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Default Awakening

Peace be unto you,

911 was a huge wakeup call, many people around the world suddenly woke up on the sad reality that they are not free.

Nothing happens except in accordance with God's master plan, and the plan is that Satan will no longer enjoy his control over the majority, for the time has come for the slaves to rebell.

Slavery is the state of not being able to choose for yourself. When somebody is choosing for you and you are following silently.

There is God's religion "Submission" which values is embeded in each one of us, and there are also other man/satan-made religions. When these man made religions are forced on the individual, he is no longer free, he is either a slave (when he accepts them) or an oppressed free man (when he deep inside rejects them).

These Satan-made religions are instituted by his axes of evil, the nation states, the corporations and popular culture.

Each nation-state has a man-made law that interferes and manipulates the citizens' lives, this is actually a power-oriented religion (with a false god, the elite's egos) intended at giving an elite few control over the majority, to the extent of deciding for them what to eat, what to do and what war to fight. The nation-state must be backed by force to force the people to follow its fake religion.

The corporations on the other hand have their own religion, a religion based on porfit (false god= money), they force their employees (slaves) to worship the same god, and surrender their free will (by not choosing the work conditions) in return for sharing the same illusion of profit, yet the corporate elite never allow the slaves to share the real profits with them.

Then after controlling half of our lives through work, Satan controls the other half through the popular culture, a religion preached through the media and religious institutions, this religion has a false god, none but man himself.

The media promotes the man-gods, e.g: celebrities, women, presidents..etc, and widens the gap between the masters and the slaves, they never promote the human beings as equal, for the people must be brainwashed into assuming one of the two roles (either masters or slaves) that is to ensure their enslavement to the invisible master-mind Satan.

The professional religious institutions on the other hand mainly promote dead idols (e.g: Jesus, Muhammad, the saints, Budha, philosophers, professional religionists) they use these figures to institute man-made religions for the masses to follow, in short anything other than God and His one religion (Submission) is being promoted.

Deep inside each one of us, there is the spirit of freedom, a gift from God that only a few know its value. No force on earth can force you to be a slave against your will, because slavery is a choice, it's not an action. As long as you say NO to your sinful lusts, to the false gods, and to any attempt by anybody to enslave you (as much as you can) then you are free.

Oppression is being forced to follow a religion that you didn't choose, being forced to worship a god that you know is not the right god. God says that the righteous must emigrate away from oppression, what if they can't? in that case God enjoins the believers in Him to steadfastly persevere untill He grants them a way out.

[4:97] Those whose lives are terminated by the angels, while in a state of wronging their souls, the angels will ask them, "What was the matter with you?" They will say, "We were oppressed on earth." They will say, "Was GOD's earth not spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?" For these, the final abode is Hell, and a miserable destiny.

[2:177] Righteousness is not turning your faces towards the east or the west. Righteous are those who believe in GOD, the Last Day, the angels, the scripture, and the prophets; and they give the money, cheerfully, to the relatives, the orphans, the needy, the traveling alien, the beggars, and to free the slaves; and they observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat); and they keep their word whenever they make a promise; and they steadfastly persevere in the face of persecution, hardship, and war. These are the truthful; these are the righteous.


The good news is that 911,2001 was the beginning of a transition period of 1520 days (19x80) of awakening, that will come full circle on 119,2005. And God willing those who were alarmed around the world will have a chance to rise against the oppressors and claim back their full freedom at last.

God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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Default Re: Awakening

I take it that 119,2005 means 11-9-2005, since 1-19-2005 has already passed, and nothing has happened?

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