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Old 10-09-2006, 07:34 AM
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Default Why The Wet Rag Christian Churches Have Failed Us So Miserably: Have They Woken Up?

I think people have been conned over Christ as some sort of wussy new age flake...lovey dovey, kiss, kiss, i am so precious, floppy doll.

Time and again Christ kicks ass. Christ says things like..."if any man lay a finger on the hair of these little ones, it would be better that a millstone be tied around his neck and thrown in the ocean"...does that sound like a kissy, kissy, love no matter what evil scum do in this world? To forgive...constantly? Christ CONTINUALLY says..."woe unto thee who..." put in the evil action.

See what the Orthodox Christian Churches have to say about Christ. Christ as new age flake? No...Christ as iron rod setting the record straight and yet adding that one find forgiveness for people that..."know not what they do". When you are evil you are gotton rid of. Simple. If you cant repent when you commit major evil...when you do not have the capacity for reflection...then i will pull the trigger. Quite literally and feel quite right calling myself a "Christian". The Catholic Church and and it's various offshoots are responsible for portraying Christ as a wet rag in the face of evil.

Their is too much NEW and not enough OLD in the Testament teaching. One balances the other.

All one has to do is read the Gospels and draw the obvious conclusions. Because the Churches have regressed into a form of narcisistic contemplation like "meditation", we see OTHER institutions taking over the role it was obviously meant to have...namely the secret societies like Masonry and various socialist/communist movements. As Hitler said...Communism is simply Christianity. Just read "Acts" where followers of the Apostles give up their possessions to "common property" and live together. It's seeded throught the post Gospel New Testament.

Because people are HUNGRY for God they go EVERYWHERE but the Churches who give you ZERO tools to do the job! Their is NO Bible quote saying you cannot use Astrology to understand yourself and your place in the Universe. Where in the Bible does it say to avoid dreamwork? If Christ did'nt say it...i aint listening.

Till the Christian Faiths commence use of astrology, dreamwork, kinesiology and ALL the so called "alternative" remedy's for making life better, we will see themselves, making themselves, SOOO irrelevant they will cease to exist. Instead of Catholic pedophiles burning home remedy makers at the stake for witch craft we could have see a continuation of the Churches role of central point of salvation for the mind/body/spirit of man/woman.

But! They ARE catching on. At least here in Oz. The Churches are whining that they have become "too secular" and have lost the fight in the "values" stakes. Really? Well fancy that! So now the heads of the various faiths are screaming at the local outlet for the economic rationalist mad men who want us as simple "cogs in the machine". Now they have decided to strike and none to soon. Hopefully we will see a mass migration of the faithful BACK to the pulpit when we see a reinvigorated Church addressing the IMMEDIATE psycho/social/physical/spiritual needs of the common people and not sitting back like pathetic left leaning tamborine playing hippy's throwing flowers instead of the fire and brimstone needed to set straight the wrongs of this world.

I feel much better now.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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