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Old 05-11-2010, 05:26 PM
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Default My Poems


Shallow and Profane slaves who believe they are spiritually liberated:
From East to West, they and their Cities are all enchained and incarcerated.

The Sons of this Seclorum had more Wisdom among those of their Generation,
Than the Sons of the Kingdom, these Wealthy Serfs, called Sons of Illumination.

They fight their whole lives for Jerusalem's Mountain to serve the Seclorum,
While they should have fought the Good Fight as a Soldier of Hierusalem Novam.

Paul writes to the Galatian Ecclesia, The Jerusalem Above is Matriarch and Lady of Liberty!
But the hoodwinked Churchan barks that Jerusalem Below is the Throne where Jesus will be!

But why listen to Paul?
He was but an Apostle.
And he lived long ago,
So what would he know?

Mecca is the place of the Prophet! cries the Muslim.
The Jew rebuts, It is Mt Moriah, the place of Abraham!
While neither one ever hearkened to the real Prophet of Heaven
Who said, Neither this Mountain nor that Mountain, for within you is the Kingdom!

I am a Jew and you are a Goy! shout the sectarians of division.
But Paul the Benjamite wrote that the only Jew now extant was the Christian.
For Jeshua the Messiah has broken down every wall of Partition!
Nailing the Torah to the Cross, fulfilling Justification.

But again, that is only from Paul that Visionary.
The most Gentiled Jew who ever lived, you see.
Yet, says he, Do not forget I was once Jew of Jews and Pharisee,
O formerly un-kosher goy, grafted on the Tree of the Promised Seed.

All of Hagar's Children present their Fatherland's showbread unleavened,
But what the unblessed of Abraham forgot is that the City of Heaven is Heaven!

Oh, hush up, you Cynic! Do you not know that offense you will give if that logic you follow!
True that may be, but I thought some might wish to seek the Jerusalem Above instead of Below.

Besides, what else am I to think of all this buffoonery and spectacle,
When it takes an American goy to sound the Trump of Saint Michael the Archangel!

Beware the Tribulation, the Rapture, and Rise of the Beast 666, say some,
And the fools cannot get it through their thick heads that already has Antichrist come!

They would not recognize the Beast if he were right under their nose!
666 has banner and flag unfurled, and they sleeping take their doze!

Nay, Michael! For we have read in Left Behind and Harry Potter that the Devil is to come in the future,
When that Russian dude named what's his name or Lord Voldimort brings Tribulation after Rapture.

They stayed up too late one night and had a nightmare after reading Left Behind.
Kirk Cameron thinks he is a Theologian, and Pat Robertson Saint John the Divine.

What to do with this mob who thinks King Aragorn is the Nazarene?
Frodo is Timothy, Gandalf is Peter, and Aslan is Aleister Crowley!

Jerusalem! Jerusalem! She who slays her own Prophets and Emissaries!
How often would I have gathered your children like a Hen gathers her chickens.
But the Dome of that Demon Muhammad should have been enough of a symbolic ensign,
That you can wail on that Wall till Judgment Day, and your House is still left to you Empty.

For when the Aeonic Kingdom Advent arrived, the Son of David gave utterance and meant it,
MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD! if one bothers to read in the New Testament.

It was not my New Testament. It was handed to me by a long line of Hebrews.
But then the Pharisees became American Gentiles, and the Cowboys became Jews!

The only difference between Mt Athos and the Vatican at St Peter's Square
Is that one Demon Chants Greek, while another speaks Latin from the Chair.

Say you're sorry and ask Jesus in your heart, and Osteenís smile you will see!
But they wouldn't repent and be baptized for Peter if you paid them a Queen's dowry!

The Child was born from the Lady Libera clothed with Sun and standing on the Moon.
And yet the Qlippothic Shell called Eastern Orthodoxy builds its Temples upon Tombs!

God dwells not in Temples made with Human Hands! cried Saint Stephen the Faithful Martyr.
Then the Ravenous Wolves build a Blood Money Cathedral and call it Saint Stephen's Altar!

Where the Eagles gather together, there lies the Carcass! said the Anointed in his Prophetic Wisdom.
And lo the Banners of Catholic and Orthodoxy are the Two Eagles of the Old Roman Ensign!

But the American Churchan is the most ignorant, apish, characature of them all.
He is an Episcopalian Baptist who thinks he is a Cabbalist, and then votes for Barak Obama.

So illiterate of Scripture are these high caste sophisticate Churchans and their Preachers,
That with but a bit of adjustment they would believe Texas to be Heaven and the President their Savior.

With all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength they believe themselves to live in the Home of the Brave,
When printed right on their Money is an Egyptian Pyramid and Tomb built on the Sand where they are Slaves!

Now indeed I would be kindly and with all make friendly and due amends,
But the Enemies of Xristos know myriad times more about Him than His supposed friends!

And I would never wish to dissolve such gold for fools or do any harm at all,
But at least suffer me rid of some costive tin with my humble cup of Vitriol.

I saw Lucifer, and the armies of Gog & Magog all laughing and cackling in devilish glee,
For they always knew that there was no better slave than one convinced he is free.

Running them through the rat-race like sheep sheered and for the slaughtering.
They fight their wars, they pay their whores, and then give them their Church offering!

Now many cities claim to be the Holy, but suffer me to tell you a Mystery:
Whatever City it is that you serve is where you will spend Eternity.

And there are only Two Cities that exist: the one is in Heaven called New Jerusalem,
All others are Wholly Profane and form the borders of the Great Whore Babylon.

Catholic, Protestant, Messianic, Judaic, and Muslim:
Aliases of one and the selfsame Captive, bound up in the Lion's Den.

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