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Old 07-23-2011, 08:03 AM
uswgo uswgo is offline
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Default What do you think about the Fair use Commission Act?

Right now Fair Use doesn't exist anymore unless you have thousands of dollars to take to court plus an attorney (fee based or pro bono) to help you fight for your fair use rights and since every judge is different and some work for the RIAA you may not even win and even if you win you will never be able to legally recover all the costs you paid to the court. Many are too poor to fight in court so many just settle saying their guilty and don't fight for their fair use rights.

So I have a solution, the Fair Use Commission Act.

Fair Use Commission Act Proposal to Representative Brad Miller of NC

This Fair Use commission act is suppose to create a simple commission of independent artists, photographers, and content creators not of the corporate slave market, that investigate Fair Use cases and when enough evidence is retrieved with the help of the accused infringer then this commission rules on fair use without fees and without having to find a pay for an lawyer. Of course the courts can still be used to fight for fair use but those rich enough can still fight for fair use in court and the commission can even help out to rule that it is fair use since fair use is the law.

Since the President has put in a RIAA lawyer into the DOJ and is a copyright extremist he is barred from picking who goes in this commission as well but instead the American people vote in who is elected into this commission and it won't be political parties but regular people giving the most votes to a candidate gets in to fight for the peoples fair use rights without the people having a headache of fighting for years in court to get nowhere when fair use should be protected no thanks to the DMCA for disregarding Fair Use. Also corporations are barred from ever being elected to this commission since they have repeatedly corrupt the very purpose of Fair Use exemptions under the copyright law and the Fair Use Act.

Also good lawyers with moral standing would be elected in by the people as well to handle the legal stuff for this commission. No corporate lawyers, attorney generals or even district attorneys because they are all corrupt for power.

I want to do something to stop the Protect IP Act from hurting bloggers since Righthaven is going after bloggers I'm afraid the Protect IP Act will include bloggers since now copying any news is now considered infringement and copying any political photos even with attribution is a No no it is only a matter of time before copyrights will be used to shut down every political action site on the internet. Trademark will be used against those that criticize the corporations that control politics and attend the Bilderberg meetings.

That is in my view why we need to get someone to sponsor my bill idea. Fair Use is the only reason documentary filmmakers such as Michael Moore, Alex Jones, and others haven't gone to prison yet. If we don't protect fair use then expect documentaries to disappear due to possible copyright violations in the future.

My states senator Kay Hagan is betrayed us since she wanted to pass the Protect IP Act even though it will be used to come after blogs that copy bits and pieces of news material and news videos to make a point such as the 9/11 truth movement.

See here: NC Senator Kay Hagan sides with the devil of the Protect IP Act | USWGO Alternative News

So tell me what you think guys about my bill idea? Will it work or is this a lame idea?

I want your honest opinions. If you like the idea then please support me and contact your senators with a fax similar to mine on scribd and get them to sponsor the Fair Use Commission Act of 2011.

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