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Old 04-08-2005, 09:13 AM
get_real get_real is offline
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As a former christian, I now must find the strength to accept yet another teaching. This of some NWO creating some new GOD, and probably a new BIBLE, and probably some new RITUALS.

For heavens sake, if they are going to hide/eliminate the Christian belief/faith, then I say...don't go onto some other god.

How much more can I take. Can't I just have the basics for getting up in the morning and providing for myself/wellbeing, be a law abiding citizen, good to my neighbor, and contribute fairly to what it takes to keep our country debt free and well-stocked for our people??

I don't know what I am doing so wrong???

I believe that there is a higher power. I do not believe in the christian heaven/hell story, and I make no apologies. I feel we can be awakened with teaching tools, however, I've met people who for decades had never gone to church, nor do they believe in a man-made god---and they are very fine people. The kindest that can be.

As for myself, being sent to Catholic School as a youngster really made me question things quite early in life. I personally thought the priest and nuns were out of their minds. Glad my parents felt the same. But we went along with it for show. LONG STORY!!!

The one thing that I truly dread, outside of issues that I won't go into now, is that I will be forced to worship some god/gods/man-god. (I'm still not over the rosary, what's with that anyway???!!!) Like my mother used to say: "good for business". The communion thingy made me sick to my stomach. Maybe that's why I'm not so keen on bread and wine in my eating habits.

Please!! No more religion for me. I'd rather have a tooth pulled without novecaine.

Though fellowship can be a good thing for people to unwind and talk pleasantries, and have entertainment for their children, these fellowships have become mind twisters instead. (Actually they have been mind twister from their conception, we just didn't know it)

I know I'm coming across as an everyday jane.
I feel (at times) that getting into heavy discussion/debate doesn't have any answers.
But it makes for good communication with fellow man. No problem with that.

So for those of you that think that Christianity doesn't get equal time, to me (and those like me)... this is what we constantly hear. It's all over de place!!! If you're not Christian, you are doomed for hell, as well as hell on earth.

I just don't know what I'm doing so wrong.
Is it my breath??

PS: I wonder if this new pope will come from a wealthy family background???? With friends in all the right places!!!

Got Truth?
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