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Old 10-09-2005, 03:47 PM
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Default Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!

Time Magazine, School Event Expose Massive Cultural Campaign to Promote Homosexuality to Kids


By Robert Knight and Benjamin Frichtl

“Coming out” age has dropped to 10 for boys, 12 for girls, academic says.

A TIME magazine cover story and a recent pro-homosexual school event should leave no doubt that homosexual activists are recruiting kids into homosexual sex and a “gay” identity, using “tolerance” as a ruse.

The TIME October 10 piece, “The Battle Over Gay Teens,” which includes not a single reference to the extremely dangerous medical consequences of homosexual behavior, especially for boys, includes these details:

• A cocktail party in Manhattan with billionaire liquor magnate Edgar Bronfman, Sr. and Clinton political strategist David Mixner was held in May to raise money for the Point Foundation, a scholarship program to turn “gay” kids into homosexual activists.

• From 100 gay/straight alliance (GSA) clubs in schools in 1997, the number has grown to “at least 3,000…nearly 1 in 10 high schools has one, according to the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN).”

• The average age of kids “coming out” as homosexual has “dropped to 10 for gays and 12 for lesbians,” according to the chair of Cornell University’s human-development program.

• “Gay kids can now watch fictional and real teens who are out on shows like Desperate Housewives, the dating show Next on MTV and Degrassi (a high school drama on the N network whose wild popularity among adolescents is assured by the fact that few adults watch). Publishers like Arthur A. Levine Books (of Harry Potter fame) and the children’s division of Simon & Schuster have released something like a dozen novels about gay adolescents in the past two years….Gay kids can now subscribe to the 10-month-old glossy YGA Magazine (YGA stands for ‘young, gay America’) and meet thousands of other little gays via young gay america. com (sic) or outproud.org.”

• “‘We’re gonna win,’ says [GLSEN founder Kevin] Jennings, speaking expansively of the gay movement, ‘because of what’s happening in high schools right now.’ … Jennings recalls that when he first started raising money more than a decade ago, ‘the attitude was either “Isn’t it cute that you’re working with kids?” or “Why are you working with kids? What are you, f------ crazy?”’”

Editor’s note: In other settings Jennings has used the “f-word” to dismiss faith-based opponents, and has said he envisions a day when the schools openly embrace homosexuality. At a GLSEN conference, a teacher said she thought it was important to acquaint pupils with homosexuality beginning in kindergarten because “that’s when the saturation process begins.”

• At a youth retreat, the Point Foundation gave out gift bags to students containing, among other things, “a DVD of the film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, in which a teenage boy is masturbated by an adult” and “the Aug. 16 issue of the gay magazine The Advocate, whose cover featured a shirtless man and blared, SUMMER SEX ISSUE.”

• “Because he routinely sees young gays on MTV or even at school, a 14-year-old may now feel comfortable telling friends that he likes other boys, but that doesn’t mean he is ready to enfold himself in a gay identity.”

The article, to its credit, includes passages about the growing ex-“gay” movement, particularly for youths, and quotes Exodus International Youth Director Scott Davis about his group’s ministry, and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) Executive Director Regina Griggs about the discrimination faced by groups that help people overcome homosexual desires.

But the overall impact of the article helps validate the idea of “gay kids,” and will undoubtedly induce some to act out their sexual curiosity since so many others appear to be doing so. The constant focus on homosexuality becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, much as TIME’s frequent articles during the 1960s and 1970s about the “growing phenomenon” of illicit drug use helped spur some kids to try marijuana and LSD.

A Week-Long Effort in the Schools

GLSEN, meanwhile, has been extremely active in the schools. Their most recent effort, “National Ally Week,” was held September 19-24.

According to GLSEN’s Web site, more than 300 gay/straight alliance groups registered to pass out buttons, organize gender education activities, and promote the homosexual lifestyle. Ally Week encourages the recruitment of “straight” students as allies in the fight against bullying of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) students. The “straight” allies are encouraged to speak out in defense of homosexuality.

GLSEN passed out “I am an ALLY” buttons through the GSAs, and the Web site encouraged students to arrange more specific activities to promote acceptance of “gay” students. The listed events included:

• “Organizing LGBT pizza parties, and after-school activities like LGBT Jeopardy or LGBT bingo.

• Informative tabling in school cafeterias.

• Student and/or teacher training workshops.

• Asking allies to attend regular GSA meetings.

• Constructing pro-LGBT bulletin boards.

