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Old 10-02-2005, 02:36 PM
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Default How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

9) Analyze the Female

This is an old practice used by the Hindu and Buddhist sages to help you see past the sexual allure of the female. There are many ways you can "analyze the female" until her bewitching impact just dies.

Realize how her youth gives her a fleeting allure; she'll only be that way a short time. In her springtime nature tries to get some new babies coming along, by making her look that way so that she can draw in foolish males. The world has plenty enough babies, and the thrill of sex with her will come and go, and leave you wasted. Visualize how much she'll sap your bank account, probably sue you some day, and rob you of both material and occult wealth. All for that pretty face that fades so fast. See her as a pretty flower that is poisonous. Here are some examples of how to analyze the female:

1) Age her in your mind. Imagine what her face will look 30 years from now. Picture her at 40, 50, 60, and so on. Imagine how much less sexy she'll be as an old hag. Think how she'll look as her eyes sink in a little, her cheeks sag, etc. Visualize her rear when it sags and gets flat; her breasts when they deflate and droop. She'll start stinking, and you'll have to smell that strong chemical she uses to cover it up. She's headed for death. She's a sure case of "bait and switch." See her laid out in the coffin some day. Realize that's where her body's heading. It can help a great deal if you can see a photo of an older female relative, such as her mother or a sister. The older the better. You'll be able to get a good sense of what she'll look like when she's older. Even ten years of age will take away most of the charm of a female in her teens or twenties. Think that this is what she is already, now.

2) Ponder why her red lips make you attracted, and why she likes to make her lips red: a) it conveys to your body that she is healthy and could bear strong young, b) Red lips suggest she is in a fit of passion (like a cat in heat) and feeling "sexy," the blood rushing to her face and lips. c) She wants to make you aware of her lips up above so that she can later get you interested in her less attractive "lips down below." You could only get interested in those in a state of madness; that is why she sets before you her upper lips. Framed by a pretty face, with cute talk coming from them, they seem interesting. But they are just two worms on a vicious hook. She paints her lips because she wants you really aware of "lips," to do that bait-and-switch on you.

3) Pink cheeks are the same. They make you think she has good circulation and is in good health, thus to make babies. Flush cheeks imply she is pure and sensitive; that she is capable of blushing, which makes you feel she is pure and innocent like a child. She knows you are attracted to that purity, so she paints on fake "blush" to make herself seem healthy; and innocent enough to blush. Before the proliferation of makeup, girls who wanted to attract used to pinch their cheeks to redden them, all for the same reasons of psycho-genetic manipulation of the gullible male. Even old women are trying to scam you with rouged up cheeks! (Men are in such a pathetic state today, even the driest old prunes think they can pull you.) Even if her blush is real, soon she'll lose her innocence, become hard and jaded, and pursue of pleasure, fame, money. Her desires will be insatiable. Her innocence will soon be lost. Then you won't find her attractive.

4) Her rounded rear and legs say: She has some fat in her to get through the winter; she can bear and feed some young 'uns. All her rounded parts are just fat deposits that tell your mammalian mind that she is fit to bear young and get through a winter and nurse them. That's why your body gets a charge out of it. Your body is set on stupid mode when it sees her rounded fatty deposits.

5) Why has the female smeared that glistening gloss all over her lips? To make them seem wet, like the lips down below. Also it brazenly suggests semen, so she is conveying to you the sodomy sin which hooks men like fish on a jagged hook. See how awful she is? So brazenly she tries to pull you down to the lowest sexual ideas! Why has she made her nails long and red? To make you think of piercing, and blood. Or black: She wants you to know she is wicked; she is open to evil. See how easy it is to correctly deconstruct the female? It's all really obvious, it's embarrassing. She should be so embarrassed. Why does she wear high heels? Besides trying to fake the stature of a man, it makes her rear end sashay in a "sexy" (lust-inducing) way when she walks. Just like female fish waggle things about when trying to attract the male.

6) Realize her body is full of the various cruds that makes up the human body (this is a favorite of the Asian sages). Excrement is sitting in her, all sorts of fatty deposits, weird impurities and drugs, gristle and bone, etc. She has bacteria in her mouth, and when she wakes up it stinks. Even if she seems pretty, there is even more putrid bacteria in her lower orifices. She farts and defecates just like any animal. Try to visualize her skeleton beneath the skin, muscle, fat and fascia. See, she's not really a turn-on after all.

7) When you have the misfortune to see a media-slut staring at you from the cover of a supermarket magazine, or in some photo or video, it can be especially fun to deconstruct her because she is so obvious. Why does she wear that tossled-haired style? She wants to suggest to you that she has just climbed out of her bed; that you are right in her intimate quarters, that she just came from a romp in bed. Why does she wear underthings like slips as outer clothes? To make you feel that she is already undressed in front of you. Why is the little tart showing us her tongue, or even sticking it out? Women like to show their tongues to subconsciously suggest to you her similar epithelial tissues down below, and to make you think about the possibility of it licking your member. How gross the are! Why is she parting her mouth slightly and showing a bit of her tongue? Same reason. Why does J. Lopez and B. Spears pump and grind their pelvis that way? It's obviously sexual motion; she is simulating copulation. Why is she sitting with her legs spread out that way? Doesn't she know it is crude, unladylike, and oh so obvious? Men rarely spread their legs in photos. She is "doing the Flynt" for us. How gross! (It's incredible how many actresses have done "the Flynt" for the camera.) Why is the media-whore bending down as if she is on all fours? She wants you to think of doing the "doggy style" thing. Geez. How low can she get? Why is she holding that phallic object near her mouth? Obvious. Why does the actress from "Sex In The City" wear a dress with the Empire State Building emblazoned up across her front. Phallic suggestions again. Why does she wear that barbaric piercing? It suggests "I've been pierced," or "I can be pierced." Why is her waistline so low? Obvious -- she is tempting you, teasing you by getting close showing her absurd pubiscus. And so on and so forth.

