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Default Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

Advanced Disclosure Part III / 3rd Press Release
Dear Sir: Bullying need not spoil your life...
??? - unedited version due to severe time restrictions placed by Westminster Magistrates Court

If voting could change things, it would be illegal

- an anonymous intelligent, lucid remark

- anti copyright
Statement of Charity Sweet: expert independent witness on corruption - Part 3 of 4
including 2nd Epistle to the Anglican by Mr. Brian W.

6105 words

my opinion/my mind/my heart/my words
Have you been the victim of Bullying?.......
…….in the past at school …….
or whenever?

Has it been too painful and experience to share? Have you felt that you have not been heard or understood?
- John Roberts - (Counsellor at Horsted)


Mr. Tony 'the war criminal' and Mrs. "muppet" Blair
a.k.a. George 'bushy-boy's' playmates - the Puppets
Hell is as long time a blazin'.
10 Downing Street
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
London, England

George 'Bush-y boy'
A.K.A. THE warring HILL-BILLY, with his eyes set on Canadian land/resources/utilities/politics and cheap Mexican labor
The Whitehouse of Blackened Hearts
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
Washington, D.C., U.S.A.
sir ian 'the Joker' blair
Commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
Scotland Yard
London, England

'super-corrupt' Superintendent ian terry "t*sser" who loves to torture peace protesters
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
Caring Cross Police Station
Charing Cross
London, England

c/o Caring Cross Police Station
Charing Cross
London, England

c/o Belgravia Police Station
Where I understand there are some good men and women of honor, real 'coppers' and 'bobbies', please be an independent eye witness, willing to testify in a court of law.
London, England


Mr. Brian 'THE peace-maker' W. Haw
Parliament Square
London, England

The 'amazingzingly beautiful' Barbara Tucker
Parliament Square
London, England

Steve 'The True English Gentle Man' Jago
Parliament Square
London, England

Chris 'the extraordinary, true English, brilliant pacifist' Coverdale
via email

extraordinary, brilliant minds of justice high-lighting the libertines of our times
via email

extraordinary, brilliant libertarians and up-holders of liberty, peace, justice and free speech
via email

- an 'old-school', young, 'real' reporter of reality as the facts support, without political bias
you anti capitalist, you.
indymedia u.k.
london, england

Queen Elizabeth II
Please bring home 'your' army. Please return 'our' nation's sons and daughters immediately and safely; home to English soil. Please.
Buckingham Palace
London, England

Princess Diana's boys XXX
c/o Kensington Palace
London, England

The Independent newpaper
London, England

The Guardian newspaper
London, England

The Evening Standard newspaper
London England

The Sun Newspaper
London, England
The British Law Society

Judge Which-face
"Is this Westminstergate?" - Mr. Brian W. Haw

"How can this court case possibly continue, your honor, when the police have stolen almost all of my evidence? How can this trial possibly continue?"
- Mr. Brian W. Haw

"Thou shalt not kill." "Thou shalt not steal."
- God, the Christian Bible
Please show your true face and do what is right and just by democracy, courage and truth, your honour.
Westminster Magistrates Court
London, England

ken livingstone
As Mayor, please speak out for the people of this great city of London. Please speak up for peace and free speech. Please.
* Please All note: all names noted are responsible to please make sure that all names listed receive
advanced disclosure of this statement.
Mayor of London
London, England

The War Crimes Division of Scotland Yard
Knock, Knock.
Is there anyone there, please? Can you help, please? Pretty please, with sugar on top???
Scotland Yard
London, England

Royal High Courts of Justice
London, England

The Home Office
London, England

The House of Lords
London, England
The Houses of Parliament
London, England

District Judge Evans
Horseferry Road Magistrates Courts
a.k.a Westminster Magistrates Courts
London, England

The 'vulgar' DpG - Diplomatic 'plastic' Protection Group
London, England

The 'crooked' cPs - Crown Prosecution/persecution Service/system
London, England
September 8th, 2006

Dear Sirs:

Brian W. Haw
Parliament Square Peace Campaign
Westminster, SW1 10AA

Brian’s 2nd epistle to the Anglicans
All God’s children, small and great

On the 2nd day June, 2001, I was sent To Parliament Square, London, with a message very familiar to you. I’ve been here 24/7, on the hard pavement, out in all weathers, ever since - apart from unavoidable stays in hospital; police cells; umpteen court appearances; and two flying visits to Wales and Birmingham.

