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Old 01-29-2005, 07:16 PM
crowneagle crowneagle is offline
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Default Re: Kali Yuga & A Duel Of Wits!

Hi Draken:

I was just reading your site on "CONSERVATIVE REVOLUTION, REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD", and the first statement is a great eye-opener.

"All revolutions are doctrinal. For it stands to common sense that you cannot upset all existing things, unless you believe in something outside them, something positive and divine."
— G.K. Chesterton

In my opinion, such a change cannot come about unless and until a "critical mass" of people
develop a higher consciousness that can not only come to terms with the "new doctrine" and comprehend its virtues, but can also create new conditions that would enable more and more people to raise their consciousness to this new level. The simple reason why this planet is still stuck in the "Kali Yuga" paradigm is because people have really lost touch with the Spirit.

A person that is more in touch with the Spirit will have more spiritual qualities....he/she will love others more unconditionally, treat others the way he/she wishes to be treated, develop more compassion towards all beings, develop more patience and detachment, become more focussed on duty and selfless service rather than result-focussed, and develop more faith that all of one's needs will be fulfilled. When this happens, we will have lesser wars, lesser mind-manipulation, more self-empowerment and a truly unified world, with the unity having the Spirit as the foundation.

Having the Spirit as the foundation is where the key lies. Each of us needs to make a conscious effort to get closer to the Spirit and change our values, principles and lifestyle so that they conform to the new level of closeness to the Spirit. If we do not do this, then we will have a "false unity" in the form of a "one world government", and this will turn out to be far worse than the existing systems.

The people furthering the cause of a "one world government" do NOT want us to raise our spirituality. They would rather keep us enslaved at a lower level, and that's really how they can manipulate us into accepting them as our "saviors". The media, for instance, is a very powerful tool in their hands to accomplish the same.

From my understanding of the time-cycles, a one world government seems to be inevitable, but it will not last long. Today more and more souls are incarnating with a higher degree of spiritual awareness. These souls will know intuitively what's wrong with the existing system and go all out to fight the system as well. Perhaps this is nature's way of driving the global spiritual elevation to a critical mass. But we also need to make our own individual effort in accelerating this process.

The good news is this: By the time Dwapara Yuga comes in full force, the Kali Yuga forces will be defeated. The one world government will also be defeated, and replaced by a new unified world that will have the Spirit as the basis for unification. Perhaps that's what the true "Aquarian Age" is really about.
\"Fly with the eagles or scratch with the chickens\"
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