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Old 11-17-2005, 02:25 AM
john john is offline
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Default Re: David Irving Arrested in Austria

I`m not Aryan. My ancestors came from North China with the other Magyars. Moreover, they mixed with a lot of people on the way... but it`s all OK.

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Old 11-17-2005, 04:39 AM
truebeliever truebeliever is offline
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Default Re: David Irving Arrested in Austria

I understan where you're coming from JOHN but I am with DRAK.

We are at heart splinters of the God Head but that is just the foundation. A house is more than it's foundation.

It is clear that their is a program to eliminate the concept of "race" and "tradition" and leave people isolated and blowing in the wind so they can be controlled and treated as little better than cattle and cogs in the machine.

It would seem to me that Judaism inparticular has a strong role in this. I am not so sure that the Torah is exactly a nice peice of writing either and it's all the Zionists, though I am happy to see the Torah Jews having a go at them. The coming of Christ was the best thing that ever happened to the Jews. That they cannot read and take in what He said is beyond me.

People as individuals must take responsibility and that extrapolates out to whole communities.

I will not be blaming all the woes of the world on "Da Jooooze" but I am not going to deny that the foundation of what I see unfolding has an uncanny resemblance to much of the traditional Jewish texts and the facts of history speak for themselves.

I will not hate but I will hold people responsible. I will also take people as I find them. I would hope certain other "groups" would do the freakin same.
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