I’m delighted to finally be able to share with my dear Anglican family some of ‘The Life of Another Brian’ - the last epic years here, and going back. For we are each where and what we are today because of all our yesterdays. Thus, as Martin Luther said, “Here I stand, I can do no other”, this is my experience in turn… you in your small corner and me in mine, indeed. Jesus bids us shine, Amen?

On the 5th anniversary of being here I wrote a short synopsis touching on who, what, why; the very kernel of the message I was given. I include it here. You’ll recognize, warmly receive aspects that are your very life - the love of God that passes all understanding. For other parts not so welcome or familiar, I respectfully ask, as in a book or a court, you bear patience and judgment until the ending. Love, your brother Brian.

Genocidal or Great Britain?

Five years ago, I was sent to Parliament Square with a message of Love, Peace and Justice for all. I have been a silent witness; displaying; and crying out in the face of our beastly government twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, ever since.

I came, having seen what our administration as junior pax-partner, was doing with the United States of Assassins to the people of Iraq. Starkly, it is called, ‘bomb, burn, bugger, beggar your neighbour’. It is what our two countries have done as our second best to the nations of the world for centuries.

In the process of looting their material resources, we’ve committed genocide time and again. The best excuse we use is “Other countries do this too” - genocide against human beings who we regard as lesser than ourselves, ‘unter-menschen’, as the Nazi’s regarded the Jewish and other groups of peoples. It is so ugly; we also prefer not to look at it. As the Germans did though, we must, in order to learn and redress the perpetuating crimes of history. We’re in Iraq and Afghanistan today because we did not learn from our past ‘mistakes’.

My father, Robert William Haw, was a sniper in the British Army; one of the first saviours of the Bergen-Belsen survivors. He gassed himself twenty years later. I was in Belfast, Ireland in 1971 and in Cambodia in 1990. With all the others since, for me, Iraq was a ‘Genocide too Far’.

My ex-wife, children and family are beyond price to me. Your child, you, has the same value, no matter where you live, your race, your religion, whatever. Fifty-seven years of life, five years here - what I have to tell! Immediately though, so many lives are at stake. The sands of time are running out at express speed for our fellow human beings as I write; as we live our relatively comfy, enjoyable, oblivious lives. We are each responsible.

Genocidal or Great Britain? Our choice folks. To encourage, I’ve been so blessed to meet so many truly Great Britons, and glorious people of all race, especially Americans, in my time here. We have the resources between us to make this world a far better place for our children, their children. Let’s stand up for good now, Amen! Let’s not sit down again until this horrible nightmare for our human family is over. We are each responsible. Let’s give the world our best - Best of British, true ‘Old Glory’ of America, Amen!

Well, that’s the general statement, for everyone, in particular us of Britain and America. Now back to Brian’s epistle to the Anglicans! It’s important to speak in familiar terms and language if we are to understand each other, isn’t it?

Reviewing, I’m surprised at my wide Anglican experience from best to worst. I’d love to relate further on this, as invited, in the future. For now, my very first word to the Anglicans was uttered under duress some 57 years ago. “Waaah!” Quite normal, possibly at the baptismal font, except my cry wasn’t just from the dousing, probably also a sly pinch off my sweet twin brother, Eric, with his beatific grin. He had the voice of an angel till sadly it broke on ‘growing up’. I hope I’m as entertaining, having the same ‘aaah!’ factor now I’m an old grizzly, not a grizzly babe.

