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Old 09-29-2012, 05:08 AM
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Smile Fair World Order: The old order (World War Order) will be fuel for a fair NWO

Fair World Order: Globalization is only beneficial, if the West, representing 1/4 of the cake, joins forces with the North, South & East.

Today, globalization doesn't really exist, the world is far from being global - because everything is dictated by the west and therefore only powered by 1/4 of its potential. Its high time for the west to join forces with the north, south & east, in order to prevent global collapse and to establish a harmonious One World Government, based on divine principles (Love, Wisdom, Truth).

Truth is not easy to digest, and i can see from the reaction of many posters here, there is a big misunderstanding when it comes to the "rise" of a western-led blueprint to establish an illusory World War Order (WWO), a survival-of-the-fittest-like-utopia based on murder and violence, posing as divine New World Order.

In reality, the World War Order is far from rising, its about to disappear completely, because something "hidden", mysterious and New is coming down from Heaven, replacing everything old and impure. While the old order disappears, the New World emerges - the Fair World Order (FWO) or New World Order (NWO), under the command of God's Universal Law, executed by the Law of Cause and Effect...

The old order will be fuel for the New Order.

The ongoing temporary plans for a World War Order has nothing to do with the future Fair World Order! Don't be scared! Lose your fear and trust in God!!!

Divide e impera (divide and conquer) is dead, long live (unite and conquer) adunare e impera.

Therefore we should all support the Fair World Order or the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness! The Fair World Order means a One World Government (Divine Monarchy with God as its King) where all countries, human beings, religions, races are respected in the same way, there will be no more dividing countries, dividing religion, dividing people, dividing races ... soon all war mongers will come to this understanding of reality ...

The western leaders of war have nothing to say regarding the outcome of the Fair World Order. Their self destructive drive is only scheduled for an ultra short period, supervised by Cosmic Intelligence. While they're instinctively forced to exceed God's Universal Law, the law of cause and effect monitors their transgressions. The moment they fulfilled their part, Cosmic Intelligence mathematically precise pulls the trigger and divine justice inexorably strikes back until nothing is left of them. The play their part as necessary evil to establish the next step in our evolutionary process and of course to dissolve global karma of the past.

Netanyahu, Blair, Obama & Co. are useful idiots, ready to absorb intolerable amounts of karma, which they'll have to pay back one day! We should even be thankful for these "heroic" figures wholeheartedly embracing their inescapable destiny. For us its essential to understand the divine game, and to practice forgiveness even we have to deal with mass murderers, terrorists, corrupt leaders, etc.

These unconscious brothers and sisters truly help us to progress faster on our path towards God ... the sad thing is, that they're completely unaware of their role-play. Basically they sacrifice everything, their lives, their souls, their future, their entire existence (blinded by power, greed, pride, ...) in order for us to blossom and to work for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on Earth.

There is an eternal hierarchy of very powerful entities involved, to establish the Fair World Order or the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness on Earth. We don't need to fear anything, we should only work on ourselves to get more lovely, wise, truthful, gentle, disinterested, patient, beautiful, etc. therefore we shouldnt be against the evolution towards the Fair World Order.

Its absolutely natural that this alignment towards a Fair World Order, will cause a lot of conflicts, just to mention a few: distribution of natural resources, intelligence/secret services, corrupt governments and unions, leader families, global companies, exoteric religion, etc. and last but not least our egoistic behavior ... the Fair World Order will be established whether we support it or not, it's a logic consequence and absolutely natural!!!

It was never about the end of the world, its about the begin of a New World...


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