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Old 11-30-2010, 04:38 PM
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Default USWGO suspended 2 times after web bot attacks

Source: USWGO suspended 2 times after web bot attacks - USWGO Alternative News

Author: Brian D. Hill

USWGO has conducted a Internal Security Investigation after the site was attacked by a compromised search engine web bot that attacked the website again causing USWGO Alternative News to be suspended two times with threats by Arvixe. This robot has completely ignored the robots.txt and has went on a rampage attacking the entire server cpu consumption causing Arvixe to shut down the website two times. Archived chats USWGO Founder has with Arvixe had multiple legal threats directed against the staff because of frustration over possibly lost emails. I may also send legal threats to the search bot masters after finding out why their bot acted the way it did to attack USWGO.

The screenshot of what the page looked like is below:

Also some of the log entrees of the web bot that was compromised: GET /wp-content/plugins/**-***/****.php?post=5650 HTTP/1.1 GET 11/28/2010 2:40:42 PM Size 793669 GET /wp-content/plugins/**-***/****.php?post=5204 HTTP/1.1 GET 11/28/2010 2:42:03 PM Size 429098

This web bot attack was downloading loads more data then what was really there causing the web host to continually come after USWGO.

USWGO has discovered that some smaller search engine bot was all of the sudden downloading huge chunks using one of our sites Wordpress PDF Plugins. Arvixe keeps making threats that USWGO has to pay them another $10 to $20 to get them to forget about shutting down the site because of the attacks or disable the plugin even though if I keep giving into Arvixes mafia style demands they will keep going after me more and more until I keep giving them more and more money.

Now I have tio fear of hackers attacking the site because Arvixe will suspend the website and my email addresses each time my site gets hacked in a way that Arvixe sees as a opportunity to force me to pay for VPS Class hosting.

It isn't just hackers that are threatening USWGO Anymore but their web host Arvixe keeps threatening USWGO and shutting down their site over and over again causing loss of confidence in the site and less to no readers. More legal threats have been sent to Arvixe in hopes of stopping them from their aggressive suspension rages but they just do what they like to USWGO.

USWGO is actually thinking of looking for other hosts at this time but since all web hosts are against traffic spikes the site may be suspended wherever it is hosted. That is why USWGO is going to try to get a grant to pay for a fairly managed Dedicated Server to escape from the web hosting business for good because of all of their gimmicks, hidden limits, and schemes.

For now until USWGO is able to find a way to receive grant money they are now looking for money to pay for a dedicated server to say goodbye to Arvixe forever and be on a stable server with a more fair amount of security. The reason it is $3,000 dollars is to help pay for it for an entire year. This also means USWGO will run on a whole server machine and not a shared host which means they can have possibly millions per day without fear of suspension. This will be added to the page below so please help us escape our doom by the hands of Arvixe:
I need help right now. I am losing my other authors because of threats and attacks against them now Arvixe extorts me to pay them more money.

I need to get off of shared hosting fast because my site gets a good amount of traffic. This web bot that keeps attacking me knows my site will get suspended and has tried to get my site suspended two times which did happen.

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