I’ve been a voice in the wilderness, outside the gates of Parliament, crying out especially for the babies - “Love, Peace, Justice for All”! Should this cry go unheeded forever? Your, my, our tortured baby cries till it dies? Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, cry aloud for the Love of sweet Jesus Christ! Am I my brother’s baby’s keeper? Yes! You bet your sweet life we AM. Like our brother Cain, the blood of the innocents will be required at our hands. Anglicans have a strong understanding of this, with apt words regarding - sins of commission and omission. We have a solemn duty to stay the hand, save, as Ezekiel says.

A cradle-roll. All babes, infants of the world in rainbow colours, holding hands in a circle; not a bad start is it? “Jesus died for all the children, all the children of the world; red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight, Jesus died for all the children of the world.” - an early chorus learnt at Sunday school.

Fast-forward to sweet Jenny of New York, USA and a placard she gave me so earnestly, a few years back. It was a black background with a circle of sweet rainbow children of all countries - such photos, such beauty! In the centre were blood red letters - “Which One Shall We Kill First?” Check it out family, which nation’s priceless jewels, their children, have we not slaughtered? Shocked? So we should be. Jesus died for them; we slay them for filthy lucre. If war wasn’t most profitable for some, it would lose its appeal. If it were our most precious ones? Why… it Is!

That’s why I’m here. “It’s the kids - stupid”, an early banner said. You could have seen it here up to the 23rd of May, 2006. Now, the police, unasked, told not to, are ‘taking care of it’ - as burglars and thieves do; that and the rest of the 50 yards of humanity, Christianity, torture, genocide display/evidence that formed the ‘Westminster United Nations Heart Gallery’.

U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy’s son Jonathon said, “This is about Love, Brian”; sculptor Anthony Gormley was in awe of the art he saw here; Canon David Partridge called it a “remarkable twenty four hour Ministry of Peace” in his article, ‘Peace sniper, on the pavement with Mr., Mrs. God’.

For those who never had the chance to visit our display, who were misled by media with vested interest, it may come as a surprise to learn, something very Christian, beautiful, noble, loving, true, was systematically wantonly destroyed on this place where the people should express themselves. And did they just! Manifestations in 25-30 languages of the collective historical wisdom, hard gained, of the people, all God’s children, of the world. It is all recorded; the truth will out in time.

Presently, on the orders of Blair and Blair, the naughty pair, love, humanity, aspirations, hopes, light, life, truth - along with damning evidence of genocide, torture, graphic depiction of the reality, madness, futility of war - it’s all banged up in a box until good judges set it free. Hear, see, speak no truth - monkey business indeed! There is the law against genocide, the Human Rights Act. We are not serious organized criminals for following the command of Christ to love our neighbour as ourselves, to say “USA/UK stop your genocide now!”

The first Christmas I was here, Paul, a vicar from Leeds visited. He gave me quite a letter. “It’s Christmas and we’re killing each other, dropping bombs on our children.” It ended, “… someone somewhere has to do something to stop this madness.” Quite a challenge. What am I doing? What more can I do?

How I love this brother, and so many others all over, who share his loving wonderful spirit. What an incredible, glorious family we have, praise be to God! I’m asked to suggest ‘what can we do?’ for the readers of the Church Times. I wouldn’t presume or day to say any such thing! Teach my granny to suck eggs?

As Vicar Paul prompted me, all I’d say on this, to all the devout, caring, salt of the earth, backbone of our society - my beloved family in Christ: “Please carry on just as you are, more and more of the same. Until, by the Grace of God we receive salvation from on High. Not by might and power, but by ‘My Spirit’ says the Lord. Let’s each do our part.”

I’m asked to say something personally of my family. That’s quite a thing for me at this moment. I just took a phone call from a voice from the past. To hear Kay, how my heart responds to hear her speak. She tells me, as only she can, of my mother in hospital and we don’t know how long we have her with us. How I yearn to put my arms around Mum, after the yearning to do this to Kay firstly; in Kent and in another place out of my reach - it hurts to love too much, you know.

