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Old 09-26-2011, 04:39 PM
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Default NWO Illuminati Master Plan- Brining It Down From the Inside

(*Excuse my spelling this is a quick write up)
George Bush's top person in the White House was Condolesa Rice. She was a specialist on Russia. It was her who Bush set up in the White House to set up the charges to bring down the United States just like the Illuminati Churches brought down the Soviet Union. Her task was to do what the Illuminati Churches did to the Soviet Union, bring it down from the inside, steal its wealth and launder it to at least the English Monarch, and set up their agents to control the Command Heights, leading industries, in Russia.
Gorbachev was the Illuminati Churches operative inside the Soviet Union they manged to put into the Kremlin, like Yelstin and Putin after him, just like since Bush Senior every President in American till now.
The Illuminati Churches' double agent Gorbachev set up Glasnot and Peristroika from within the Krelim which are a directly a reflection to the legislative infrastural system being setup in the US through the Presidential Directives of every President since Bush Senior.
September 11 caused the US governement to loose vital CIA offices that were involved with Wall Street and financial security. These offices were whiped out there was a security black out over Wall Street. The banks were infiltrated. The banks were set up for disaster from Illuminati Church agents within. The wealth of these banks were laundered to the Illuminati Churches at least the English Monarchy. Obama continued the plan by funneling trillions more into these infiltrated banks which laundered the both Stimulus Plans' fortunes to the Illuminati Churches and the English Crown, trillions stollen. The banks were stabotaged just like with the Russian Oligarchs (Illuminati Churches' agents) who plundered the Wealth of the Soviet Union and laundered to back to the churches and keep control over the remaining industry and implement policy of the Illuminati Churches
The Presidential Directives being made by every President since Bush Senior in American is being used to create the legislative frame work for a transisatory government (The AntiChrist Fruad Regime) which will be used to create a negative feed to make the American people beg the Illuminati Churches for help and solution to the problem they are trying to cause. The NWO is a trilateral regime of the Anglican, Vatican, and Russian Orthodox Chruches, who have divided up the territories of the world among themselves and hope to rule from a centralized Christianized capital in Jerusalem.
I suspect that the Illuminati Churches may even use a fake AntiChrist manchurian candidate leading the northern political demographics, to cause a hollocaust against Christian's who are opposed to the English Monarchy's rule over America, and cause the remaining Christians to accept the English Monarchy and Anglican Church. The American War of Independence never ended, loyalists were always still trying to reclaim their American Colonies for the English Monarchy.
The Churches want to artifically cause to the Christian people the effect the NAZI hollocaust ad the Jews and use it to create a negative feed back to propel the Christians of the world into a world Crusade and global occupation for the NWO.

The trillions the Illuminati Churches stole from America with the banking collapse is being used to put America firmly in the English Monarch's grasp.

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