Get to be an expert at deconstructing female attractions in this way. Analyze her until you see she is just a pile of bones. It will help a lot.

You can add to this the fact that she is probably vainer than a super model, takes for granted that you are a dog she can lead around on a string, is morally compromised, ethically dangerous, culturally bankrupt, philosophically impaired, seething with desires for fame and power, and about as deep as an "Archie" comic book. She will leave you as soon as she gets bored, or sees a cuter face, or a bigger wallet.

Women with a lust problem can apply these same ideas to deconstructing the male body if they please.

All this gives you vairagya, or dispassion. Vairagya (dispassion) is the opposite of passion. One needs vairagya toward the female in order to get free of sex addiction. One needs vairagya toward all worldly thrills in order to get samadhi and enlightenment. Getting this dispassion toward the female breaks the Gordian knot of addiction to all the world. With vairagya toward the female, you can get vairagya toward all false pleasures. So the above exercises are a very great work.

10) Understand Your Own Psychology;
Know Your Special Vulnerability "Buttons"

A set of psychological circumstances often acts as a prelude to sex desire. Seeing sexy stimulation is the big obvious one, and we have dealt with that one. But inner emotional conditions put a man in a state where he wants to seek out the sex thrill. By learning about your worst triggers you can go far toward conquering illicit lust.

For many, feelings of depression, guilt, or shame are the trigger. We then use the sex thrill as a mood-altering distraction or false "medication" to cover our inner pain. Overcoming those feelings of depression or guilt then will go a long way toward freeing you from sex addiction. Meditation is one of the ways one can successfully fight depression. Doing your duty as much as possible is the best way to fight feelings of guilt.

Sometimes anger is involved; we are pissed off at a situation, and this morphs into depression or shame. This is a strong setup to make a man want sex. We use it as a drug to dilute the negative feelings with something positive.

My biggest "trigger" is when I feel I should celebrate because something has gone well or I have received very good news. There is a "spring fever" feeling that affects any man at that time. When you feel that nature is supporting you, "fruit is on the vine," and "the harvest is in" -- it strikes a primal nerve toward procreation. Your body and spirit say: "Nature's bounty is in; you are supported. You can expand a little now. You can afford to have children." There is the added dimension that I feel I deserve a reward for my good outcomes. This trigger is my worst enemy. But when we slip and Lose Out under this positive influence, the result is just the same. We feel just as foolish and filled with intelligent regret.

Another setup is simple curiosity. "I wonder what those fools are doing now?" Just bored moments when you feel a desire for some kind of thrill to break some monotony. Or, "I wonder how bad the porn is now? Maybe I should do some research to see how corrupt they are getting." This kind of curiosity is a sure trap and "kills the cat." A thousand baths won't make you feel clean again.

Analyze yourself whenever you slip, and get familiar with the inner setups that make you trip. When they start developing, reorient yourself, break the pattern, and disperse those emotional setups.

11) Connect with Men Who Practice Moral Restraint and Celibacy
Whatever and whoever you hang out with, you become like that. It happens in imperceptible ways, and even on a subtle plane. Associations and environment are a stronger influence than willpower for most. Develop a cadre of enlightened men for friends. You can certainly write me here at celibacy.info. (letters "at" celibacy.info) Talk about these ideals with other men who you feel can handle it. Socialize especially with any men who are consciously strong in this area, and avoid men who don't get it. When I hear men telling dirty jokes, I excuse myself or turn and talk to someone else. Avoid men who think the male is destined to be the thrall of woman, and who think it is an honor to lose their power and divinity for a moment of crass pleasure. Don't even try to argue with them. Direct them to www.celibacy.info or other good resources. Then they can be REALLY "cutting edge."

This site, and material like this, represents the only real revolution occurring on the planet. It represents spiritual revolution, material revolution, and social revolution at its highest. Anything else going on in the world today, or on the internet, is small potatoes by comparison. That is what I say. That is what I say, friend. This is the cutting edge of the cutting edge. Yet this knowledge will never lose its power or creative efficacy.

That's all for now.

Keep it in! Become a sage. Become great.

Blessings and many saints for our nation,
Julian Lee




Some observations about men and women:
How the male sexual addiction to the female changes everything in society.
How women change, and how society changes, when men become their sexual slaves.
(The hubris and self-absorption of today's females; their pathetic male worshippers, how it is damaging all levels of society. Test Question: How did the female end up worshipping herself?)

Rampant Sexual Molestation of the Hapless Visually-Oriented Male:
Why are Britney Spears and Madonna not in prison yet for sexually molesting so many young and vulnerable males, as well as corrupting so many young children?

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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