Prior to this, I’d have told you of the love that brought me here. Love for the One who created and redeemed us in such an incredible way. Love for my lady whose name was Kay Haw - ‘pure good’ - as western and Chinese folk tell me. I’d speak of Kay and my beloved eight children; that our love for these gifts of God entrusted to our care, tells me the value to place on my neighbours child.

I’d say of the pain, horror, indignation of learning how my sisters, brothers and their children are so cruelly treated by our and other countries - just because of accident of birth, and the material resources this God-forsaking world covets from my unfortunate kinsfolk’s countries. A diamond or a barrel of oil more precious than God’s child ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’? Abomination, away with this sacrilege!

Well, as days, months, years tick by - suffering, death toll mounts. As a world of children of all ages flows to me here like a river of tears. As our nation and all others pass by on the other side of the road. As weekends pass, I see others playing happy families visiting and seeing the sights. The children of the world are crying a river of tears? Who will dry their eyes or care?

Well, I get a teensy resentful - I think of my deprived, and other cruelly destroyed, families and would roar to the heavens. I want my Lady, my bairns, my kinfolk whose God given lives are valued at naught. I want Love Peace Justice for All. Do I want too much? My whole body suffers when I hammer my thumb by accident. Do I/we hurt as our body of Christ, of humanity, is hammered to destruction, abroad and at home?

Blessed are the Peacemakers - Love is the Answer - Let’s do it now, Amen?

Will I hold my beloved, my mother, my children before… will you hold us, will we hold the ones Christ suffered and died to save? All God’s children - Love Bless and keep them. Mercy and grace, peace, light, and healing joyful laughter be on us all now and forevermore. In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Yours In Jesus Christ.
Love from your brother Brian & Co.
P.S. Always look on the bright side of life – Charity Sweet

parliament-square.org.uk / indymedia.org.uk / rense.com

anti copyright acknowledging Brian Haw

My opinion/my heart/my mind 30/07/06

R.S.V.P. / S.O.S. / A.S.A.P.
Defining free speech

1610 words
Dear Mr. Oxford:
Dear Perry Mason:

Hello… Is anybody home? The lights appear to be on…
Knock, knock
Who’s there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad you’re still breathing?

Some would say yes and some would say no. So many are just trying to survive this living nightmare called ‘modern’ life. “Do this, don’t do that. Can’t you read the signs?” - classic lyrics from a classic 70’s band.

Are you “Just another brick in the wall”?

“My mama, loves me - she loves me. She get down on her knees and hug me. She loves me like a rock. She loves me like a rock, oh baby she loves me.” The music was so much ‘kinder’ then. I am just 40 years old and that’s the word I am searching for - kind.

p.779 Concise Tenth Edition Oxford Dictionary
kind: noun. 1. class or type of people or things having similar characteristics 2. character; nature - the trials were different in kind from any that proceeded them 3. each of the elements (bread and wine) of the Eucharist.
kind: adjective. 1. considerate and generous 2. (kind to) not harmful to 3. archaic affectionate, loving
Origin: old English gecynde ‘natural, native’; middle English ‘well-born, well-bred’ whence ‘courteous, gentle’

Hmmm… bears some thought.
Humankind. Kind of says it all when properly defined in black and white.
Hmmm… free speech.

p. 406 £2.99 old paperback Oxford dictionary
free speech: noun. the right to express your opinions

Concise Tenth Edition Oxford Dictionary (hard cover)
“The foremost authority on English language”
“The world’s favourite dictionary”
“The World’s Most Trusted Dictionaries” - front cover of said dictionary

[scanning the first column of p.564 for free speech; free space… free spoken… no free speech(?)]

p.564 Concise Tenth Edition Oxford Dictionary
free spoken: adj. archaic speaking candidly and openly

My dear Mr. Oxford, speaking candidly and openly can get me arrested and has got me cautioned as a serious organised criminal while curiously, the noun free speech no longer appears in your most recent dictionary(?) and is barely exercised in English society since Tony the Toad tried to ‘grinch’ it through his ridiculous SOCPA legislation, specifically section 132-137, enacted by section 138; his feeble attempt to shield himself and his political cronies from public protest regarding his asinine actions in collusion with Bushy Boy from across the pond, amongst other well known war criminals and war mongers. WTF mate? Also, while I have your attention, something else caught my attention on the exact same pages of both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Oxford dictionaries I own.

p.406 £2.99 old paperback Oxford dictionary
Freemason: n. a member of an international order set up to promote fellowship and mutual help, with elaborate secret ceremonies
Freemasonry: n. [no written definition offered (?)]