• Bringing a local LGBT speaker to the school.”

Last April, GLSEN sponsored the annual “Day of Silence,” in which kids are supposed to remain silent all day in support of their “gay” classmates. April 26, 2006, is the next “Day of Silence.”

This past January, GLSEN headed the coalition sponsoring “No-Name Calling Week,” another platform for discouraging resistance to the promotion of homosexuality to school kids, with the next edition slated in January 2006. In effect, schoolchildren across the nation are being subjected to homosexual propaganda in schools via an event every few months.

GLSEN encourages teachers to organize and participate in GSA events. The group provides a web link that supplies educators with pro-LGBT resources. These include “gender liberation” coloring books; “gay” cartoon posters; and several posters challenging traditional views of gender. Teachers can download signs with inverted, rainbow-colored triangles proclaiming “Safe Zone” to put on their classroom door. They can also print off discussion kits on how to organize gender education sessions and start conversations about homosexuality with the children.

One poster, titled, “Things you can do to eradicate gender or multiply it exponentially,” features cross-dressing, and has these suggestions:

• “Think twice before you ask people if their child is a boy or a girl.

• Spend a day in drag.

• Refer to everyone by the incorrect pronoun.

• Challenge binary gender paradigms over Thanksgiving dinner.

• Hang out with children and teach them how to cross dress Barbie and G.I. Joe.

• Refuse to check off your sex when filling out forms.”

Clearly, the homosexual movement's effort to recruit children has never been stronger than it is now.

Robert Knight is director of the Culture & Family Institute (CFI), an affiliate of Concerned Women for America. Benjamin Frichtl is a CFI intern and a student at Patrick Henry College.

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Old 10-09-2005, 04:00 PM
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Default Re: Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!

Consequences of Sexual Sin

Sexual sin produces consequences that will affect us deeply. Viewing porn is a form of sex sin committed through lust and idolatry (see How Porn Works). If you are looking at pornography, you are susceptible to the same consequences that result from other forms of sexual sin. The consequences may not be easily absolved, but God will forgive you of your sin through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

Whether you have already sinned, or are thinking about doing so, the point here is to encourage you not to sin. Here are some examples of the consequences of sex sin:

Sex sin defiles your body and damages its ability to fulfill God's purposes. Sex sin is unique in that we commit it against our own bodies (1 Corinthians 6:17). Our bodies function as temples of God's Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:12-20). When we use our body for sex sin, we dishonor our body and defile God's temple. We're also defiling the people that we are sinning with. Our lack of respect for the body (and for God) damages our relationship with God.

Sex sin grieves God's Spirit. Any sin we practice will grieve God's Spirit (Ephesians 4:31). It puts out the "fire" of the Holy Spirit in our life (1 Thessalonians 5:19). The more we quench God's Spirit, the less we will be inclined to live a changed life in righteousness.

Practicing sin forms a stronghold for evil in our lives. When we repeatedly sin, we give evil an increasingly protected place in our lives. The more we give in to our sinful lusts, the more they have control over us. Paul described this as slavery to sin in Romans 6:16. Sexual strongholds are particularly powerful, since they involve our body, soul and spirit. Thankfully, Jesus provided the means for us to break out of any stronghold and live for God in righteousness.

Sex sin can bring a curse on you, your partner and/or your children. Sex sin gives Satan a right to oppress us and our descendants through curses (see generational curses). The scriptural basis for generational curses is found in Exodus 34:6-7 and several other passages. Promiscuity, adultery, divorce, infertility, frigidity and other reproductive problems can sometimes be traced to curses arising from sexual sin (Numbers 5:11-31). Please note that all curses can be broken by the applied blood of Jesus (Galatians 3:13-14)

Sex sin can give evil spirits footholds to influence your life. Romans 1:28-32 provides a vivid account of how sexual promiscuity and idolatry opened the door to many other forms of evil. The Bible offers plenty of additional examples of sex sin and the ensuing consequences (see Bible Sex Sin Examples). Perhaps the most famous is David's sin with Bathsheba. His adultery with Bathsheba and murder of her husband produced family strife, the death of his son and opportunities for enemies to blaspheme God (2 Samuel 11-12).

