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Old 02-15-2015, 07:33 AM
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Wink Netanyahu Continues to Get the Finger from the White House

Netanyahu Continues to Get the Finger from the White House

Posted by Jonas E. Alexis on February 15, 2015

Israeli military historian Martin van Cleveld: "We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."

President Obama sometimes is unpredictable. In fact, one can say that he has spread perpetual wars far and wide.[1]

As we have seen in the past, Washington, through Jewish Neocon Victoria Nuland, has used the conflict in the Ukraine to covertly attack Russia and to create psychological warfare.

Remember that Nuland spent at least $5 billion in the Ukraine. Nuland was caught red-handed passing out cookies to protesters in the Ukraine. And keep in mind that when the E.U. was trying to get into Nuland’s way, her only response was “Fuck the E.U.”

The Zionist state indeed has enough money for perpetual wars but not enough money to support the average American. The Pentagon plans to spend at least $400 billion for warplanes in the next twenty years.[2] Business Insider has recently reported,

“The Pentagon decision to seek a 2016 budget that far exceeds federal spending caps poses the risk of a big across-the-board funding cut like the one that forced the department to put civilian workers on unpaid leave two years ago.”[3]

And get this: some mush-heads are even entertaining the thought that people ought to retire at age 100![4] In other words, we have enough money for perpetual wars but not enough money for Americans who happen to live a little longer than usual. This system is only rational in the Jewish Century.

Despite all of that, the Obama administration seems to demonstrate that Netanyahu sometimes can be ignored—preferably or presumably with the finger. It can be argued that the administration has had and still has serious ideological problems with the Israeli regime. And this has been going on since the past six years.

got your back, obama cartoonsJournalist Michael Crowley has reported that the conflict has become “poisonous” over the past few weeks. Back in 2013, the conflict was so intense that Aaron David of the Woodrow Wilson Center declared,

“It’s troubled. It’s the greatest dysfunction between leaders that I’ve seen in my 40 years in watching and participating. I don’t think we are headed for a showdown, but the relationship is dysfunctional.”

Crowley added, “The public rebuke of a foreign ambassador was an exceptional move. But it was in keeping with an Obama-Netanyahu relationship marked by a litany of protocol breaches.”[5] After Netanyahu “unexpectedly emerged as prime minister” in 2009,

“the two leaders— and their senior aides and allies — locked into a instantly distrustful relationship. Things only got testier when Obama began pressuring Israel to halt its construction of settlements as a concession in peace talks with Palestinians.

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