Cool - I don’t much like secrets nor secret societies; rather reminds me of Aleister ‘creepy’ Crowley and the Golden Dawn - regardless. I am not into Satanism/evil.

p.564 Concise Tenth Edition Oxford Dictionary
Freemason: n. a member of an international order established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies
Freemasonry: n. 1. the systems and institutions of the Freemasons 2. instinctive sympathy between people with something in common

What exactly is this secret something that Freemasons hold as a uniting bond? What is the secret that so many in positions of power share? Something is an unspecified or unknown thing - singular; a thing in common - an action, an activity, a secret, a concept or a thought. Is it an inanimate object that every mason owns? Highly unlikely.

Mr. Perry Mason, what is your ‘thang’? What unites y’all? What’s the secret to your ceremonies? ‘You can only but ask.’ - a very wise Irish woman taught me the importance of that phrase. It reminds me of the words to the song ‘Lean on me’. (I adore Bill Withers and his music.)

“…For no one can fill those of your needs that you won’t let show. I’m gonna’ call on you brother when I need a hand; we all need somebody to lean on. I just might have a problem that you’d understand…” I always think of this song as a prayer when I sing it.

Does your secret have anything to do with the noun and God given right of free speech being removed from p.564 of the Concise Tenth Edition of the Oxford Dictionary? Just a thought. Both definitions appeared on the same page in the reality of the Oxford dictionary of days gone by and the situation being in today’s present day modern reality, is, the noun Freemasonry has gained a written definition while the noun and right of free speech has been removed/omitted/deleted from the exact same page, only to be replaced by an adjective that is not a right by definition. I am simply stating and questioning the obvious.
I do not accept the loss of the definition of the right of free speech from your dictionary, Mr. Oxford, nor from English society, Toady: ‘less speed, more haste.’ The same clever Irish woman taught me that one too. Are you paying attention Toady? Mr. Perry Mason, what is this instinctive sympathy or fellow feeling between masons?

instinctive: adj. related to or prompted by instinct
instinct: n. 1. an innate pattern of behaviour in animals in response to certain stimuli 2. a natural or instinctive way of acting or thinking 3. a natural propensity or skill

[part of who you are; part and parcel of how you act or think - thinking often reflects into action; a natural propensity or skill]

sympathy: n. 1. feelings of pity or sorrow for someone else’s misfortune 2. understanding between people; common feeling
fellow feeling: n. sympathy based on shared experiences

Something intuitive; something you all have in common; based on a shared experience - a common way of thinking and acting. I don’t give up. What’s the ‘coo’ Mr. Perry Mason? I believe it involves some form of sympathy.

Personally, I have always loved the word empathy; in fact, greatly preferred it over its counterpart of sympathy. An old Navy sea dog taught me that ‘sympathy’ is in the dictionary “right where it belongs - between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’”. Instead of feeling sad for someone and looking down your nose while you do nothing, humanity should feel for and understand her fellow man - empathy - which should lead humanity into action; that’s what emotions are for.

The word emotion stems from the Latin verb motere: to move; motivate. Emotions are meant to lead the body into action(fight or flight response, mating), not apathy which is controlled through greed and fear - advertising and the news. Sympathy can drain you while empathy can empower you. Empathy is a noun meaning having the ability to empathize - a verb, an action.

empathize: v. understand and share the feelings of another

Understanding is always important in my mind. Sympathy can be an understanding between people or a common feeling and the primary definition of sympathy is feelings of sorrow for another’s misfortune. To sympathize is to feel or express sympathy which appears directly linked to misfortune whereas empathy is understanding and sharing the feelings of another without any directed link or specific ties to misfortune or feelings of sadness or sorrow. Sharing joy is amazing!

