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Old 02-21-2006, 11:23 AM
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Default Massive NWO Financial Fraud

The following article is a conversation between myself and Catherine Austin Fitts, the former managing partner of Dillon Read, the New York investment bank. It is about money and might seem boring, but it is about a planned massive inflation used to cover the transfer of trillions of dollars of your pensions and savings to the wealthy NWO elite.

A Note from Catherine on the Fed's Cancellation of M3 Money Supply Figures Publication

I have been asked by several network members to comment on the cancellation by the Federal Reserve of the publication of its broadest series of aggregate monetary statistics, known as "M3."



Discontinuance of M3 On March 23, 2006, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System will cease publication of the M3 monetary aggregate. The Board will also cease publishing the following components: large-denomination time deposits, repurchase agreements (RPs), and Eurodollars. The Board will continue to publish institutional money market mutual funds as a memorandum item in this release.

Measures of large-denomination time deposits will continue to be published by the Board in the Flow of Funds Accounts (Z.1 release) on a quarterly basis and in the H.8 release on a weekly basis (for commercial banks).

Last update: November 10, 2005


In a nutshell, here are my thoughts:

1. The twelve federal reserve banks -- that together run the bank clearing and currency system -- are privately owned. If you call them up and write to them -- as I once did-- and ask who owns them, who manages their data and whether or not their owners have access to their data, you will be told that this is private information. Fed bank data is arguably the most valuable databank in the world.

2. The flagship Federal Reserve bank is the NY Fed. The NY Fed is the depository for the US government and manager of a powerful slush fund -- the Exchange Stabilization Fund.

3. Significant efforts have been made to ensure that citizens do not have easy access to data about how all the government revenues and expenditures, credit and regulations work within the areas from which they vote for political representation. In short, you do not get annual financial statements that document the most basic government financial performance within your Congressional District. This means you have no basis for assessing performance or providing for citizen based accountability.

4. What 1-3 in combination mean is that corporate profits and stock, mortgage and bond markets (and other capital markets) can be invisibly rigged using taxpayer funded and backed resources in the form of government contracts, subsidies, asset sales and transers, tax benefits, credit guarantees and market intervention and manipulation -- all in a manner that perpetually increases the wealth of a few insiders and drains the many outsiders. This process steadily lowers overall productivity by switching power and money from the productive to the unproductive.

5. There is over $4 trillion missing from US government agencies that we know about-- this is $14,000 per US resident -- who knows how much is missing in total. This disappearance was financed by presumably trillions in debt securities for which the US government and government agencies are liable. As total debt outstanding explodes, it becomes more and more challenging to refinance outstanding debt let alone issue more. Grossly oversimplified, our financial dependency on other nations channeling greater and greater amounts of their total retirement savings to financing our military expeditions and consumer purchases of their manufacturing output becomes ever more politically sensitive.

6. The way to keep the game going is for the Federal Reserve system to simply buy increasing amounts of debt issued by the US government and for the US Treasury and Congress to use the proceeds to protect "insiders" from the resulting inflation while squeezing everyone else while the NY Fed manages market interventions that help do the same.

7. The cancellation of M3 helps accomplish #6 by cancelling some of the statistics (particularly on "repos") that would help market analysts see what is going on.

8. The Federal Reserve's explanation that this is a cost cutting move does not compute given the nature of the Federal Reserves rich resources and the importance of transparency to the functioning of markets.

9. In short, a small group of people continue to use US government debt to finance a war machine to build and consolidate global empire and to use inside information along with the US government budget and credit machines to ensure that this war machine is richly profitable for them and their global allies while draining and depopulating everyone and everything else.

10. The cancellation of m3 is Tapeworm Economics at its best.

For some useful pieces on the M3 cancellation, see:


(Response from a solari network member)

I have been thinking that the banks will use the discontinuance of M3 statistics to cover 2 things. My idea is that they know now that there are several large corporations that are going bankrupt. They can sell their soon to be worthless bonds to the FED at the discount window. They will be monetizing the debt but in 2006 they will be able to hide the surge in money supply becasue M3 will no longer be divulged. I am thinking that since they know the dollar will collapse that they will be using this new money to buy commodities, such as, gold, oil, silver and copper. We might want to watch for a spike in commodity prices over the next 6 months. I should point out that when they unload their junk corporate bonds they will leave American pension funds holding the bag when those major companies do declare bankruptcy. And the ensuing inflation will devalue what is left of their pensions and savings to zero. Now you know why they need to pass even more Patriot Acts. Tens of millions of people will become destitute and might want to say bad words about the banks and the government they own.

Catherine's Response (Note Catherine used to be the managing partner at Dillon Read and worked at HUD under the first President Bush. She is an expert on mortgage fraud.)

When I first got to FHA, my analysis of historical financial performance indicated that whenever the real estate market dropped...everyone put their bad mortgages "back" to FHA/HUD. We were a dumping ground for the private guys losses so to speak.

Over the years, I have watching the private banks put many of their losses back into the federal credit....so your idea about bad bonds fits with the historical patterns.

Daniel237 writes: "Catherine mentioned the trillions of dollars in federal government spending that was intentionally never sudited so that billions of dollars could be stolen each week. The refernce material for that is here: http://www.solari.com/learn/articles_missingmoney.htm "

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