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Old 07-11-2009, 08:08 PM
Fahrenheit 912 Fahrenheit 912 is offline
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Default Re: Michael Jackson is dead - Part of an ongoing surreptitious war?

Now, what could multi-billionaire music executives and elements of the political far right possibly have in common..? Sounds like people much of the same mindset to me. If so, then we have both stumbled upon a common thread, and after all, we are not dealing in extremely discreet categories of people. You said that Jackson was worth more to the music industry in death than in life. This seems to be highly perceptive on your part, and I thank you for bringing this to my attention. But in reality, this seems to be an affirmation of what I was thinking all along. These crimes, these atrocities, tend to be multi-faceted - they may exist on many different levels and address several different issues simultaneously. I am thinking of 9/11 here. I don't know who actually perpetrates these crimes, but they are conceived, scenarioed, and executed by extremely intellegent individuals...., psychopaths for sure, but extremely intellegent psychopaths - no less. Again, I am not one hundred percent sure that this was the case, that Jackson was bumped off by far right wing operatives, but the modus operandi of individuals possibly involved in this case tends to suggest otherwise...

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