A common feeling of pity, a shared understanding based on shared experiences - eugenics keeps popping into my mind, for some odd reason; a Darwinian selection of the fittest complete with a modern day fight or flight response: today’s refugees fleeing their homeland and armed nationals, men and boys, defending and protecting their homes and families from foreign invaders; sometimes even daring to retaliate!
p.491 Concise Tenth Edition Oxford Dictionary
eugenics: plural noun (treated as singular) the science of using controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics in a population eu + gen + ics

eu: Greek ‘well’
eus: Greek ‘good’
gen: Greek genes ‘born’ of a specified kind
Greek gignomai ‘be born, become’
gen: biblical reference to Genesis
ics: suffix (forming nouns) denoting a subject of study or a branch of knowledge or a field of activity: politics

I spy with my little eye… the truth always comes to light. Considering the fact that eugenics was the predecessor to the Nazi train of thought, I find this rather kind definition of such an evil way of thinking - eugenics - highly offensive, personally. I will be writing my next paper on the pioneering of eugenics in Canada during the early 1900’s, before(?) the Nazi’s even existed, trust.

p.592 Concise Tenth Edition Oxford Dictionary

genocide: n. the deliberate killing of a very large number of people from a particular ethnic group or nation

Political eugenic thinking enables today’s genocide of the Lebanese children, the Palestinian children, the Iraqi children and the babes of many other nations; think about it for just a minute. Genocide is not kind. Nations are made up of children and families of varying ethnic groups. Genocide is innately wrong.

Hitler anyone??? Tony… you are a war criminal - many times worse!

Is humanity still humane?
Does free speech still exist Mr. Oxford?
What is your secret, Mr. Perry Mason?

This enquiring mind wants to know… just trying to understand my roots.

Anti copyright Charity Sweet defining free speech as the right to express your opinions; my apologies to Pink Floyd and the other artists I have quoted a few lyrics from - my heart is in the right place; sincere gratitude to Mr. Doug Russong - Grade 10 English , Dartmouth High School, who taught me to understand poetry and the importance of the 5 w’s
My opinion/my heart 12/07/06

Here Comes the Sun!

Dear Jon:

In reference to your column of Tuesday, July 11, 2006, I am gravely concerned with the bold headline at the top of the page, “ Time to round up the enemy within”. How very brave of you to be so forthright and honest in your assertions. I take my hat off to you. I love your strong penmanship regarding that idiots 'limp-wristed' mind.

As a mother of three, I am disgusted to read the upper left portion of your column.

“Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has proved the paedo's pal.”

I would express to yourself and your readers, the deep concern I have for Britain's children regarding the egregious crimes of a sexual violent nature being committed against the children of this great nation of England, by those abusing their positions of power, paid by our tax dollar.

I humbly implore you to request of your editor, a poll of your wide readership be taken as to whether the people of England feel it necessary to isolate the paedophiles from societies children permanently, once and for all.

I am grateful that there are fine English gentlemen such as yourself who are willing to speak out for our nations children. God bless you, kind sir.

N.B. It's all about priorities – jail a granny for council tax or isolate the 'nonses' permanently at a low, low cost? A deserted island for each sex of child molester is what I propose - no breeding rights. There are plenty of un-used islands just off our coast and I am certain that our fine British Navy, if called upon, would protect protect the children and prevent their escape.

Charity Sweet
anti copyright XXX God bless the children – small and great XXX

My opinion/ my heart - July 5, 2006
A love Letter 2 ?


What will be, will be.

In my world, tings are getting a bit LARRY! All good fun though and definitely interesting. Going back up London soon for another kick at the hornet’s nest as the dirty side of the Metropolitan Po Po almost broke my mates arm. That was his intention and she is a girl. That’s not cool. A real man would never lay a hand of aggression on a woman.

