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Old 05-23-2012, 07:33 AM
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Default The City of Glasgow is the "New Jerusalem"

The City of Glasgow is the "New Jerusalem".

This was created by Yahweh on the 27th Feb 1955. I was born here in the Jewish inhabited Gorbals area. The divine start date for the New Jerusalem will be 1st November 2012. Read online "Mark 1:1-11". This New Jerusalem will be created and funded by all of you who made money out of the name of Jesus Christ. Warning before God's coming wrath. Repent and return your plunder to God's Church (it will be used as it was meant to be), or keep it and sleep/simmer with Lucifer forever. I Am aware that the selfish will not accept the Second Coming. Soon, there will be no more thirsty or starving. Read or listen to the lyrics in the song "You're the God of this City". Or research online "Until Shiloh comes".

The New Adam with his New Eve in a New Jerusalem, a new City of God. Exactly what Satan tried so hard to stop. I told you that Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) know who I Am. They tried to hypnotise the whole of Scotland and turn it into Baal's home. This was so that Lucifer/Baal could sit on God Yahweh's chosen throne. I previously told you about our Jewish/Zionist controlled BBC promoting Alba (Baal). I also told you about the good Jewish believers of Jesus the Messiah.

This New Jerusalem announcement comes today 23rd May 2012, the 144th day of the year. You can read about the number 144 in the Beautiful Bible. You can see 144 in the Fibonacci number system (God's Fingerprint). Do not worry, I have the serpent by the tail. The whore is not happy.

Nobody knows the hour, not even I. The fire-works may start before 1st Nov (111) 2012, or just after this date. Know why I Am here. Yahweh's Law will prevail, resistance is futile.

I hear ye in the Kirk. No pedestal for me, for I Am one of you. Stay on the narrow path. Did you know that Milngavie was originally in STIRLINGshire?. King David (Scots) changed it in 1324. The English Gematria for "Second Coming" = 121 = 11X11 (smile).

Do you still doubt Satanic/Social Engineering by the Occultic Criminal Elite?. President Obuma supports Gay marriage. This Lucifer lover cannot even produce his own birth certificate. You are not very bright if you think Lucifer carries the light. Lucy is known as the Light Carrier or Light Bearer (Fairy lights). Open your eyes, the Olympic Torch is all about Lucy. Where are you hiding? O' Lucifer the shirt-lifter. I do not hate Gays, only ignorance. Research online The Scottish "Mountain of God" or " Christian Anti Corruption Party". Search online for the free ebook called "The plot against Christianity" by Elizabeth Dilling. The truth shall set you free.

Love, peace and FR33DOM. What's in a name? Joseph Stirling Christie = SHILOH. On Sunday 25th March 2012 (start of British Summer Time) I was strongly compelled to visit the Findlay Memorial Church (aka the Tabernacle) in Maryhill, Glasgow. A super-natural day for me.

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