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Old 09-10-2005, 07:32 PM
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Default Katrina rescue in 6 hours

Or was it 4-5 days, I forget.

The following story is not a black and white condemnation of anything, but shows a little of what shape America is in.

Canada has one Urban Search And Rescue team made up of 40+ well trained volunteers. They are located in Vancouver. Basically located near the north-west corner of the USA. New Orleans is on the south-east corner of the USA, surrounded by 47 American States.

Canada's team decided 6 hours after Katrina hit that their services would be needed in NO. They left 6 hours after that, as to protocol. The success of their mission perhaps relied upon the dual nation effort, one not marred by the totalitarian mindset gripping the USA. Where seemingly everyone is afraid to criticize the Emperor, and his goofish goons.

Louisiana State Police escorted Canada's USAR team in Chalmette Louisiana, although there wasn't much violence at the time, just welcome, and dead bodies. FEMA actually didn't stand in their way.



From Vancouver, B.C. to Chalmette, Louisiana
CTV.ca News Staff

A Vancouver-based search and rescue team is back at home after a very intense time in southern Louisiana.

The 46-member Urban Search and Rescue Team were exhausted, but they had some results to show for their work: 119 people rescued.

Their efforts were appreciated.

"The president of (St. Bernard Parish) got up and hugged me when I came through the door," said Tim Armstrong, one of the team's leaders, upon arrival back home Tuesday. They had shipped out on Aug. 31 -- two days after Hurricane Katrina struck.

"They all started weeping, because we were the first sign of relief effort that came in there."

On one 18-hour day of work recorded by CTV News Vancouver's David Kincaid, they were doing much more searching than rescuing.

As they worked through homes in Chalmette -- a town of 32,000 on the Mississippi River's east bank about just southeast of New Orleans -- in teams of three to four, protected by armed escorts from the Louisiana State Police, they would write a code on the home.

In one case, they wrote 2D in red paint, meaning two dead inside the home.

"If they're there, you're going to get a 'respond,' right?" asked Steve Svensson. "But if there's dead in there you're going to smell it right away."

With temperatures in the 30-plus degrees Celsius range, the stench of decay was everywhere in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the resultant flooding.

To check homes, they either knocked out windows or used crowbars to pry open doors to go inside.

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Old 09-11-2005, 06:40 PM
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Default Re: Katrina rescue in 6 hours

I hate responding to my own threads, as I'm sure the rest of you do too...

This Canada mission story broke a few days ago. The volunteer team came home exhausted after a good mission. They succeeded. The parrish put up Canadian flags etc.

The team came home while America was setting about starting. A little surreal.

Did only Canada get this story? Americans out there - any feedback?

Would you expect Alaska to be the first state on the scene in Louisiana? Not quite as far, but close.
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Old 09-11-2005, 06:53 PM
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Default Re: Katrina rescue in 6 hours

I don't know what to make of this stuff...like the photo blogger on another thread who seems to contradict some of the mainstream accounts of what happened.
I suppose we will be submerged now in a sea of conflicting versions of what really happened at the New Orleans Holocaust, just like the Nazi Holocaust of WWII. More NWO chicanery to keep us confused and divided.
But like TB says, it appears that a lot of people made the mistake of trusting the U. S. government to help them through the crisis -- and it turned out to be a fatal mistake.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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Old 09-13-2005, 12:01 PM
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Default Re: Katrina rescue in 6 hours

Thanks Freeman for your impression. We do live in a media universe that is both US centric as well as local centric. Canada has it both ways because of our proximity.

What I wanted to do with this story, before it dropped off into the memory hole, is show a glimpse of what I can see from Canada. The story came to my attention from a domestic media source that is usually pro USA, pro Bush. They weren't kicking America but indignant that America could be so incompetent when so many lives were at risk.

As I suspected this story was not reported widely, although Reuters originated the international version and Yahoo and a few others reprinted it.

When I read Vialls accounts of various bomb blasts in Bali etc. I realized that many news stories not near to home received little attention. It would be quite easy for a person in Europe for instance to miss out on Asian or North American stories related to their field of interest.

Katrina is important globally because it almost caused an instant inflationary depression in the US and may still yet. Many countries stepped in to shore up US Oil reserves which may not have been what the Illuminati were counting on.

To those who are unsure of how fast is fast in a time of crisis - ask yourself how fast the US gov't steps in to cover up. Think 911 and all the video tape seizures, or all the recycled steel from the towers which is abominable. When they want something done they do it fast.

What magnifies this story is that Canada's team came 3500 km, and were 5 days ahead of any other US State in putting trained rescuers on the ground. This is just a glimpse how 'whacked' the US can be when it puts it's mind to it. The Canadian operation could likely have been scuttled by FEMA etc but wasn't


Canadians Beat U.S. Army to New Orleans Suburb

Thursday, September 8, 2005

A Canadian search-and-rescue team reached a flooded New Orleans suburb to help save trapped residents five days before the U.S. military, a Louisiana state senator said on Wednesday.

A Canadian search-and-rescue team reached a flooded New Orleans suburb to help save trapped residents five days before the U.S. military, a Louisiana state senator said on Wednesday. The Canadians beat both the Army and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. disaster response department, to St. Bernard Parish east of New Orleans, where flood waters are still 8 feet deep in places, Sen. Walter Boasso said.

"Fabulous, fabulous guys," Boasso said. "They started rolling with us and got in boats to save people."

"We've got Canadian flags flying everywhere."

The stricken parish of 68,000 people was largely ignored by U.S. authorities who scrambled to get aid to New Orleans, a few miles (km) away. Boasso said residents of the outlying parishes had to mount their own rescue and relief efforts when Hurricane Katrina roared ashore on August 29.

The U.S. government response to the disaster has been widely criticized. Politicians and editorial writers have called for the resignation of top Bush administration officials.

Boasso said U.S. authorities began airdropping relief supplies to St. Bernard last Wednesday, the same day the Canadian rescue team of about 50 members arrived from Vancouver, nearly 2,200 miles away.

"They chartered a plane and flew down," he said.

Two FEMA officials reached the parish on Sunday and the U.S. Army arrived on Monday, he said.

"Why does it take them seven days to get the Army in?" Boasso asked.

He speculated that the smaller parishes suffered because the focus was on New Orleans, the famous home of jazz and Mardi Gras.

As for the Canadians, Boasso gave thanks for their quick work.

"They were so glad to be here," he said. "They're still here. They are actually going door-to-door looking in the attics" for people to rescue, he said.

Copyright 2005 Reuters Limited







distance and longitude specs for those inclined...

Distance between New Orleans, Louisiana, United States and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as the crow flies:
2179 miles (3508 km) (1894 nautical miles)

Initial heading from New Orleans to Vancouver:
northwest (316.8 degrees)

Initial heading from Vancouver to New Orleans:
east-southeast (115.0 degrees)

New Orleans, Louisiana, US

Parish: Orleans Parish
Location: 30:03:57N 89:55:53W
Population (1990): 496938
Elevation: 11 feet

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Location: 49:15:00N 123:04:48W
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