The Blair’s have got to go. I don’t like their kind. Let them go live in America as they worship the Bushy brand of idiocy, so clearly. I doubt the Germans or the French would have them over for a pizza or a curry. I wish people understood that I think England is worth fighting for; and that the elite few like that tosser and his witchy immigration meister/Mrs. at 10 Downing Street or next door (wherever they live), have and are currently ruining your country - my country too.

I love England as I still love Canada and things are really bad there for some; just not many outside the country know how truly bad things have deteriorated just across the pond in Canada... yet. Canadian children are knowingly being placed at risk through corrupted legislation.

Questions of integrity and abuse of human rights - children’s rights - are starting to loom around the Canadian government, in specifically the old money bit - ‘Lower Canada’ - the Maritime Provinces of Lords and serfdom. Ever been taxed to death by your government? No time to talk? Too busy working? Sound familiar? Recognize the tune?

Speaking of tunes, which, I went out last night with a bunch of girls dancing - what a laugh. Tomorrow we are over to the Wagon at Hale for a sing song. I would love to take my eldest daughter to Iraq to learn about their rich cultural heritage that is hers, to learn about where she comes from. It just ain’t gonna happen. No holiday for us to go see the extended family in Baghdad (if any of them are still alive, that is) whereas, I started coming over to England, as a child, to meet my family and learn about my roots.

Canadian summers were swimming in beautiful lakes and sometimes, family over from England, as well. The winters were lovely and white, usually before Christmas.

I remember well, the good times - drinking too much beer down at the railroad tracks in the woods, as a teen, into the night; good friends, good music, good times. Canadians are cool folk… no doubt. And just like here, a few assholes are running my country and their lives into the ground. Do you ever hear much about Canada in the news? Ever wonder why?

We are Uncle Sam’s bitch and I demand a divorce.

Canadian ‘government’ needs immigrants/$$$ to tax and wants refugees/voters to blame for where all the money is going, but don’t let the tourists see or the citizenry find out what the Canadian/American media turns a blind eye to: 2 + 2 = 4 no matter what country you come from, if you are educated. War is THE big business - the most bang for OUR buck, on our/their(?) ‘privatized’ democracy. It’s nothing personal folks, just big business. ‘Representative’ democracy is a crock of shite. Give me grass roots any day of the week.

“People have to die,” was the response I was given by Mr. Limp Dick MP, outside Westminster Abbey when I interrupted him from returning to his lush banquet with BAE, the bomb makers, I do believe. What was my question?

“Why are you dropping bombs on my daughter’s people?”

My response?

“People have to die so you can sell bombs and sup, sup with the bomb makers in the church gardens and feed from the trough across the street? People like you are why I teach my children that that building over there houses the second rising of the Third Reich. Good night, sir.”

I also enquired of said ‘good’ MP, if he would aid in drafting legislation that would classify pedophiles as the dangerous offenders and permanent threat to humanity’s children that they have become. We agreed that this was an egregious act of violence and something must be done to separate their kind permanently from society’s children. His response?



I know my life may be a bit mental for some to understand and it makes perfect sense to me. I love to sing and I understand clearly that it’s the politicians that have lost their marbles. I am just me - a small town Canadian girl with an English heart who knows right from wrong, like most. I am far from perfect. I have been known to swear like a sailor, on occasion. I do what I do because I care that much. I take my job as mom very seriously. I do lurve to have a laugh and a joke, as you know. Love a bit of Monty Python.

No sex please, we’re British! Great play. Great memories of London.

Speaking of sex, someone down the pub was silly enough to say that he had had sex with me… oops, a mate told me. I chewed him up and spat him out; put my chair back directly in front of him and sat down with my back to him and his tattoos, after a load of verbal - mine. He never said one word.

