it's YOUR nature and not someone elses.

My nature has been hard won and no one will be taking it away from me anytime soon. State included.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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Old 05-14-2005, 04:01 AM
Ahmad Ahmad is offline
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Default Re: Why I Give It To FMB & Ahmed.

Well TB,

I tried to help you but you refuse to help yourself!, again this entity that is spitting obscene words of your mouth is not the real YOU!

Believe it or not, you are oppressed by your Jinn companion and you will never know the real Happiness untill you realize it and confront him.

The real people are honest, compassionate, pure and refrain of insults because of their reverence of God.

What if the wolf who come knocking on your door is actually a lamb, a gift from God and you mistake him for a wolf and kill him unjustly?

There was a time i would be hurt by such insults, however now that i know the Truth, i don't.

And untill you come up with honest sincere questions or objections regarding the message and its proof, i will just have to ignore you.

Do you question the postman or the envelope instead of the message itself?
God\'s alternative, USN

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