Sex sin can bring spiritual confusion. Spiritual confusion begins when we start pursuing the pleasures of sin and disregard our conscience of right and wrong. The more we pursue sin, the more our conscience becomes dulled (1 Timothy 4:2, Titus 1:15). A dull conscience causes us to be susceptible to enemy's lies which will draw us progressively further from God (James 1:14). Eventually we may not even think our actions are sinful and our ability to repent can be hindered (Hebrews 6:1-8). Two examples of sex-related spiritual confusion are found in Romans and 1 Kings. The people in Romans 1:24-32 sinned through sexual immorality and idolatry and were filled with all kinds of evil. 1 Kings 11 illustrates how Solomon, the wisest person that ever lived, descended into spiritual confusion through sexual idolatry with his pagan wives.

Sex sin can cause emotional confusion. Sex creates emotional bonds ("soul ties") with our sex partner. These bonds will vary in strength depending on the relationship. God intended this emotional bond for marriage partners. When we bond with people other than our spouse through sex, emotional confusion results. This confusion can manifest in many ways. Here are some examples:

Recurring dreams and/or thoughts about former lovers
Inability to achieve emotional intimacy with spouse
Regret or bitterness toward people who hurt us in past relationships
Comparing our spouse with former lovers in sexual performance
Distorted understanding of true love (corrupted by lust or other selfishness)
Increased promiscuity, in attempt to find true intimacy and love
The danger of emotional confusion is that it can hold us back from experiencing true intimacy with our spouse and God. Emotional confusion can also act like a curse, fueling sex addiction and other struggles we may be having. For more info, please see our soul ties page.

Sex sin causes lasting memories. Sex memories are created in our brains with the help of special hormones released during sexual arousal. The devil uses these memories to condemn us and keep us in bondage to lust. These memories can cause difficulties in our sexual relationship with our spouse. Here are some examples:

Our sexual experiences with our spouse are corrupted by thoughts of our former lovers or porn images we've viewed
We idolize past sexual partners...especially when we run into difficulties in our marriage
We feel less satisfied with our spouse's sexual performance
Our minds are conditioned to gratify our lusts through sex instead of showing true love and affection
We get angry and resentful when our spouse won't help us relive past sexual experiences or perform sex acts we've seen in porn
Thankfully, when we follow Jesus Christ, we receive power to overcome the memories, purify our minds and regain control of our thought-life. See our prayers for healing memories for more info.

Sex sin can produce unloved or unwanted children. Sexual sin has helped devalue human life such that human babies are discarded as rubbish on an altar of convenience, pleasure and rebellion (40 million aborted since the 1960's). Children born through sex sin may grow up in homes where a loving father and/or mother are absent. Their brokenness will likely be echoed through the sexual choices they make down the road, impacting generations to come.

Sex sin can expose us to sexually transmitted disease. Porn's sexual fantasies do not portray the reality that sexually transmitted diseases often accompany a life of promiscuity. There are many different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, most of which bring unpleasant symptoms. The worst of these diseases, AIDS, can cause death. Romans 1:27 contains a possible reference to AIDS.

Sex sin can destroy marriages and families. Adultery often destroys marriages and families. The husband and the wife will suffer emotional, spiritual and even physical damage when the bond of fidelity is broken. Major healing will be needed to repair the breach. Memories created during a marriage breakup can last the lifetime of the family and the effects can be felt up to four generations. Viewing pornography is a form of adultery (Matthew 5:28), and its potential to damage a marriage cannot be underestimated. Too often it is justified as a harmless necessity by the addicted, suggesting that it is not as damaging as physical adultery. This is a lie!

Sex sin can lead to an unbridled pursuit of lust and perversion. Sex sin usually feeds a growing fire of lust in our minds. If we continue to feed that fire, we can easily drift further and further into decadence. Paul described this state as indulgence in every kind of impurity, with continual lust for more (Ephesians 4:19, Romans 1:24-28).
“...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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Default Re: Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!

What else can be said? The topic under which this has been posted says it all.


Once society is "conditioned" to accept that which may not be of their "natural born intincts," once it becomes mainstream, many become desensitized and, if they don't, they either rebel or ignore, but the rebellion most times cannot stop the revolution.

As in the 60's, there were those who rebelled and those who were rendered drug addicts, hopeless. Their brain chemistry was altered/changed and their children? and their children's children?

It is social engineering, but to a degree, as well, it is genetic engineering.

You don't have to mess with someone's genes to change who they are.

You just have to mess with their brain chemistry and their minds.

So, then human "cloning" is accomplished for the next generation.

Did I just say that?

Man, that is really out there, I'll have to admit!!

:lol: 8-) :lol:
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