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Default Fight back

I have a question for all of you. Why are we just talking about how the NWO is destroying the US and the rest of the world and there history and not thinking of ways to take these evil bastards down. Afterall if we do nothing to stop them when we know the truth, how can we say we dont deserve the fate we will have if they get there way. The resistance against the NWO hopefully will be peaceful....but i just dont see that happening. Most of the people are so brainwashed that we wont be able to get enough support to take control back from the NWO. More than likely if we plan to stop the NWO we will have to do what most undersized group of resisters had to do trhoughout history, fight a guerilla war against our opressers. I dont like the idea of having to fight, we are afterall going against the NWO. But in the words of our great forefather "give me liberty or give me death". There are other groups of people that ive read about who will fight the NWO when the time comes so we have a posibility of doing this. I live in america so most likely when the fight comes a lot of the military will be in some middeleastern country taking there oil so that will give us a little bit better of a shot of taking america back and if we can get support from even a third of the military we have a shot...
But weather peacefully or millitarily we have to fight back. I was reading on Henrys website about the soldier who deserted that was in iraq. That he said if he was an iraqi hed want to do things a thousand times worse than the iraqis do against there opressers. Well the time is comming when we prove if will do things a thousand times worse or just sit in the corner and cry,its your choice.

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