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Old 01-16-2018, 07:57 PM
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Default Lord & Lady Lucan - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Countess Lady Veronica Lucan Inquest - The 1974 disappearance of her husband Richard John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan and the murder of their children's nanny remains shrouded in mystery - Material leaked from UK Police sources allege Arnold Schwarzenegger killed Nanny Sandra Rivett and Lord Lucan

Giovanni claims it was actually Arnold Schwarzenegger who slew Sandra Rivett, that Arnie spent several years in London working on his physique as part of his body building training.

To make a bit of extra cash while in town he worked as a goon for London debt collectors, who needed scary looking guys to intimidate gamblers into coughing up. Lucan's well documented debt problems meant they moved in the same circles.

Lucan - well connected with an unnamed US Senator - offered to help Schwarzenegger get the Green Card he needed to move to the States .. according to Giovanni's police source, Arnie was hired by Lucan to kill his wife so he could sell the house and get his kids back.

Obviously the plan went awry, apparently Arnie mistook Sandra Rivett for Lady Lucan and bashed the nanny out of existence with the iron bar he used to scare gambling addicts.

Lucan realised the mistake and tried to finish the job, but his weaker frame meant his wife survived and escaped to the pub, after playing along with Lucan's escape plan Arnie killed Lucan and buried his corpse, creating a mystery that's stumped authorities for four decades.#
The tenor of the case suggests Lucan and Sandra Rivett were "having it off," that Lady Lucan found out about it and decided to kill them both, that she brought Arnie in to fulfill the deed, that her story to the police was fabricated and that her injuries were self inflicted to add creedence to her story.

This story begs the question where were the police, and if there is evidence against Arnold why do they not issue summonses and make arrests .. remember Ted Heath against whom monstrous allegations of sadism and child murder have been made was British PM at that time, it appears the Police and Scotland Yard just let them, Arnie and Heath get away with it.

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