Soon after, I turned around to him and offered that if he were a man, he would apologize and I was woman enough to accept his apology. Then his mates and my mates were on his case, telling him, that he owed me an apology. My mates know what I’m like in most ways. I will speak my mind and I don’t mince my words. I don’t hold grudges, either, unless well warranted. (Tony…)

Being the English man that ‘he’ is, ‘he’ did apologize. I shook his hand and we sat down and chatted over a pint. Tony should take a lesson from that man. If only he could… Shall we let some other countries decide his fate and teach him the lesson he needs: genocide is a war crime? Nuremburg anyone?

I am a peaceful chick who doesn’t take any shite. I don’t talk shite either. I have fallen in love with England and have been feeling something personal and passionate for you too, for some time. The question in my mind is whether you can accept what I do and who I am because I am not likely to change. With you, is where I want to rest my heart and this crap might not be your scene. It is a bit much.

Lord knows Tony would like to be rid of my voice outside his doorstop and like Arnie said, “I’ll be baaackkk”. You, I hope, understand me well enough to realize I don’t take kindly to any threats or harassment directed at myself, my mates, my children, or anyone’s children for that matter - thank you very much.

Too right I am glad I count amongst my friends some good English men(especially you) and English women(my matesXXX), who stand by and stick up for me amongst the many other nationalities I call friend.

Thanks for being a friend and always being you with me, regardless of circumstance. Thanx for those lovely butterflies…

Guess Who? is feeling you?
anti copyright Charity Sweet

anti copyright Charity Sweet acknowledging Barbara Tucker and the 'sane' thoughts and opinions of most of 'sane' England regarding the 'insane' politics of a police state under 'insane' dictatorship - Mr. and Mrs. 'muppet/puppet' Blair.


Without your corrupt 'nonse' judges on the bench and your 'politically corrupted' henchmen police... where would you be? Broadmoor, if not the Haigue.

Forever seeking that story of "The 100th Monkey" of kindness within the reality of the psyche of all humanity - Peace to everyone, everywhere, always. And the world... could be a better place...

- a mom and member of humankind

Kindest Regards,

Charity Sweet

anti copyright Charity Sweet acknowledging the persistent efforts of Princess Diana Spencer, Steve, Babs, Chris, Maya, Mark, rikki, Eric, 'Mary Poppins' of Parliament Square, Maria and Brian and many more enlightened reasonable logical minds

[size=medium]Freelance brain owner[/size] R U Darwin\'s monkey?[size=medium] HumanKIND = God\'s creation[/size]
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

Totally incomprhensible even for my advanced mind.
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

marypopinz wrote:
- an anonymous intelligent, lucid remark

many more enlightened reasonable logical minds
It would be nice if you could come up with a few of these, just once.
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

Would the words monkey smegma be appropriate?
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

Who is this Mary Poppins and did her umbrella get lodged in an inaccesable part of her anatomy thereby causing the above brain fart?
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

The IDIOT Bush was born in Connecticut and reared in Kinney Bunk-Port Maine. He purchased his "ranch" only a short time before being appointed President for life (wait and see). His father is George Herbert Walker Bush and grandfather was Prescott Bush. These people have never worked a day in their life. They don't have the sense to be a "Hill Billy". You madam ,however, are a Cockney Fool.
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

The 2nd epistle was wrtten to the anglican christians by Brian Haw... of Parliament Square

What a shame that so few understand his words... forget about mine...


I never realised that average people could not comprehend a simple letter... or a group of letters placed in s string of thoughts...

I guess my mind can comprehend in different ways than most and if that makes me weird or odd, I am fine as kind... I would rather understand reality than be blind to it
[size=medium]Freelance brain owner[/size] R U Darwin\'s monkey?[size=medium] HumanKIND = God\'s creation[/size]
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

Understanding reality is fine.

The problem is you have to write things or post thing writen in this reality.

I am sure what you posted makes perfectly good sense to a manic derpresive or someone otherwise under the influence of a halucenogenic. But id does nothing to anyone else.

Perhaps Torchy might want to translate this for us :-x
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Default Re: Bullying need not spoil your life advanced disclosure part 3/3rd press release

You insult others and you can not even spell or use English! Of course you could just be high or stupid or both.
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